MUFON is thrilled to announce our first Newsletter in this updated format. The best UFO news and features will be linked here twice monthly. Content includes website favorites like "UFO News," but we are introducing great Archived Features from past MUFON UFO Journal pages - covering key case investigations - and new features like - "My UFO Story" and "The Field Investigator's Toolbox." Count on your MUFON Newsletter for the latest news on UFO investigations and all things UFO related from the real Hangar 1.

Executive Director's Message
Jan C. Harzan
March 2015
We have had several very important announcements over the past three weeks that I would like to highlight in this month's Director's Message because of their importance to the organization. The first is the creation of a NEW position in MUFON: Director of Field Investigator Development and Training; the second is the announcement of a new STAR Team manager; and the third is the creation of a Special Assignment Team. Let me discuss each announcement in more detail below.

From the MUFON Archives
We have radar: Mississippi pilot Case 46835
Rich Hoffman
This story originally appeared in the December 2013 MUFON 
UFO Journal
by Rich Hoffman
STAR Team Manager
and Montana State Director William Puckett
In the July issue of the MUFON Journal, I wrote about CMS Case #46835. This case involved a private pilot who was flying northward out of Slidell, MS, and encountered a shiny object near his wing this past April at approximately 3:30 p.m. Central Daylight Time. After a few seconds of pacing his Cessna 172, the object dropped back from his plane and out of his view. The pilot is a very credible businessman and has been very cooperative in the investigation of this incident.
At the time this article came out, I was attending the annual MUFON Symposium in Las Vegas and facilitating the State Directors meeting. It was there that I learned from William Puckett, the State Director for Montana, that he took an interest in my case and had made a request of Hill Air Force Base radar data for the date and time of this sighting. After recovering from the shock that he was assisting me in securing this data and conducting many hours of analysis, we learned that on one of the radars located in Alabama, we could see the UFO and the pilot's aircraft converge around the Picayune, MS, area where the pilot stated he saw this object and within the time window he reported. This return provided even more credence to the pilot's story because indeed, it showed up despite many instances where objects are not tracked.  
UFO News
British witness says UFO  hovered 20 feet off the ground
A Great Britain witness at Worcester reported two encounters with a UFO beginning at 7 p.m. on March 8, 2015, where the object in the second sighting was about 20 feet off of the ground, according to testimony in Case 63845 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness was about to leave for work at 7 p.m. when the first object was seen.
"There a star-like light speeding across the sky, but it was not flashing and no other lights were present with it, and it was travelling faster than a plane - twice as fast I would say," the witness stated.

The witness was returning home from work at 10:04 p.m. when the second object was seen.

Witness illustration

My UFO Story
Moths to the Flame
by Ohio State Director Thomas Wertman

As a child I remember watching the moths bounce off my grandparent's kitchen window at night. They hit the window with such rapid succession it sounded like raindrops on the roof. Besides moon and starlight the only outside light was provided by the neighboring farmhouses' security lights that dotted the countryside. This was the early to mid-1960s and their one bedroom farmhouse was complete with a coal burning stove, running water in the kitchen, and a two-hole outhouse in the backyard. 

The major holidays attracted all the family members including aunts, uncles, and cousins you almost forgot about. Can you imagine putting 20-30 people in a house that small? That's why once dinner was over and the table was being cleared most of us escaped from the house like rats from a sinking ship. Once outside, activities were limited. Grandpa could show you the new tools he bought, you could roam through the abandoned chicken coop, go through the barn attic, and then there were the woods. 

UFOs Over  Pittsburgh
new video series

The Pittsburgh chapter of Pennsylvania MUFON has launched a public awareness campaign for new members by producing a half-hour UFO television talk show twice a month. The show airs only in Pittsburgh on PCTV21. The first episode features John Ventre of Pennsylvania MUFON, Fred Saluga of West Virginia MUFON and former Pittsburgh Pirate pitcher George Doc  Medich who is a Field Investigator and is on the ART. Watch the three discuss human abductions.

watch the video


Illustration by D. Ran
with Florida 
Assistant State Director  Teri Lynge
by Terry Hinson,  Texas MUFON STAR Team and Texas  Assistant State Director
Con-ver-sa-tion "an informal talk involving two people or a small group of people" -Webster's 

Recently I talked with Teri Lynge, Florida's Assistant State Director.  Our discussion about UFOs, MUFON, her own close encounter, being ASD's for our respective states, our mutual Christian beliefs, etc... would fill half of this month's 
Journal .  Here is a brief snippet of our conversation.

Journal : Teri, Florida seems to always be high in the state rankings.  

Lynge : Well, we are fortunate to have some great volunteers. I am so grateful for my field investigators.  They are truly unsung heroes.

Journal : Any words of wisdom for a new investigator? 

Lynge : Read and study so that you are well versed in the subject.  Stay open minded and be compassionate because the witness may have gone through a traumatic experience.  Get some hands on experience.  For example, some people see a Chinese lantern and think it's a UFO so you need to know what a Chinese lantern is, how it works, and what it really looks like.  You also need the wisdom to know that not every person is telling the truth.  The public views you as a professional and an expert and you have to live up to that.


Field Investigator's Toolbox
by Southern California State Director Jeff Krause
PictureTriField Meter
Welcome to the first installment of "The Field Investigator's Tool Box." Far beyond the question of what if - let's deal with the issues of  how to. I will be covering a variety of topics, all of which will have to do with the practical applications of equipment and techniques used in the field. In time I will h ope to include articles from other  contributors in the field who have their own tips and ideas that can benefit all of us in our investigations of UFOs and related subjects.

To kick off the first installment, I'll be covering the "basics" we all should have with us when out in the field.  Of course the first item that every Field Investigator should have on them at all times is a compass.