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Retired Marine reports seeing

 craft with occupant 





 It was their wedding day, September 28, 2008.  Jim and Linda had just gotten married.  They were staying at the same condo in Perdido Key, FL, where they vacation every year.  Perdido Key is a barrier island about 16 miles long, no more than a few hundred yards wide in most places and about 16 miles southwest of Pensacola.   

  Jim is 57 years old and retired from the Marine Corps.  He and his wife, Linda, were walking on the beach a few hours after their wedding.  There were several other people around but none in close proximity to Jim and Linda.  Linda was on Jim's left side and closest to the water.  The couple were just playing around when Jim, facing Linda on his left, noticed a strange, large black cloud over the Gulf of Mexico.  He said it was strange because it was a beautiful day.  The entire sky was blue with white puffy clouds and the black cloud seemed out of place.  Jim said he kept staring at it because it was so black - a different color black he had never seen before.







The black cloud started to move in their direction.  It sped up, stopped and silently hovered between 125 and 150 feet above and in front of them.  Jim said he saw a flash of light that lit up the cloud for about 10 seconds.  He could then see a dull gray craft with many windows and a being inside, from about the shoulders up, looking down at them.  Jim said he could see the being clearly because the craft was illuminated with white light inside.  He described the being as "not huge, about the size of a 14 or 15-year-old, kind of skinny and dark, but not black."  He was unable to see the face.  When asked about the shape of the craft, he said he thought it looked round but was more focused on the being inside. 








Jim said after about 10 seconds the cloud turned black again.  He said he became very scared and said to Linda, "Let's get out of here," so they began to run back to their condo.  As they were holding hands running, Linda was asking Jim what was wrong.  Linda had not seen the craft or its occupant.  Jim said he kept looking back at the black cloud and saw it moving back toward the Gulf.  He said when he got back to the condo after about two or three minutes, the black cloud was then back over the Gulf.  Jim said he looked down for a few seconds to wash the sand off his feet and when he looked back up the black cloud was gone.  When asked if the event frightened him Jim replied, "I have to be honest, I was really scared."


It is interesting to note that Perdido Key is located approximately 10 miles west of Gulf Breeze and 40 miles east of Pascagoula, MS; both places well known for UFO incidents. 



Back in their condo, Linda asked Jim what the black cloud was that they had seen on the beach. 


Jim was not aware Linda had seen it.  He didn't point out the black cloud or the craft when they were on the beach because he didn't want to frighten her.  Jim's reply was, "I think it was a UFO." 


As unbelievable as this report sounds, I am totally convinced of its truthfulness due to the sincerity and integrity of this highly credible witness.


The case is closed as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle.







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