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MUFON CASE : 57173

The  Andersen Lights Incident

Wheat Ridge Colorado




Object Description:

    Object was described as a cluster of six colored lights, red, green and blue, forming an impression of a rough spherical shape. Observer made a sketch in his police notebook just after the incident and labeled the light colors. The lights were described as similar to LED lights in character, but did not illuminate the surrounding vegetation very much. As the officer approached the area of the array in his car, the lights suddenly all blinked off together. The observer estimates the highest light was about six feet above the ground.

   "6 colored lights, red, blue, green; asymetrically around an oval pattern the size of a car, hovering, disappeared simultaneously, seen at 100 yards"



    At 1:19 on a June morning in 2014 a metropolitan Denver area police officer on routine patrol pulled into a large park on his rounds. The park is bordered on its south and east by Clear Creek, a significant river in the area. From the northern entrance of the park he observed a pattern of multicolored lights in a roughly oval pattern at the southeast corner of the park about 500 feet away. The highest light appeared to be about six feet off the ground. He immediately drove to the area to investigate possible illegal activity (curfew violation) and the lights all simultaneously disappeared as he approached. When he arrived at the incident site the officer shone his car's spotlight on the area and observed that the grass and trees were covered in a white substance, and noted a very light mist gently falling. He noted that he had been in other areas nearby that evening, including others near water, and had not seen similar phenomenon.


 The officer exited the vehicle to search for signs of human activity and in his flashlight beam he noted that the leaves and grass were covered with what appeared to be frost: a dry, powdery light coating. He also saw his breath and wondered at the fact that he felt cold and at the apparent frozen coating on the vegetation, since the ambient temperature at the time was approximately 52 degrees Fahrenheit. He walked through the frosted grass and noted that it did not make a crunching sound, but appeared similar to the powdery snow sometimes seen in early Colorado snowfalls. After scouting the area and finding no evidence of people he returned to his patrol car and wrote his notes for his report. The officer checked back a few times during the remainder of his shift without finding anything, and returned to the area after daybreak to search the area but found no tracks or other indications of disturbance of the ground or grass despite the fact that the ground was very wet following a heavy rain the prior night.



 Three days after filing a report with MUFON.COM in CMS, and with the MUFON investigation in process, the officer realized that the east-facing security camera mounted on the side of the building connected to the park's swimming pool might have recorded something. He watched the video with the video operator and noted lights traveling down the bike path along the East side of the park, moving toward the area where he had subsequently observed the light array and "frost". This occurred about 20 seconds before his arrival at the park. Also noted on the surveillance footage is the lack of frost on the visible grass.


 Subsequently the officer provided a copy of the raw digital footage for MUFON photo analysis. Analysis of the lights by the primary FI and Colorado State Director revealed two light sources, which appear to be clusters of 2 - 3 lights each and flashing red, blue, and green. The clusters appear to be moving independently and investigators could discern no structure between them. The trailing cluster caught up to the leading cluster just as they passed out of the view of the surveillance camera. You may watch the actual video footage provided at the top of this e-mail. This case was closed out in the MUFON CMS database as an Unknown.