June 24th

1. Do You Have a Nametag? Let's Help Pastor Charlie Feel Welcome!
Wearing a nametag each Sunday to worship, or to our church events during the week, is one of the easiest expressions of hospitality that we call can do! It helps visitors feel at home and helps members put names with faces!
Pastor Charlie and the Charles family are coming to Memorial on July 8th. While we only need to learn 4 new names (Charlie, Margaret, Eva, and Jackson), they are going to be introduced to hundreds of new people and names!

If you already have a nametag: Please remember to wear your nametag each Sunday to help the Charles family learn the names of the church family and continue to help our visitors.

2.M&M's July Dinner, Thursday
The M&M's Monthly dinner is this Thursday at 6:00PM. The Sassy Tappers will perform a tribute to dancers from old Hollywood. Dinner will be Lemon Chicken Picatta for $8. Reservations are required to Mary Cillo
Visit our Memorial Orientation next Sunday at 11:00AM in room 302. RSVP to Karen Schmitt at karen@mumconline.com .
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