Board Highlights
from the April 26, 2018 meeting
Staff explores possibilities for a second high school campus
During a Special Board Study Session on Thursday, staff shared three different concepts of architectural possibilities and associated costs for a second high school that would accommodate 450 students at the Ayer site.

Joe Flatley, Director of Facilities Modernization, led the informal presentation detailing design possibilities for a second high school campus to be located at the Ayer site. Milpitas High School modernization and remodeling sketches were also discussed.

MUSD employees shared questions, comments, and concerns during the meeting, of which Flatley said the input will "help steer the course of what may happen at this site."

"Having all of you here is our first step…” Superintendent Cheryl Jordan said. “You're here today because we need to get your feedback, the Board needs to be able to hear your feedback, we have to hear your questions."

Of the topics mentioned by attendees were the impact of parking, building up on existing buildings, and drawing bigger ideas and concepts.

In closing the meeting, Jordan shared her programming "pie in the sky idea," referencing a school that would be different than a comprehensive high school and help students meet the needs of the future.

"There's a lot happening in the future of work that we're not necessarily providing for our kids," she said. "So if we create this new building here that is the Milpitas High School Institute of Technology and Science, or something along those lines, where we're offering our kids the opportunity to learn about something such as natural resources and energy or STEM core technologies or maybe environmental science or social justice, then our kids have an opportunity to do pathways to career. We need to help them be able to personalize their learning so that they can own what their learning path is."

She concluded: "...My pie in the sky idea is we have a building here with programs that are flexible to allow our kids to come and go and really craft their career and education in a way that fits them."

Jordan said the informal presentation is just the start of an ongoing conversation, as the Ayer site will be a topic of discussion at future Study Sessions and Board Meetings before a decision is ultimately made.