Board Highlights
from the August 25, 2020 meeting

MUSD introduces new leaders to Student Services, Special Education Team
Bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge in serving the most vulnerable student population, new Director of Student Services / Special Education Mary Jude Doerpinghaus and Coordinator of Student Services / Special Education Stacey Lillard were introduced to the Milpitas community at the August 25 meeting.

Mary Jude comes to Milpitas Unified School District with 15 years of experience as an administrator for Special Education, most recently serving as Director of Special Education at Pleasanton Unified School District. Prior to that, she was Assistant Superintendent, Director and Coordinator in San Carlos.
“I appreciate the opportunity to serve in this community,” said Doerpinghaus, who was immediately attracted to MUSD’s Culture of WE commitment. “That whole concept of being inclusive and working to support all really is a passion of mine. … I’m very happy to be part of that collaborative process as we serve our students, our staff and our community.”

Stacey has worked as a Special Education Principal for Santa Clara County programs for the last four years. She has developed partnerships with district colleagues, families and community members in the county, and most recently with Milpitas HS. As principal, she worked her team through several challenges, including meeting the unique and extraordinary needs of students with a range of disabilities.

“The collaboration component as well as the focus on social-emotional learning and the Culture of WE definitely resonates very intimately with me,” Lillard said. “I have a special place of empathy and place in my heart for what the parents are experiencing and going through as part of the distance learning environment. It’s a never-ending level of support that they have to provide to their children. As a team, we have to keep that in mind.”
Vera Loui - Burnett Elementary fifth grader
Burnett Elementary School fifth-grade student Vera Loui was honored by the Board of Education for donating 300 homemade masks to MUSD that were distributed during the summer food program.
Nicholas Azpeitia - Milpitas HS senior
Milpitas High School senior Nicholas Azpeitia was recognized by District leaders for his summer internship work with XL Construction on learning 3D modeling software and applying that knowledge to the ongoing Robert Randall Elementary School project.
XL Construction - Milpitas, CA
XL Construction, represented by Senior Vice President Steve Winslow, was honored by the Board for continuing its summer internship program to the benefit of Milpitas students.
Student Nutrition Services Team - MUSD
Director Sandy Huynh, the entire Student Nutrition Services Team and volunteers were recognized by District leaders for their work since March 13 in keeping our children and teens fed in Milpitas during the pandemic. Huyhn later provided a full report to the Board.
David Hufton - Milpitas resident
David Hufton, longtime Milpitas resident, was honored again for his continued contributions to the District in support of professional development and learning for MUSD team members so that they can provide the best possible distance learning experiences for their students.
Principal's Report: MHS principal declares successful start to 2020-21 school year
Milpitas High School principal Francis Rojas, who is entering his fourth year at the helm, updated the Board and community on highlights, challenges, and what's in progress at the onset of the 2020-21 school term, with all students (3,215+) enrolled in MUSD EducatEveryWhere 2.0 distance learning.

"We’re continuing to strive for equity for all students through engagement," Rojas said. "That’s engagement not only in the classroom, but how we engage our community, our parents, our families, and ourselves as colleagues.”

Watch Principal Rojas' full presentation during the August 25, 2020 meeting.
Randall World Languages Modernization highlights 2018 Bond project work
Superintendent Cheryl Jordan shared a special presentation, titled "MUSD Safety, Security and Climate: Bond 2018 and COVID-19 Update in Pictures," with the Board and community during the August 25 meeting.

Jordan highlighted COVID-19 preparations that were installed over the summer at each of the district's school sites, including sanitization stations and desk/counter shields.

In addition to the safety measures, Jordan proudly displayed the 2018 Bond projects that were completed and in the works this summer, including the major modernization at Robert Randall Elementary World Languages School.
District leaders to host A Perfect Partnership: Community-Based Organization and MUSD
COVID-19 has created new opportunities for MUSD to build relationships with its Community Based Organization partners.

On September 9, we ask community members to join us for a 90-minute collaborative listen and learn session to ensure our teachers, caregivers and students have the best school year possible during these uncertain times.

Bring your new ideas with you and please register for A Perfect Partnership: Community Based Organizations and MUSD.