Board Highlights
from the November 12, 2019 meeting
Students, educators inspire younger generations
There was plenty to celebrate throughout Milpitas Unified School District at the December 10 Board Meeting, with student-mentors influencing younger generations to an award-winning team of educators developing an early childhood literacy program.

Milpitas students Havi Le and Aniket Tyagi joined forces to form CoderDojo@Milpitas, a student-led nonprofit program based in the Milpitas Public Library and SJCC Milpitas Extension. Le is the founder and organizer, while Tyagi is the lead instructor and content developer.

At the Dojo, youth learn how to build websites, creative applications, and explore technology in a creative and social environment. Students range from 3 rd through 12 th grade, and from various school districts.

Meanwhile, the District’s Love4Literacy program received a Golden Bell Award from the California School Boards Association at this past weekend’s CSBA Education Conference. L4L’s objectives are to increase reading exposure for non-school aged children while fostering early vocabulary and literacy skills through the use of oral, traditional and digital literacy materials.

Le also doubles as a SJCC Branch Administrator and Volunteer Coordinator for another nonprofit known as Stallion Science, based in the SJCC Milpitas Extension and Curtner Elementary School. The program allows 3 rd thru 5 th grade students to conduct hands-on experiments in an effort to foster an interest in science.

Along with Le, those honored by District leadership were Stallion Science co-founders Christina Ma and Amy Law as well as officers Deena Toofan, Valerie Lam, Ginnie Lo, Aria Toofan, and Kristina Lam.

Curtner alumna Lynn Nguyen, a MHS student, was recognized for building a Kinder greenhouse at the elementary school for her Girl Scout’s Eagle Project.

MHS student Michelle Pham’s volunteer work with Autistic and other students with disabilities, via the Pragnya Ally Program, also warranted high praise from District leadership at the Dec. 10 meeting.
Board unanimously certifies District's first interim budget as 'positive'
After a detailed presentation from Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Wendy Zhang and Director Linh Le, the Board unanimously approved a “positive” financial certification of the District’s first interim budget for the 2019-20 year.

While revenues reached nearly $123 million for the year, with about $95 million coming from the state’s Local Control Funding Formula, the District’s expenditures eclipsed $132 million, with 77.7 percent allocated for salary and benefits.

Revenues rose $1.4 million from what was previously reported by staff; however, expenditures increased by $770,000, according to the presentation.

The District’s Multi-Year Projections, which offer a breakdown of estimated revenues and expenditures through the 2021-22 year, include a need for $1.5 million in budget reductions for the 2020-21 year.

To review the District’s first interim budget presentation, click here .
Hon Lien selected as new Board President
Trustee Hon Lien was selected by her Board colleagues as their new Board President at the annual organizational meeting held as part of the December 10 session.

Lien was handed the gavel by Trustee Chris Norwood, who was then chosen as the next Board Vice President. Trustee Kelly Yip-Chuan was also selected as the Board Clerk.

Each December, the Board holds its organizational meeting, where they nominate officers to serve in respective roles for the year. They also decide on their school site and committee assignments.
Board learns about what goes into District's Adult Education / Corrections programs
Adult Education Ayer Principal Giuliana Brahim and Assistant Principal Aven Magana offered some insight into classes and funding sources during the first of their two-part presentation, which included Elmwood Corrections.

Both Adult Ed and Corrections rely on Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WOIA) as a funding source, while Corrections also receives monies via Average Daily Attendance (ADA) and Adult Ed through California Adult Education Program (CAEP).

With some budgeting challenges ahead, the Board—stressing the importance of educating adults and learners inside Elmwood and main jail looking to better their situations instructed Staff to schedule a Study Session to brainstorm on ways to turn Adult Ed / Corrections into a self-sustainable program.

To review this presentation, click here .
Board passes resolution supporting participation in Census 2020
The Board unanimously approved Resolution 2020.21 supporting participation in Census 2020 at the Dec. 10 meeting.

A census is conducted every 10 years and it “determines federal program funding allocations for education, schools, and other programs that benefit and keep our communities healthy and safe.” It also impacts funding for childcare, Head Start, Foster Care, School Lunch programs, Title I, Title III, and Special Education.

To read the resolution, click here .
District Office Relocation options, Mattos Multi-Purpose Room changes reviewed
Presented with four options for the relocation of the district office—a component of the Ayer Innovation Learning Center / Educational Park Bond Project—the Board reserved their final decision for a future meeting with more detailed plans from Staff.

The four options are: 1) Add a third floor on the Ayer Innovation Center at nearly $29 million; 2) Construct a new building at one of the existing district sites in the $13-15 million range; 3) Lease an office space at nearly $400,000 per year; or 4) Combination of splitting up the district office onto multiple sites at a $9.8 million price tag.

Staff explained that $66 million of the Measure AA Bond was allocated for the Ayer Innovation Learning Center / Educational Park. The District Office and Board Room currently reside at the Ayer site.

To review Staff’s breakdown of options, click here .

Also supported by AA Bond money is the continued development of the Mabel Mattos Elementary School campus. At the Dec. 10 meeting, Staff brought forth proposed changes to the Multi-Purpose Project, which could cost up to $500,000.

After presenting at a Mattos PTA meeting, Superintendent Cheryl Jordan and Trustee Chris Norwood engaged parents in a conversation about initiating a campaign to raise the $500,000. This would be done in phases, depending on the Mattos community's fundraising efforts.

For sketches of the Mattos Project, click here .
Cal Hills teacher Tabitha Kappeler-Hurley honored in #WEareMUSDChampions program
Calaveras Hills High School teacher Tabitha Kappeler-Hurley was selected as the #WEareMUSD Champions Certificated Award Winner for December.

The amazing educator was highlighted in this video.
Principal Stice makes major impact at Cal Hills
Since Principal Carl Stice's arrival at Calaveras Hills High School, the attendance rate has jumped by nearly 15 percent and stands at 94 percent this school year.

Stice, along with Cal Hills students, staff and alumni, proudly spoke about their experiences at the alternative school during the December 10 meeting.