Board Highlights
from the December 8, 2020 meeting
Adult Ed / Corrections Team honored for perseverance in relaunching program
When instruction was suspended at the Elmwood Correctional Facility due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Milpitas Adult Education’s Correctional Staff—led by Principal Giuliana Brahim—began preparing for the possibility of providing remote learning to their learners.

The MAE team’s preparation and persistence, as well as well-established partnership with staff at Elmwood Correctional Facility, finally paid dividends when remote learning became a reality about a month ago.

“Every time we were almost there, we had to take a step back,” said Principal Brahim, who waited patiently until she received notice from Lieutenant Gupreet Gill to begin a remote pilot program.

“It is because of Lieutenant Gill’s vision that we are currently making a collective impact on our learners," she added. "And because we have a common agenda and a shared mission, we are able to bring virtual classes to the facility, something that is unprecedented.”

At the December 8 board meeting, Brahim was honored, along with MAE team members Kim Bravo, Mila Shcherbataya, Martin Gonzales, Gretchen Pearce, Starlene Soto, Randy Nolan, and Aven Magana. They were joined by Lieutenant Gill and Senior Management Analyst Cecilia Nuñez-Massara, who helped return instruction to Elmwood.

“Everything that we’ve been able to achieve in our facilities has been because of collaborative teamwork that has occurred and a lot of behind the scenes work,” said Lieutenant Gill, who worked in partnership with MAE to access laptops and Wifi for their learners.

The virtual pilot program, which has been implemented at the men’s minimum camp, women’s population and a housing area in the main jail, is sustainable and expandable into other locations, according to Gill.

“It’s been a real pleasure coming back and getting to see our students again and getting them engaged in our curriculum,” said Gonzales, who is a teacher in Elmwood’s general population. “It’s been a great experience so far.”

Soto, an instructor in the main jail, added: “It’s really been a joy to see the participation from the students. I am honored to be part of such a wonderful 21st century learning collaboration.”
Milpitas Police Chief Armando Corpuz
Milpitas Police Chief Armando Corpuz was honored by the Board of Education and District leadership for his continued support, dedication and partnership to the MUSD community, as well as to recognize his recently announced retirement.
Piercey Toyota of Milpitas
Piercey Toyota, represented by General Manager Brian Ressler and Cherice Stuve, for their support of Milpitas Unified School District with a donation of $10,000 for teacher technology.
Milpitas HS students, staff participate in video reading of 'Common Sense' resolution
Student Board Rep Amy Stanley, a student leader at Milpitas High School, led the development and production of a special video reading of Board Resolution 2021.21 Milpitas Unified School District "Common Sense" Resolution.

Milpitas HS students and staff participated in the video, which was released at the December 8 meeting.
Principal's Report: Milpitas HS continues to shape in-person support for its students
Principal Francis Rojas provided an update on the happenings amongst the Milpitas High School student body and staff members, as they near the close of the first semester of the 2020-21 school year.

The Community-Based Instruction (CBI) Program for students with exceptional needs continues to make an impact on those participants. Rojas shared that parents committed to having their children tested for COVID-19 to continue in the CBI program, which was granted permission to continue during MUSD’s 14-day post-Thanksgiving break quarantine period for in-person support cohorts.

Milpitas HS staff ordered 300 PSAT tests for 11th graders who will be able to take the college entrance exam on January 26, as staff finalizes how they plan to administer the test that must be done on site.

The Milpitas HS Task Force, comprised of 25 members representing each academic and elective department, as well as classified staff, has been meeting weekly to shape Tiered In Person Learning Support to launch when county conditions are safe.
Board adopts First Interim Budget Report after positive certification from Business Services
Assistant Superintendent Wendy Zhang and her Business Services team presented the First Interim 2020-21 Budget Report to the Board and community at the December 8 meeting.

The Board unanimously adopted the report, which, along with a positive financial certification, will be submitted to the Santa Clara County Office of Education. The First Interim Report can be reviewed here.

In a related agenda item, the Board adopted the Local Control Funding Formula Budget Formula for Parents, which was shared by Business Services.
Board unanimously approves Comprehensive Coordinated Early Intervention Services
After a productive study session in November, the Board unanimously approved the district's Comprehensive Coordinated Early Intervention Services (CCEIS) Plan at the December 8 meeting. To review the CCEIS, click here.