Board Highlights
from the February 9, 2021 meeting
MUSD Task Force outlines the In-Person Learning Support Plan for Spring 2021
Superintendent Cheryl Jordan, along with MUSD Team Members of the In-Person Learning Advisory Task Force, presented safety protocols and In-Person Learning Support Plan of EducatEveryWhere 3.0 for Spring 2021 at the February 9 Board of Education meeting.

"It has been nearly a year, once March 13 arrives, that we have launched MUSD EducatEveryWhere," Superintendent Jordan explained. "We are investing that much time to develop MUSD EducatEveryWhere 3.0 for Spring 2021."

Superintendent Jordan reviewed the current COVID-19 case rate within Santa Clara County, a breakdown of the case rates by city, and current access to the COVID-19 vaccine. Additionally, she shared statistics of masks, meals, Chromebooks and hotspots distributed by the district before passing the presentation off to Task Force members.

Those who helped in sharing the MUSD Education Everywhere v. 3.0 Presentation were Gerardo Lopez of the Child Development Centers; Laurie Armino of Sinnott Elementary School; Courtney Caglia-Hilty of Pomeroy Elementary School; Sean Anglon of Thomas Russell Middle School; Clarissa Isbell of Rancho Milpitas Middle School; Brett Webber and Skyler Draeger of Milpitas High School; Carl Stice of Calaveras Hills High School; and Giuliana Brahim and Patti Gairaud,of Milpitas Adult Education.

Collaborating each step of the way since the onset of the pandemic, MUSD team members have been pivoting based on experiences, conditions and guidance while continually shaping protocols for in-person learning support with each iteration of EducatEveryWhere to maximize instruction time with learners.

"These protocols align across the district," Superintendent Jordan said. "It's the task of the school leaders to take these protocols and personalize them based on what their program is doing to provide successful opportunities for students."

Each presenter detailed the plan for their particular site or school level to support as many students as possible with in-person support in a safe, effective manner.

Up next, MUSD leaders plan to host a Special Board of Education Meeting on March 2 and Regular Board Meetings on March 9 and 23.

MUSD Testing Team
The MUSD Testing Team was recognized by the Board and District Leadership for
helping to organize and facilitate the non-contact, drive-through COVID-19 testing for our MUSD team members.
Stanford Professor Dr. Clayborne Carson
Dr. Clayborne Carson, a history professor at Stanford University, was honored by the Board and District Leadership for his continued activism, including the editing and publishing of The Papers of Martin Luther King, Jr., a comprehensive collection of King’s most significant correspondence, sermons, speeches, published writings and unpublished manuscripts. 
Milpitas HS alumnus Bernard Ellison
Bernard Ellison was recognized by the Board and District Leadership for being the first African American out of Milpitas to be drafted into the NFL (Kansas City Chiefs, 7th Round, 1991) in honor of Black History Month.
Rancho, Russell students share video reading of African American History resolution
Rancho Middle School Students Jordon North and Devyn Curns along with Russell Middle School Students Kalea Dwelle and Mya Jones reviewed and participated in a video reading of Resolution 2021.25 Recognizing and Honoring February as African American History Month.
Milpitas HS students produce video reading of new Lunar New Year resolution
Milpitas High School students Ethan To, Tammy Huang and Kent Nguyen reviewed and participated in a video reading of Resolution 2021.26 Recognizing and Honoring the Lunar New Year.
Quattrochi Kwok Architects
Quattrochi Kwok Architects was recognized by the Board and District Leadership for their $1,000 donation toward hot spots for students and continued support of Milpitas Unified School District.

Principal's Report: 'Zanker in a Zap' keeps school community connected
Principal Shangrila Mia-Ramzan and her Zanker Elementary School team introduced a new virtual endeavor they developed to keep students, staff, and families connected through MUSD EducatEveryWhere distance learning.

Called “Zanker in a Zap,” the school-wide YouTube broadcast “reached fruition this past semester in this unprecedented year of learning that we’ve all been navigating since this past Spring.”

Principal Mia-Ramzan was joined by “four dynamic” Student Council members in Aarav Singh, Paul Kanoon, Mehar Dhindsa, and Nishi Jain; Student Council advisors Sonia Hingrajia and Sally Vigneri; PTA President Fritzi Borja; and Assistant Principal Recep Iscan.

“We started this broadcast because we wanted to get the school together and stay on top of upcoming events and activities,” Aarav said. He explained the weekly broadcast is a virtual replacement to the morning announcements and consist of segments such as What’s the Latest?, Put on Your Party Hat, Forget Me Not, Jolly Jaguar Time, and Mindful Moments.

“We are very lucky to work with a pretty big group of amazing kids,” Vigneri said.

Along with the addition of Zanker in a Zap, the Student Council “has organized a lot of fun and exciting things,” according to Mehar, who highlighted a school-wide Spelling Bee with more than 200 participants, Homework Hill, and different ways they have been helping charities.

Nishi explained how they split the Student Council into different committees “because we wanted everyone to have a part and their voice heard.” This has improved teamwork, effectiveness, and organization.

The Council meets virtually every other week, and each committee has a Google chat group along with getting together through Google Meet or Zoom.

“We are a very efficient and well-oiled machine,” Paul said. “we are very proud for our Student Council members.”
MUSD Innovators on the Move! video series continues with Milpitas High's Brett Webber
MUSD educators are a talented bunch, reaching our learners with their passion, knowledge, and innovation. When faced with a pandemic, our MUSD team members rose to the challenge creating MUSD EducatEveryWhere.

We’ve always been a sharing, collaborative crew. That’s why we’ve begun this video series "MUSD Innovators on the Move!" highlighting the practices, methods and approach of our teachers, specialists, paraprofessionals, and classified team members. 

At MUSD, we move forward together and this is how we do it!
Human Relations team outlines vision and details of MUSD Talent Recruitment Plan
Jonathon Brunson, Assistant Superintendent of Human Relations, and Damon James, Director of Human Relations, led a presentation on 2021- 2025 MUSD Talent Recruitment Plan for MUSD with a focus on Certificated Staff.

MUSD hires approximately 50 certificated staff members each year, with a vision of establishing MUSD as "a destination district that inspires and motivates our Milpitas team to engage in deliberate networking which will attract and retain superb future talent for our students in MUSD."

The MUSD Talent Recruitment Plan included:
  • Identifying a new vacancy;
  • Understanding the job requirements and the diversity needed;
  • Improving communication systems for better recruitment;
  • Adhering screening and interview protocols;
  • Making a job offer;
  • Hiring and the onboarding process;
  • Identifying creative, staff-focused strategies to improve employee retention & job satisfaction; and
  • Building a Culture of We that recognizes employees
Physical Education, Athletics within EducatEveryWhere are focus of reports
A number of innovative ideas showcase how rigor, classroom accommodations, and student privacy, remain the foundation of the district's physical education curriculum, which has evolved within MUSD EducatEveryWhere. The presentation, titled Milpitas Unified School District Secondary Physical Education Curriculum Report, included discussion around "How can we provide future pathways for students by applying lessons we’ve learned here?”

Due to the impact of COVID-19 and public health guidelines on high school athletics, modifications to the Milpitas High School athletics program have been made and were outlined in the Milpitas Unified School District Athletics Program Report .

With recent training provided by the Santa Clara County Office of Education and Santa Clara County Public Health, as well as new guidance from Santa Clara Valley Athletic League, Central Coast Section, and California Interscholastic Federation, MHS staff reviewed the current protocols for athletics at Milpitas High School, including health safety protocols, conditioning cohorts, team practice, and competition, the Santa Clara Valley Athletic League approved 3-season schedule aligned with health tiers, transportation considerations, limits on spectators, and other related topics.
Superintendent Jordan continues providing board, community with COVID-19 update
Superintendent Cheryl Jordan shared her COVID-19 Data & Actions Update with the Board and community, detailing the safety measures put shored up at all school sites as well as the up-to-date COVID-19 Dashboard and staff testing statistics posted on MUSD's Coronavirus page.

To learn more from Superintendent Jordan's COVID-19 Data & Actions Update watch the February 9 meeting video here.
MUSD Board of Education approves variety of education items at February 9 meeting
The Board of Education unanimously approved the following education items at the February 9 meeting:
  • Resolution 2021.24 Easement Dedications to the City of Milpitas;
  • Accept the Audit Report for the District's Financial Statement for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2020;
  • Accept the Performance Audit Report and Financial Statement on Measure "AA" General Obligations Bong for Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2020; and
  • Overaa Construction as the Lease Lease-back Contractor for Preconstruction Services on the Milpitas High Performing Arts Center, Second Gym and Fitness Center