Board Highlights
from the January 12, 2021 meeting
Board of Education honors group of elected officials representing Milpitas
Superintendent Cheryl Jordan and the Board of Education welcomed the elected and newly elected officials who represent Milpitas and Milpitas Unified School District to the first school board meeting of the 2021 calendar year.

Evelyn Chua (Milpitas City Councilmember), Alex Lee (District 25 Assemblymember), Otto Lee (District 3 County Supervisor), Bob Livengood (San José-Evergreen Community College District Board Trustee Area 1), and Bob Wieckowski (State Senate of 10th Senate District) all virtually attended the special recognition. Ro Khanna (17th Congressional District Representative) was unable to be present but sent his regards.

“I thank each of you for being here tonight, and we look forward to partnership with you and the support that we give each other in realizing the vision that each of you have touched on which is ensuring that we have a learning community that is focused on safety, security, and the possible for every person,” said Superintendent Jordan.

Each of the representatives were given an opportunity to address the Milpitas community as part of the joint recognition.

“I’m really proud of, thankful for, and I believe in the MUSD education system,” said Chua, a 32-year Milpitian, first-time city council member and mother of a MUSD alumna who has worked alongside Milpitas HS student groups on humanitarian efforts over the years. “I’m really proud of the students. They are really the young leaders of our community and they are working hard everyday.”

Assemblymember Alex Lee, a member of the 2013 Milpitas HS graduating class elected to his post in November 2020, spoke highly of his experience at MUSD schools and how it helped shape his beliefs system today.

Milpitas HS alumni Dion Leonard, Alii Matau and Justin Scrempos — SJSU football
Milpitas HS alumni Dion Leonard, Alii Matau and Justin Scrempos were recognized by the Board and District Leadership for playing for and helping the San Jose State University football team win the Mountain West Conference Championship.
School Board Recognition Month
A short video recognizing our MUSD Board of Education for their service and commitment to serving the students, families, and staff of MUSD.
Calaveras Hills HS students assemble for video reading of MLK Day resolution
Led by Calaveras Hills High School counselor Jonathon Payne, a quintet of CHHS students participated in a video reading of Resolution 2021.19 Honoring and Recognizing January 18, 2021 as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. CHHS students Rhema Nash, Kaylea Thomas, Mariah Brady-Good, Jaden Mixon, and Ephrathah Matheos reviewed and read portions of the resolution.
Principal's Report: Milpitas Adult Education promotes diversity in programs offered
Principal Giuliana Brahim and the Milpitas Adult Education team provided an update on the variety of programs available this school year despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

"The role of Adult Education is to support our district and our community," explained Principal Brahim, noting that "we cast our net wide to involve a large variety of groups."

Programs include Family Literacy, English as a Second Language, Citizenship, Credit Recovery for Milpitas HS and Cal Hills HS students, Completion of High School Diploma, Workforce Preparation-CTE Pathways, and Adult Ed-Corrections and Re-Integration. Additionally, the MAE staff has worked collaboratively with the Child Development Center to organize learning pods.

Learn more about MAE here.
Superintendent Jordan updates board, community with COVID-19 report
Superintendent Cheryl Jordan shared a COVID-19 Data & Actions Update with the Board and community, detailing the COVID-19 Dashboard and staff testing statistics posted on MUSD's Coronavirus page.

"In our new year 2021, we're in a different place we were almost a year ago in 2020 because we've learned a tremendous amount about how to do things differently and we've made extremely great strides in pivoting, learning and reshaping what we do," Superintendent Jordan said. "We've had many challenges come our way and each time we come together and we figure out how to move forward."

Jordan praised the MUSD Safety First team and COVID-19 Staff Testing team, which helped organize and conduct non-contact, drive-through testing for staff members, with more than 600 tested in the first two rounds in December 2020 and January 2021.

To learn more about Superintendent Jordan's COVID-19 Data & Actions Update, watch the January 12 meeting video here.