Board Highlights
from the January 9, 2018 meeting
Zanker Library to be Named After Golden Altos Corporation in Honor of $50,000 Donation
Golden Altos, a local family-owned company donated $50,000 to Zanker Elementary school to improve its library; in honor of this generous act, the Board authorized the library be named after the company for a period of five (5) years. In introducing the family of Mr. and Mrs. Hsun and Aiko Chou, Superintendent Jordan stated, “We are very indebted to you for your generosity.”

Zanker Principal Trisha Lee shared, “This all began a couple of months ago when a parent, Kissy Pascua, who works for Golden Altos, communicated the company's desire to give back to the community. From that developed this idea to modernize our library....Working with Arlen, their CEO, on behalf of his parents here, we developed a plan to modernize our library to bring it up to par with the instruction that we have here at MUSD. We will be updating it within the next year or so, and we are so grateful for their contribution to Zanker and to our community."

Mr. Chou stated, “We started this business in 1984, and we have grown with Milpitas. We appreciate Milpitas very much, and this small gift is from our heart.”

The Board also discussed the possibility of seeking future funding for buildings, facilities improvements, or other district needs through the solicitation of funds from local companies, in exchange for naming rights for specified periods of time. This is in line with District staff's ongoing work to continue seeking creative funding streams to support District programs and students.
Rancho Girls Basketball Teams Both Win Championships
Rancho Middle School is in the enviable position of having both their 7th grade AND 8th grade girls basketball teams win the East Section Championships last month. The Board recognized and honored the team members, as well as their coach, Jim Burns, for their achievements. There was definitely much pride and lots of smiles to share!
MHS Varsity Football Recognized for Capturing
State Championship- A First in MHS History
In addressing the MHS Varsity Football Team which recently captured the state championship, Supt. Jordan stated, “All of our sports teams play a huge, two-fold role. Teams allow our students to develop leadership, teamwork, and collaboration skills. Additionally, they bring our community together, both for fun and also to celebrate the work our kids can do with our support. To our varsity football team… you have worked very, very hard... and all your hard work and commitment to one another, to MHS, and to our community have paid off because we now get to say that we have State Champions! You will always have that with you, and we will always share that, as part of the Milpitas community. Now the whole state gets to hear about it.”  Board Vice President Chris Norwood added, "We are State Champs!"
$1,000 Donated to Zanker for Lego Enrichment Class
The Board recognized and honored Ms. Sudie Law and her family for donating $1,000 to Zanker Elementary for it's Lego enrichment class. Superintendent Jordan expressed gratitude to Ms. Law and her family and stated that this is yet another example of how the District's families are part of what makes us strong and contribute to our Culture of We.
Board Ratifies Second Term for Officers; Continues Current Site and Committee Assignments
The Board reviewed all board members’ school site assignments as well as assignments on internal and external committees and decided to continue the current status. The one addition to school site assignments was assigning Board member Amin Fazal to Mabel Mattos Elementary School. Board members also ratified a second term for Board President (Dan Bobay), Vice President (Chris Norwood), and Clerk (Hon Lien).
Superintendent Jordan announced that Friday, January 12, 2018 is the last day to purchase tickets at the discounted price for the annual MUSD Crab Feed and Auction hosted by the Milpitas Kiwanis. The event will be held February 9, and all proceeds fund new school clothes for our elementary students in need, as well as the Turn Around Scholarships for our graduates who have overcome significant challenges. For more information, click here.