Board Highlights
from the June 12, 2018 meeting
Assistant Principals named
for Curtner, Sinnott, Pomeroy
In Closed Session, the Board approved Superintendent Cheryl Jordan's recommendation of three certificated managers, elementary assistant principals. During Jordan's report in Open Session, she introduced and recognized the new assistant principals one at a time before they came forward to say a few words.

Stephanie (Chong Mie) Park named Curtner Assistant Principal
Park is currently a teacher on special assignment in Cupertino Union School District. Jordan explained she is someone who puts herself in difficult situations such as at West Valley Elementary School, which was reconstituted a few years ago. At that time, Park volunteered to go there.

"I just want to say thank you to the Board and Superintendent Jordan for the opportunity to be part of Milpitas school district," she said. "I look forward to working and engaging with all our stakeholders, the parents, the students, the community, and improving our student success."

Kristan Prolo named Sinnott Assistant Principal
Milpitas has been Prolo's community since 1994, when she started working for the police department.

"While that seems forever ago, the transition from law enforcement to educator to come back to now what I consider my home as an administrator is humbling, an honor that I do not take lightly," she said. "You have my absolute commitment that I am here to continue to work with this community to support students who will be trailblazers. You have my promise that I get to continue that now in a place that I have called my own for several decades."

Prolo has served as a teacher at Curtner and Spangler elementary schools. To grow as an educator, Prolo left Milpitas to become an administrator with Morgan Hill and San Jose unified school districts, but she said it was always her intention to return.

Deanna Sainten named Pomeroy Assistant Principal
Sainten has been a teacher at Pomeroy since 2007, where she currently teaches sixth grade. She has helped to pioneer Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies and personalized learning platforms.

"I'm really looking forward to continuing my work at Pomeroy, where I feel I've grown up," she said. "I've gained an incredible support system and have had remarkable mentors. So I am really looking forward to the opportunity to expand my leadership and continuing to build relationships with kids and families."
Priyanshi Nigam honored for her work
as Student Board Representative
Superintendent Jordan and Trustees recognized Milpitas High School junior Priyanshi Nigam for her work with the Board of Education during the 2017-18 school year. As the Student Board Representative for the year, she represented the more than 10,100 students Milpitas Unified School District serves.

As the Student Board Representative, Nigam sat in on the school board’s meetings, reading up on the issues beforehand and participating in the discussions to provide a students perspective and thoughts on the issues raised.

She was also expected to build relationships with principals, Parent Teacher Associations, and other school organizations in order to report on all student activities to Board Members. In addition, she reported back to the MHS student body during the Student Council and Congress Meeting about what was discussed during recent Board Meetings.

Nigam played a more active role in the governance process of Board Meetings. For example, she was able to give preferential vote on Board agenda items, as is laid out in Board Bylaw 9150 “Student Board Members."
According to the policy: “A student Board member may cast preferential votes on all matters except those subject to closed session discussion. Preferential votes shall be cast prior to the official Board vote and shall not affect the final numerical outcome of a vote. Preferential votes shall be recorded in the Board minutes.”

Board President Daniel Bobay acknowledged that while the vote may not affect the process, it will allow Board Members and Executive Cabinet to consider what the new face of MUSD students feels on topics that may impact them most.  

Next year, Vivek Chotai will serve as the Student Board Representative on the Board of Education.
Trustees recognizes student leaders
Superintendent Jordan and the Board of Education recognized student leaders from schools across the Milpitas Unified School District. Honorees included:

  • Brianna Williams (pictured), president of the Black Student Union at Milpitas High School. Jordan acknowledged Williams as someone who is constantly giving of her time, including at a recent County Community Summit on Firearms and Safety.

  • Diangelo Jacquez, a student at Milpitas High School. Jordan first got to know Jacquez when he spoke out in March about what is happening with school violence. Since then, he has stepped up and come to community events. He was also recently given an award by the Latino Student Union.

  • Grace Chang, who became a qualifier at the International Career Development Conference on April 21-24 after placing fourth in her marketing event at DECA's (Distributive Education Clubs of America) California state conference in Los Angeles on March 2-5.

  • Eva Saucedo and Alexis Tritton, who brought a "Buddy Bench" to Alexander Rose Elementary School.

  • Zanker students Isaac Garcia, Able Liang, Akash Goda, and Katie Foo, who have led by being there for recess supervision time to acting as peer mediators to leading student council and being active participants.

Board honors employee Marissa Canez
Trustees honored Marissa Canez, Milpitas High School’s College and Career Technician, who successfully passed the Work Permit Certification Exam from the California Department of Education and California Association of Work Experience Educators. She scored above 90 percent on the test. Because of this, Canez can now offer students the service of approving their work permits.
Randall staff honored for making academic gains with students
At the May 22 Board Meeting, Randall Principal Carlos Salcido shared with the Board data from the school which showed the growth that the staff have made with their students over the years. They were asked to attend the June 12 Board Meeting in order to be honored for these accomplishments.
Longtime volunteer Marguerite Epps recognized for 30 years of service
After volunteering with the district for more than 30 years, Marguerite Epps has finally decided to retire. Superintendent Jordan and Board Members marked her retirement with a recognition.

Epps has volunteered approximately 12,000 hours, beginning at Randall in 1988. She began by making order for the school's library before being asked to help with the SCORE Reading Program for students who needed one-on-one attention. In 1996, she moved to Sinnott because it was within walking distance of her home. This started with a reading program but eventually expanded into grammar, creative writing, and math.

In May 2002, Epps was hit by an automobile and critically injured, spending three months in the hospital in rehabilitation. Her return home was celebrated with a party attended by friends, neighbors, teachers, and school staff she worked with. Most memorable of all, she said, was the avalanche of handmade cards from students. Despite the accident, Epps was able to return to SInnott at the start of that school year, in a wheelchair and with a prosthetic right leg.

After a short hiatus from volunteering at the end of the 2007-2008 school year, Epps returned to Randall in 2008. Since then, she has assisted in primary grade classes of Sheylene Raj, Christine Rosa, and Elizabeth Pitts, as well as in the computer room.

Epps said she is leaving volunteering with regret, but notes it as a good career. She hopes that her efforts have encouraged and inspired children to strive for success in every aspect of their lives.
Mike Schadeck honored for volunteerism
Jordan said Mike Schadeck has given over 50 years of service to the District, originally as a teacher and administrator. Then, after he retired from Milpitas Unified, he went to Santa Clara University where he assisted with many student teachers. Jordan wanted to recognize him for his work of half a century.
Budget Study Session
Wendy Zhang, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, along with Linh Le, Director of Business Services, and Duc Vu, Supervisor of Business Services, led a Budget Study Session to review and discuss staff's proposed budget for the District's 2017-18 fiscal year.

Zhang opened up the presentation by walking Board Members through the Proposed Budget Book, which includes the governor's budget, enrollment history, income statement of all funds, and multi-year projection sheet. She highlighted the budget narrative, in the beginning of the book, that starts off with the District's Mission and Vision, noted as important because it's what the district strives for in tying its work together.

She then showed the connection between the budget and the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) book, which notes the allocation of funding and what goal it is aligned with.

After introducing the items, Zhang then went into the presentation, explaining there will be a balanced budget in the subsequent two years with the help of reserve funds. Even with the balanced budget, she notes there will be deficit spending the next three years.
As per LCAP Goal 1 and in alignment with Strategic Goal 4, Milpitas High School completed its two-day WASC Mid-Cycle Progress Report Visit on April 29 to May 1, 2018.

MHS Principal Francis Rojas led a presentation about the visit. The WASC Visiting Committee met with various stakeholder groups, visited classrooms, and collected evidence to validate the comprehensive self-study report that described the status of the school and the progress made over the last three years.

Previously, MHS received EIGHT commendations and during this visit ZERO new recommendations from the visiting committee were given (beyond the recommendations from previous visit and the one suggested by MHS). The presentation highlighted the commendations and recommendations. The MHS team is proud of this accomplishment as this is the best outcome a school can expect for a mid-cycle visit and we will get the official decision of our term status from WASC in June.
Naviance Program
As per the LCAP Goal 3 Action 11, and directly aligned to four out of the five Strategic Goals, Milpitas High School will implement Naviance in the 2018-19 school year.

MHS Principal Francis Rojas led a presentation about Naviance, a college and career pathway tool that will align student strengths and interests to postsecondary goals, thus improving student outcomes.Training for counselors and life management teachers will commence Summer 2018. This tool provide the following benefits and supports:

  • Access for ALL Students: Naviance would allow for all students and families to have access to high school, college, and career planning, resources, and tools at any time while enrolled. With counselor guidance and collaboration, curriculum and tools will be used in Freshman Life Management classes, AVID, academies, ROTC, and other learning communities at all grade levels.
  • Tools and Curriculum Resources: Surveys and assessments to help students, parents, counselors, and teachers to identify students strengths, skills, interests, and aptitude. Curriculum to guide students to explore and develop 4-year high school plans, college and career plans, college profiles and admissions, and more.
  • 4-Year Plan and A-G/Post-Secondary Eligibility Tracking: Master schedule course and transcript data is uploaded allowing students to choose their courses aligned to their post-secondary goals, and track their progress toward their college and career goals. Data and reports to assist counselors and teachers identify students off-track and provide guidance and interventions. Also provides data on matriculation to college and completion for alumni.
Ayer Facilities Report
On May 21, 2018, the Ayer Facilities Committee met to discuss the facility needs. The possible inclusion of a small, second high school on Ayer was discussed and three conceptual scenarios were created by the committee. Joe Flatley, Director of Facilities Modernization, led the presentation .

He presented the committee’s input, which helped shape and direct the planning for a list of projects for a future bond measure. The Board gave direction on making the high school, Mattos Elementary, and Randall Elementary priorities.