Board Highlights
from the June 8, 2021 meeting
MUSD planning for full in-person instruction five days per week for all students in 2021-22
Milpitas Unified School District's 2021-22 Planning Committee, comprised of 41 representatives, shared the 2021-22 MUSD EducatEveryWhere v. 4.0 — In Person Learning Plan with the Board and community at the June 8 meeting.

The report illustrated how MUSD will continue to innovate and personalize learning with new skills and tools that will prepare learners for their future careers.

Given the reduction in COVID-19 cases, MUSD is planning to have in-person learning five days per week of full day instruction for all students. Those students who found success in distance learning will have the opportunity to participate in our MUSD Virtual Learning Pathway.

MUSD Student Board of Education Reps
Student Board Reps Amy Stanley and Ephrathah Matheos were recognized by the Board and District leadership for serving on the MUSD Board of Education for the 2020-21 school year and providing insight into their respective schools to the Board, District leadership and community.
Inspirational Adult Learner Award-winner
Milpitas Adult Education Class of 2021 graduate Naomi Cabanas-Nolasco was honored by the Board and District leadership for being selected as the recipient of the inaugural Inspirational Adult Learner Award.
Rancho MS Autism Essay Contest Winners
Rancho Middle School students Gonzalo Merino Sanchez, Shreeya Goyal and Candria D' Souza were honored by the Board and District leadership for their successes in school's Autism Acceptance Essay Contest and in helping to promote Autism acceptance.
MUSD Board of Education unanimously approves five new hires to leadership team
The MUSD Board of Education welcomed five new hires to the MUSD family, after unanimously approving recommendations for a supervisor, co-principal, and three assistant principals at the June 8 meeting.

Joining our MUSD Team in leadership positions for the 2021-22 school year are:

1) MOT Transportation Supervisor Jared Acosta, who is an MUSD and Mission College alumnus with a wealth of experience in grounds/bus, custodial arts, and more;

2) Randall Elementary Co-Principal Claudia Cadenas, who brings 30 years as a bilingual teacher, including 13 years of multilingual instruction in Chile, to our World Languages Academy;

3) Burnett Elementary Assistant Principal Brandi McMillian, who is an MUSD alumna and Milpitas resident with 15 years in the district as a teacher at both Randall and Burnett;

4) Pomeroy Elementary Assistant Principal Anastasia Hrissafinas, who comes to Milpitas via New Jersey where she was a teaching lead for 5 years and a Teacher of the Year; and

5) Zanker Elementary Assistant Principal Hetal Patel, who has 15 years of teaching and admin experience at multiple grade levels, including the last three as AP at Willow Glen HS.
Milpitas HS True Colors Club produces video reading of Pride Month resolution
MUSD Innovators on the Move! video series highlights Curtner Elementary Principal
MUSD educators are a talented bunch, reaching our learners with their passion, knowledge, and innovation. When faced with a pandemic, our MUSD team members rose to the challenge creating MUSD EducatEveryWhere.

We’ve always been a sharing, collaborative crew. That’s why we’ve begun this video series "MUSD Innovators on the Move!" highlighting the practices, methods and approach of our teachers, specialists, paraprofessionals, and classified team members. 

At MUSD, we move forward together and this is how we do it!
Board approves two Ethnic Studies courses for Milpitas High School students
The Board unanimously approved a pair of Ethnic Studies courses for Milpitas High School for the 2021-22 school year after learning about each class in a follow-up staff presentation from the May 11 meeting.

Ethnic Studies focuses on social responsibility and justice, with an emphasis on student agency in enacting actionable change. This course provides students with the tools and the ability to read history through different critical lenses. By understanding the diversity of experiences that make our communities and societies rich, students will build self-awareness and empathy. At the core of the course is membership in society: students will continually explore and take pride in how their unique identities fit into the matrix of society. 

Students in the Ethnic Studies: Literature course read and analyze a broad range of nonfiction and fiction selections, deepening their awareness of how language works in effectively communicating an idea. Additionally, this course aims to educate students to be civically, socially, and economically conscious about their personal connections to local and global histories. By studying the histories of race, ethnicity, nationality, and culture, students will develop respect and empathy for individuals and groups of people locally, nationally, and globally to build self-awareness, and foster active social engagement.
Milpitas HS gym and theater project on schedule to break ground in May 2022
LPA Architects shared a brief update on the Milpitas HS Gym & Performing Arts project, which is scheduled to begin construction on May 2022 with an estimated completion date of October 2023.
MUSD Board of Education approves variety
of education items at June 8 meeting
The Board of Education approved the following education items at the June 8, 2021 meeting:
Non-action Reports