Board Highlights
from the March 24, 2020 meeting
Secondary principals virtually update Board on EducatEverywhere learning
Milpitas Unified School District's five secondary school principals shared their successes and challenges over the first week of the EducatEverywhere flexible learning program.

Principals Francis Rojas, of Milpitas High School; Carl Stice, of Calaveras Hills High School; Sean Anglon, of Thomas Russell Middle School; Casey McMurray, of Rancho Milpitas Middle School; and Giuliana Brahim, of Adult Education, had both commonalities and unique circumstances within their school communities when it came to the implementation of EducatEverywhere.

With MUSD's Tech Team distributing more than 1,200 Chromebooks, staff and students were equipped with the technology to turn weeks of Pandemic planning into a reality of flexible learning in Milpitas. This comes on the heels of the Santa Clara County Office of Education's announcement that students will not physically return to schools through May 1, 2020.

Virtual staff meetings for planning and collaborating; initial and regular contact between teachers and students; delivery of lessons, projects and class assignments; use of Google Classroom, Google Hangout and Zoom online platforms; working toward 100 percent engagement with families; and keeping students connected to their schools during the Shelter in Place were prevalent at all the secondary sites.

At Cal Hills, teachers have switched to a block schedule in a collective effort to support students with classwork and assignments.

At Milpitas HS, Principal Rojas shared that 100 percent of teachers are engaged in EducatEverywhere and will shift from its regular bell schedule to an hourly period schedule. About 300 students took advantage of the opportunity to return to campus to get books, calculators and any materials from their lockers.

At Russell, educators are in teams and those teams have developed websites for easier access to information for students and parents. Student leadership also created a school spirit page for students to visit and share photographs with their schoolmates on spirit day.

At Rancho, teachers are utilizing Google Classroom to provide learning experiences for students. Office staff is using a GoToConnect app to check voicemails and connect with families not yet engaged.

At Adult Ed, the Ayer staff has embraced EducatEverywhere with all students and teachers on board. Teachers have been using WhatsApp to communicate with students.

Vice President Chris Norwood commended all staff for being able "to create a sense of normalcy with the education system in MUSD while there's a lot of chaos and uncertainty going on out there."

President Hon Lien was contacted by parents of other districts asking if their children can be part of EducatEverywhere.

Superintendent Cheryl Jordan reviewed the MUSD EducatEverywhere Timeline on Highlights from the Field.

To watch a video recording of the March 24 virtual meeting, click here.

MHS student leaders produce video reading of Women's History Month Resolution
Female student leaders from various clubs at Milpitas High School helped craft a new Women's History Month Resolution and, due to Shelter in Place Order, produced this video reading of the resolution that was played at the March 24, 2020 board meeting.

The Board unanimously approved the resolution and gave high praise to the student leaders for ingenuity.
Board approves Adult Ed Week Resolution
Adult Education Principal Giuliana Brahim participated in the District's first Zoom virtual board meeting by reading the Adult Ed Week Resolution into record prior to its unanimous approval from the Board.

Adult Ed Week runs from April 20 through April 24.
Board receives an update on Saturday School ADA Recovery Program
Learning & Development Director Raquel Kusunoki shared a Saturday School ADA Recovery Presentation with the Board at the March 24 meeting.

Kusunoki explained the purpose of the program is to provide a variety of highly engaging learning activities for students who need to attend Saturday School to make up absences in an effort to reduce Chronic Absenteeism and recuperate ADA.  
Mattos Elementary School Phase 2 Project moves forward with Board approval
Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Wendy Zhang shared that the Phase 2 construction at Mattos Elementary School is on schedule to be completed by August 2021.

On January 28, 2020, the Board approved Amendment #1, which included increment one that consisted of site work, building pads, underground utilities and an estimate of increment two GMP. Amendment #2 includes increment two that is all remaining elements of construction to complete the project. This shows a savings of $1.3 million compared to the initial GMP increment two estimate.

The District submitted an application for $17 million in state matching funds for Mattos Phase 1 and is assessing Phase 2 state matching fund opportunities.
New schedule for No Cost Grab & Go Meals