Board Highlights
from the March 27, 2018 meeting
Board discusses resolution draft supporting school safety
At Tuesday's meeting, Superintendent Cheryl Jordan brought forward a Resolution draft supporting school safety related to gun violence as a discussion opener with the Board of Education.

"WHEREAS, Board Policy 5131.7 Weapons and Dangerous Instruments states 'The Governing Board recognizes that students and staff have the right to a safe and secure campus free from physical and psychological harm and desires to protect them from the dangers presented by firearms and other weapons.'," the draft resolution states. "...Now therefore, be it resolved, that the Governing Board of the Milpitas Unified School District stands in solidarity with ALL students, locally and nationwide, as we strive together for a thriving school and community culture."

Jordan called the item "an opportunity for the Board to talk about school safety, in particular, in relation to gun violence." It came forward following similar resolutions approved by the Santa Clara County Office of Education and Morgan Hill Unified School District.

"First of all, Superintendent Jordan, thank you for being mindful of the things that are going on as it relates to gun violence," Board Vice President Chris Norwood said.

Board Members directed Superintendent Jordan to open the resolution for input from staff, students, parents, and city staff such as the police. The Board also asked Jordan to look into the City of Milpitas' desire to do a joint resolution.

Although it has happened in other schools and states, the thought that the tragedies that transpired could have happened in Milpitas Unified School District is a reality. This resolution is to show that Milpitas Unified School District stands in solidarity with ALL students, locally and nationwide, as we strive together for a thriving school and community culture. Further, that the Board wishes to take action that will move us towards realizing prevention of school violence.
Amanda Dellandre featured as Spirit Story
of the 49ers Cal-Hi Sports Report
Trustees and Superintendent Jordan recognized Amanda Dellandre, a Milpitas High School junior and Varsity soccer player, for being featured as the Spirit Story of the 49ers Cal-Hi Sports Report.

"Each week we bring you stories of athletes who have overcome adversity in their lives to succeed in school and in sports," states a reporter in the video (right), which was played during the Board Meeting.
In the feature, Dellandre was highlighted for getting good grades in school in addition to being a star soccer player for the Milpitas Trojans and a competitive dancer mastering ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and contemporary styles.

In 2014, they report, Dellandre had hours of practice when she began to feel fatigued and had unusual amounts of pain. The symptoms worsened and she was transferred to three different hospitals before being diagnosed with Lupus, an autoimmune disease attacking the bodies healthy tissues and organs.

"Although Lupus makes it hard to stay active, it doesn't stop Amanda from doing what she loves," the reporter states. In fact, she didn't even tell her coach about the condition.

"It's very inspiring to see that Amanda doesn't allow it to limit her in what she wants to do," Head Coach Mike Tomlin says in the video.

Trustee Amin Fazal, who has known Dellandre for approximately seven years, added that she doesn't just play soccer and dance; she also refs and coaches children.
Tariq Bracy receives "SportStars Magazine
All-NorCal Football 2017 Player of the Year"
Trustees and Superintendent Jordan recognized Tariq Bracy for his hard work and achievement receiving the "SportStars Magazine All-NorCal Football 2017 Player of the Year."

"Tariq, you too, are one of those people we can all look up to," Superintendent Jordan said. "You have the kind of driving force that doesn't let you quit what you're doing. And you also, like Amanda, in my few interactions with you, I have seen that spirit of humility and also looking out for others. You truly are a leader and we're glad to have you in our district."

The article, which was displayed at the Board Meeting, states: " Bracy and the Trojans earned their first state championship in spectacular fashion, coming from behind for a 45-41 win with a dramatic drive for a late score and then a defensive stop on Southwest-El Centro’s final drive. The running back/cornerback scored on a 70-yard run, a 57-yard punt return and a 35-yard reception, and also on a two-point conversion for his team’s final points in the Division 4-A final."
Sinnott elementary students earn awards
from PTA Reflections contest
Trustees and Superintendent Jordan recognized approximately 15 students as part as the PTA Reflections winners of John Sinnott Elementary School. Many of the students also made it to the Sixth District and California state level with their submissions.

Principal Laurie Armino passed out the certificates of recognition with Superintendent Jordan to the students, but also acknowledged those who made this year's program possible. They include PTA President Nerizza Manongdo, Vice President Sheetal Pandey, Reflections Chair Sonal Varma, and historian Abhilash Thomas.

"First, I'd like to thank Sheetal Pandey," PTA President Manongdo said. "Sheetal is the one who brought the Reflections program to Sinnott. Reflections is a national program and contest. It's an opportunity for kids to submit artwork in six different categories (literature, visual arts, photography, music composition, dance choreography, and film production). It's a wonderful opportunity for kids to really express themselves."

The 2017-18 National PTA Reflections was an opportunity for students to create wonderful works of art based on this year's theme, "Within Reach."
Enrollment expected to grow at elementary level, unlike other districts across the county
Demographic expert Tom Williams led a presentation of data that he has compiled in determining how and in what areas of Milpitas the District's enrollment is climbing as well as decreasing. 

"I want to point out that you are out of sync with just about everybody else," Williams said. He explained that in almost every district, there are enrollment declines in upward of four digits within the next five years. This is in sync with what he has seen in the past; as housing prices go up, the amount of people having children has declined, which leads to fewer students.

"Most of us bought our house five, 10, or 15 years ago when we could afford it. Most of us couldn't afford to buy the house today," he further stated.

But this data doesn't corroborate in Milpitas.

"There were more births in 2015 than any birth record shown here in at least 15 years in this district," he said. "...Everything that's going to happen in the next five years is going to be at the elementary level."

Approximately 830 new students are expected by 2027. The majority of the enrollment will be at the new school, Mabel Mattos, which, as it stands now, he said, the District can already expect too many students for that attendance area. The other school of note is Rose, which he said is going to be larger than it's been in the past.

There is also an increase expected within the 10-year span for the District's two middle schools. The high school population will decrease by 49 from what it is currently. It should be noted that the additional group of 830 elementary students will continue to advance in grade level, which means that the increased student population will be realized at the secondary level after 2027.
Trustees approve resolution recognizing March 31 as Cesar Chavez Day
The Board of Education unanimously approved Resolution 2018.18 , recognizing and honoring March 31 as Cesar Chavez Day. Superintendent Jordan said this is the first year the District is celebrating the day.

Board Vice President Chris Norwood read the resolution into the record, before it was adopted by an unanimous vote.

"Whereas, A passionate advocate for social justice and civil rights for the poor and disenfranchised, Cesar E. Chavez was a true American hero, and the anniversary of his birth March 31st, provides a fitting opportunity to remember and honor his many contributions," the resolution states. "...Resolved further, That the Board encourages students, staff, and community members to implement service-learning projects based on his life, work, and values, and realize the full intent of the State-established Cesar Chavez Day of Service and Learning."