Board Highlights
from the May 11, 2021 meeting
Superintendent unveils MUSD Innovation Campus Vision, along with $750k donation
Superintendent Cheryl Jordan shared an update on the MUSD Innovation Campus Vision. The campus will be the cornerstone of collaborative ingenuity that intertwines the strength of diversity and inclusion to embrace every learner in the district's Culture of WE.

In the Milpitas tradition, where the first integrated neighborhood Sunny Hills, was established in 1954, learners of all backgrounds, speaking more than 50 languages, will explore and experience pathways providing them with the skills they need to impact the future.

This community investment in MUSD Strategic Goal #5, Identify creative, student-focused strategies to accommodate enrollment growth and ensure healthy learning environments, provides $66.8M in Measure AA bond funds toward the development of the MUSD Innovation Campus. The second high school campus will be fully funded by the bond as will the alternative high school, and most of the district office and Milpitas Adult School. Additional funding is also available from the state. The theater and building 900 will become the MUSD Workforce Pathways and Early Childhood Development Research Centers.

Superintendent Jordan announced a partnership with KLA Corporation, which secured naming rights of the STEAM Lab with a total of $750,000 in donations over three years to be used in the development of the Campus and its programs. Projects and programs are fueled by traditional District and community funds in conjunction with partner contributions through the MUSD Alliance Partners (MAP) for Future-ready Learners membership and naming rights. MUSD and the City of Milpitas are working together to develop a partnership agreement as well.

"Together we are providing the foundation for learners from age 13 years through 60+ years the opportunity to develop the tools necessary to thrive post-COVID19 and into the 4th Industrial Revolution as creators and producers," she shared. "Through human centered workforce development in equity-based pathways our learners will become the leaders of the global Silicon Valley."
Kumi Lingle and the Rancho Dance Crew
Instructor Kumi Lingle and her Rancho Dance Crew were recognized by the Board and District leadership for continually promoting school spirit and creating these amazing dance videos for the entire community to enjoy.
EL Mentor Program organizers
Karisa Scott, Raul Patino, Norma Morales and Aldine Dimmick were honored by the Board and District Leadership for the development, execution, and success of the EL Mentor Program.

Board quickly raises $2,500 for
student scholarship fund
MUSD Board President Chris Norwood kicked off the Board Scholarship fundraising effort at last night's meeting with a $250 donation that led to $2,500 worth of contributions to the 2021 Board Scholarship fund.

Board Vice President Kelly Yip-Chuan, Board Clerk Hon Lien, Board Member Minh Ngo, Superintendent Cheryl Jordan, Assistant Superintendents Wendy Zhang, Norma Rodriguez and Jonathon Brunson, Milpitas Teachers Association President Diana Orlando, Calaveras Hills High School Principal Carl Stice, Milpitas resident Thomas Valore and Virtual Meeting Solutions all contributed to the $2,500 in scholarship funds that will be awarded to our students.
Board of Education welcomes new director, supervisor to MUSD Team
The Milpitas Unified School District Board of Education unanimously approved a pair of hirings at the May 11 meeting, promoting Milton Quezada to Supervisor Mechanics, Electrical, HVAC, and Maintenance, and enlisting Shanny Yam as the district's new Director of Business Services.

Quezada previously served as the MUSD Supervisor of Grounds, Transportation, Vehicle Maintenance & Safety, while Yam joins the MUSD team after serving in several capacities with the Santa Clara County Office of Education.
Thomas Russell Middle School students honor educators with special video resolution
More than a dozen Thomas Russell Middle School students helped produce a video reading of Resolution 2021.36 Recognizing Teachers for their Invaluable Contribution to Learners, which premiered at the May 11 board meeting.
Board unanimously adopts National Asian Pacific American Heritage Month resolution
Milpitas High School students' video reading of Resolution 2021.37 Asian Pacific American Heritage Month was unanimously adopted by the Board of Education at Tuesday night's meeting.
MUSD Innovators on the Move! video series continues with Randall Elementary
MUSD educators are a talented bunch, reaching our learners with their passion, knowledge, and innovation. When faced with a pandemic, our MUSD team members rose to the challenge creating MUSD EducatEveryWhere.

We’ve always been a sharing, collaborative crew. That’s why we’ve begun this video series "MUSD Innovators on the Move!" highlighting the practices, methods and approach of our teachers, specialists, paraprofessionals, and classified team members. 

At MUSD, we move forward together and this is how we do it!
Principal's Report: Mattos Elementary
Principal Jackie Vo-Felbinger and her Mabel Mattos Elementary Team expressed how their school community’s resiliency allowed them to continue to build on its foundation amid new construction, distance learning, and a pandemic.

“We really have so much to look forward to at Mattos,” Principal Vo-Felbinger said. “Looking back, we certainly did expect to learn a lot from our founding years as a new school, but encountering the pandemic when we were only in our second and third years of existence really challenged us and tested our resilience.”

Principal Vo-Felbinger was supported by second-grade teacher Amy Hoffman, Mattos PTA parent Vaishnavi Kandhadai and student Sanjita Hari for her report. She shared that Mattos has maintained an above 99 percent attendance rate throughout this school year with high student engagement.

“The students built good habits and showed their resilience time and time again in these last 10 months,” Hoffman added. “Teachers maintained strong connections with students through distance learning.”

Daily student engagement, consistent class schedules, Social-Emotional Learning integration, and regular communication with families led to an impactful Distance Learning experience. Hoffman shared how teachers used Google Talk and Comment to provide audio feedback on student assignments.

The return to In-Person Learning in April was especially welcomed by Hari, a second-grader, who said, “it makes me feel happy that we can finally see our teachers and friends in person.”
MUSD educators highlight Ethnic Studies course opportunities at secondary schools
MUSD educators presented Ethnic Studies course opportunities for middle and high school students, in alignment with the district's Strategic Goal #1 “Build a Culture of We" and Superintendent's Cheryl Jordan's call to develop courses in the subject matter.

Staff shared a variety of Ethnic Studies courses currently being offered to MUSD students. Both the middle and high school programs offer a pathway for students to understand the diversity of experiences that make our communities and societies rich while building self-awareness and empathy. Courses include: Latino’s in Action at Rancho Middle School; Facing History: Introduction to Ethnic Studies at Russell Middle School; and Ethnic Studies and Ethnic Studies: Literature at Milpitas High School.

Review the full presentation here.
Architecture, Construction & Engineering career pathways provided to students
Milpitas High School Workability Teacher Annette Rodarte led a presentation, highlighting the Architecture, Construction and Engineering (ACE) Mentor Pilot Program, which is designed to attract high school students in to pursuing careers in those industries.

The ACE Mentor Program of America (ACE), a free, award-winning, after-school program founded in 1994, was brought to MUSD to expose our high school students to Career Pathways in Architecture, Construction/Trades, and Engineering. This year, MUSD started an ACE Mentor pilot group of 8-10 students, along with other high schools, that have been meeting weekly on Zoom from January to May 2021. ACE immerses students in these professions by engaging in an actual building project.

Review the complete presentation here.
MUSD Board of Education approves variety
of education items at May 11 meeting
The Board of Education approved the following education items at the May 11, 2021 meeting:
  • Blach Construction’s Lease-Leaseback Agreement for Preconstruction Services for the MUSD Innovation Campus Project
  • Quattrocchi Kwok Architects Agreement for Architectural Services for the MUSD Innovation Campus Project 
  • Guerra Construction’s Agreement for the Site Work & Fencing at Spangler Modernization
  • Redgwick Construction’s Agreement for the Russell Track & Field Project
  • Sunshine Proposal: Classified School Employees Association (CSEA) Chapter 281 to Milpitas Unified School District Initial Proposal for Reopeners of Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)
  • Sunshine Proposal: Milpitas Unified School District Initial Proposal for Reopeners of Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) to Classified School Employees Association (CSEA) Chapter 281
  • Parcel Tax Oversight Committee Annual Report
  • Conduct one reading and adopt the proposed revision to existing Board Policy 3452
  • Conduct the second of three readings of newly proposed Board Policy 0415 (Equity)