Board Highlights
from the May 12, 2020 meeting

MUSD Class of 2020 draws $4.5k in donations for graduation ceremonies
The goodwill of Milpitas Unified School District’s Board of Education, Superintendent and Executive Cabinet, and Staff and Community Members was never more evident than it was on May 12, as they delved out donation after donation to support the MUSD Graduating Class of 2020.

After unanimously approving Resolution 2020.36 Recognizing and Honoring the MUSD Class of 2020 , which included a pledge to support parents, community partners and others in raising $10,000 to ensure their graduation celebrations will be remembered forever, the donations came flooding in.

When all was said and done, a total of $4,533 was raised in one evening. This kicked off the community-wide fundraising drive. Any individuals, businesses, or organizations that have the means can also donate here . All proceeds go toward celebrating the MUSD Graduating Class of 2020.
Board Members
Minh Ngo: $882 (May and June Board Member stipend)
Chris Norwood: $250
Kelly Yip-Chuan: $250
Hon Lien: $250

Executive Cabinet
Cheryl Jordan: $250
Wendy Zhang: $250
Norma Rodriguez: $250
Jonathon Brunson: $250

Chin Song: $250
Francis Rojas: $200
Giuliana Brahim: $100
Carl Stice: $100

Community Members
Robert Jung: $250
Thomas Valore: $250
Joseph Weinstein: $250
Nancy Weinstein: $250
Travis Kirk / TBK Construction: $251

Total from Meeting: $4,533
Trio of student groups recognized by Board for response to COVID-19 pandemic
Azen Seagulls Project
A shared passion for art among three BFFs is the driving force behind Naomi Gong, Annabelle Liu and Christine Lee’s “ Azen Seagulls Project ,” in which they produce instructional arts and crafts videos for kids and young teens.

Milpitas Xtreme Robotics
After learning of a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers, three student members of the  Milpitas Xtreme Robotics team with 3D printers immediately shifted gears and began producing face shield braces.

Shirts For Smiles
Entrepreneur Nima Bhavansikar, a fifth grade student at Rose Elementary School, raised $700 for the Milpitas Food Pantry through her Shirts For Smiles business venture.

Middle schoolers offer special video reading of MUSD Teacher Appreciation resolution
MUSD middle school students Rishita Rokariya, Supreeti Patra, and Annabelle Chao produced and starred in a video reading of Board Resolution 2020.35 Recognizing Teachers for their Invaluable Contribution to Learners.

It premiered at the May 12 Board of Education meeting as part of MUSD's celebration of Teachers Appreciation Week and Day of the Teacher.
MHS FilAm Club shares video reading of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month resolution
Milpitas High School's FilAm Club members Lladro Valle, Jenina Fernandez, Ace Balgos, Megan Edusada, and Makaila Agojo, with assistance from teacher and club advisor Carlos Lorenzana, produced this video reading of Resolution 2020.34 Recognizing May as Asian Pacific American Heritage Month .

The Board unanimously approved the resolution.
Board honors BAPS Shri Swaminarayan for donations to MUSD meals distribution program
The Board and District Leadership recognized BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir for donations made to the MUSD meals distribution program, which has distributed nearly 200,000 meals to local families.

BAPS is another example of MUSD's Culture of WE, as well as the district's mantra of "WE are #MUSDfamily and WE will help one another to get through this together!"
Board approves construction contracts; also hears from Parcel Tax Oversight Committee
Rose Elementary School staff engaging students to maintain distance learning
Principal Nanci Pass and her Rose Elementary School staff highlighted how they have been maintaining accountability in student engagement prior to and during the current Shelter in Place order. Pass was joined by Jenny Katzen, Lisa Masoud, Liqa Moin, and Valerie Negrito for the May 12 Principal's Report.

When students were still on campus in a traditional setting, Rose staff focused on reducing the number of chronically absent and chronically tardy students by connecting with them in person, reviewing their individual situations, and setting up attendance contracts and goals.

When Educate Everywhere was implemented for distance learning, Rose staff  continued to focus on engagement by instructing families on when their child should log-in for class and how to be engaged at home. Teachers send morning emails with daily class schedules to maintain a routine, and also differentiate instruction for student groups with visuals and videos. Paraprofessionals and other staff are matched with students who need that additional support.