Board Highlights
from the May 8, 2018 meeting
MUSD schools honor their volunteers of the year
During the April 10, 2018 Board of Education meeting, Trustees approved Resolution 2018.21 declaring the week of April 16-20, 2018 as Public School Volunteer Week in Milpitas Unified School District.

On Tuesday, Superintendent Cheryl Jordan and the Board honored this year's Volunteers of the Year from each of the school sites.

"Parents are an integral part of a child's development and learning, and they're the first teacher as we all know," Jordan said. "It's critical that we have parents as our partners, parents and guardians and grandmas and uncles and all those who are raising the children who are in our schools."

She added: "There are also those community members who don't have children in the schools yet they have a commitment to making sure that our community stands behind the students."
Honorees from their sites included:

  • Adult Education Corrections: Kevin Ryan and Jim Fitzgerald
  • Adult Education Ayer: Nhu and My Vu
  • Burnett Elementary School: Kelly Chuan (pictured, above left)
  • Curtner Elementary School: Julie Sanchez
  • Pomeroy Elementary School: Marian Leung
  • Randall Elementary School: Kim Voung and Sylwia Wywijas
  • Rose Elementary School: Cherilyn Tucker
  • Sinnott Elementary School: Sonal Verma and Christina Bui
  • Spangler Elementary School: Elaine Silveria
  • Weller Elementary School: Bianca Grossberger (pictured, above right)
  • Zanker Elementary School: Fritzi Borja
  • Rancho Milpitas Middle School: Chuck Lingle
  • Thomas Russell Middle School: Charles and Kami Collier
  • Milpitas High School: Jenifer Lind
  • Calaveras Hills High School: Daniel Won

Trustees honor Milpitas Elementary Olympics volunteers, supporters
Superintendent Jordan and the Board of Education recognized City of Milpitas and MUSD staff, sponsors, and other volunteers who worked on the resurrection of the Milpitas Elementary Olympics, which was held on May 5.

About 200 student athletes from Milpitas elementary schools participated in friendly competition of Olympic style activities and games, including 50- and 100-yard dashes, ball-throwing, and jump roping.

"It was phenomenal," Jordan said. "It was truly a moment of community engagement. In fact, I had one parent who said as we were watching the alumni baseball game that was going on at the same time that it was just an exciting thrill to have all the community there. ... It was an example of how our high school is and can be the focal point for our community, where we can spend time together in fellowship rooting on our kids."
Superintendent, Principals share Strategic Plan goal at Chamber of Commerce
In place of a Principal's report, Superintendent Jordan shared that earlier that morning she alongside Calaveras Hills High School Principal Carl Stice, Milpitas High School Principal Francis Rojas, and Adult Education Principal Giuliana Brahim presented at a Chamber of Commerce meeting.

They shared with attendees the different ways they are currently and plan to continue meeting one of the 2018-21 Strategic Plan Goals, "Develop educational pathways that allow students to apply their passion in learning for their future careers."

"I would like to acknowledge that was very well done," Board President Daniel Bobay said. "You guys did a great job. I think a lot of people were very impressed with the report you gave."
Student Nutrition Services provides update
Sandy Huynh, Director of Student Nutrition Services, gave a brief overview presentation to the Board on the department's program and how it works.

"Our student nutrition program is a fairly sizable program," Wendy Zhang, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, said in introducing the item. "We have about $3.2 million income each year. So I think it's a better idea for Sandy to share with the Board how the program operates and what are the future challenges we might anticipate."

In our District, 34 percent of our families qualify for free and reduced meals. On a daily basis, the program serves 1,600 breakfasts, 4,000 lunches, and 160 after school snacks at two schools.

"The reason why our department exists is really to support student learning," Huynh said. "School meals is very very important. ... It is a tool to build healthy minds. There is much research that shows there is positive correlation between healthy eating and academic achievements."

For every meal served, the program receives reimbursement from federal and state funding. Based on the combination of the meal prices and the reimbursement that is received, for each of the breakfasts served, SNS gets a little under $2 for each meal while they get $3.30 for lunch. Most of the revenue goes back into the program to pay for food, labor, and program improvement.

Huynh then walked through the different meal services that are provided, how many staff members there are, and what is actually served in the school meals.

"Our school meals are carefully planned to meet the federal nutrition guidelines," she said. "It is reflection of 'My Plate,' which includes five different components with an emphasis on whole grains, lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, and low fat milk. Our meals do not include any trans fat."

Huynh added: "We also plan our menu to meet the calorie needs of different age groups while limiting the fat and sodium content."

Something Huynh said they would like to improve is their student engagement and giving students a voice in the meal program. So before they roll out a new item, they do taste testing with the students or use historic data to determine whether an item is popular or not.

Huynh added there are a number of other areas they are working on, including improving communication to families to fully utilize the meals program.

Board establishes pathways scholarship
In Spring 2016 the Board established a Board scholarship for students who could not afford tuition at institutes of higher education and who have overcome obstacles in order to succeed.

This year, Trustees determined they will establish a Board Milpitas pathways scholarship with a contribution of $250 each member in addition to fundraising for contributions from foundations and the community at large. The schools will decide on the candidates for the scholarships, based on how much is collected. The scholarship was also expanded to include Adult Education.
Board adopts resolution declaring May 20-26 as Classified School Employee Week
The Board of Education unanimously approved Resolution 2018.24 recognizing May 20-26, 2018 as Classified School Employee Week.

Board Member Robert Jung read the resolution into the record, before it was adopted by an unanimous vote.

"WHEREAS, the classified school employees of Milpitas Unified School District provide efficient and effective support and ancillary services that are essential ingredients to excellent teaching, sound administration, and high student achievement," the resolution states. "WHEREAS, classified school employees are rarely in the spotlight, but are always central to the activities of our schools, serving with professionalism and dedication, and setting a high standard for care and compassion."
May 9 recognized as Day of the Teacher
The Board of Education unanimously approved Resolution 2018.23 recognizing May 9 as California Day of the Teacher.

Board President Daniel Bobay read the resolution into the record, before it was adopted by an unanimous vote.

"WHEREAS, teachers demonstrate and share their love of learning in the classroom every day, and act as listeners, explorers, role models, motivators, and mentors; and, by doing so, are partners with parents and the community in inspiring students’ dreams and laying the foundation for them to be good citizens," the resolution states. "WHEREAS, the Milpitas Unified School District Board of Education recognizes that the quality of all students’ educational experiences depends significantly and vitally upon the quality of their teachers, because the influence of a good teacher continues long after school days are only memories."