Board Highlights
from the November 10, 2020 meeting
Superintendent shares next steps to MUSD Phasing In 2020-21 Plan
Superintendent Cheryl Jordan shared the next steps in the Milpitas Unified School District’s Phasing In 2020-21 Plan, as well as experiences with the ongoing, in-person support learning labs at various school sites, in her COVID-19 Report on November 10.

“Our team members are really concerned about safety for all and safety for themselves. It’s imperative for all of us to ensure that safety protocols and measures are in place, internalized, and practiced,” Superintendent Jordan said. “In order for us to launch Phase 3, we have to be assured that people are practicing safety measures.”

Phase 4, which advances the hybrid instruction to include middle school and high school students, depends on what tier the County is designated within the Blueprint For A Safer Economy, as well as the capacity of MUSD classrooms to allow for social distancing.

Daily health screenings for all students and staff, maintaining social distancing, wearing face coverings, and frequently washing hands, along with safety audits for all MUSD schools and classrooms, must be followed at all times.

“It takes every single one of us,” Superintendent Jordan said. “Milpitas is a special place. It’s special because there are so many of us that really hold Milpitas in our hearts and really have an open mind about living and learning with each other.”

Currently, 203 MUSD teachers and paraprofessionals, which makes up about ⅓ of the teaching staff, are using their classrooms as teaching studios. Of those, 35 educators are providing some form of in-person support to 204 learners on school campuses.

“Since Phase 2 in the beginning of October, we have had no COVID cases amongst that group,” said Superintendent Jordan, who wants to double the number of staff utilizing classrooms for teaching studios. “This COVID data lets us see what’s happening as we have been working to provide some personal touch that is in-person as well as distance learning.”

Mark Robson — Robson Homes
Mark Robson, of Robson Homes, was honored by District leadership and the Board for a $200,000 donation to MUSD and a housing partnership to place teachers in ADUs.
Harman Management Corp — KFC
Harman Management Corp / Kentucky Fried Chicken was honored by District leadership and the Board for coordinating donations of KFC dinners for MUSD staff.
Principal's Report: Russell MS installs mentoring program, support for students
Principal Sean Anglon, along with members of the Thomas Russell Middle School team, shared how TRMS is moving forward in 2020-21, with the establishment of a teacher-student mentoring program, in-person learning labs and larger-sized learning hubs.

“Right now, we are in our journey of trying to navigate how to educate students during a pandemic,” said Principal Anglon, who surveyed his staff and students to find out how they were feeling in these times and what was needed to support them.

Based on survey feedback, TRMS developed a mentoring program, where teachers check in with students to talk about academics, daily life and anything on their mind during the homeroom period.

“A lot of kids were happy to have somebody to talk to about more than just school. At the same time, it made them feel that their teachers cared about them more as a person,” said Principal Anglon, crediting the mentoring program for a sharp increase of students with zero full-day absences that now stands at 78.35 percent.

In October, a half dozen TRMS students participated in a learning lab for support. This month, TRMS has plans to launch two learning hubs for 60-90 minutes of in-person instruction up to two days per week on campus.
MUSD staff shares Santa Clara Swim Club Services Follow-Up Report
Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Wendy Zhang and Purchasing/Contracts/Bond Manager Kelly Ng outlined MUSD's Agreement with Santa Clara Swim Club for access to the Milpitas High School pool.

The Business Services Team shared the Request for Proposals, annual revenues, annual costs, pool usage by the swim club, MHS athletic teams, and the general public, and future pool plans.

MHS students share video reading of Substance-free Lifestyle resolution
The Board unanimously approved Resolution 2021.17 Pledging Substance-free Lifestyle for all students, staff, families and community members in Milpitas Unified School District, which was developed by Milpitas HS students.
MUSD honors military with Veterans Day video
MUSD honored its Team Members and family of Team Members who have served in the military in this Veterans Day 2020 tribute video.
Annual Jack Emery Food Drive kicks off November 16 and runs through December 18
Milpitas High School ASB President Lladro Valle, the lead chair of the 2020 Jack Emery, encouraged MUSD and the Milpitas community to participate in the annual canned food drive that helps to feed about 4,000 local families throughout the year at the Milpitas Food Pantry.

This year, amid COVID-19, the Jack Emery committee has established safety protocols and procedures for food collection. Each school site, as well as the Board of Education and District Office, participate in the friendly competition to support the most vulnerable population. Food and cash donations are accepted.

MUSD's Maintenance, Operations & Transportation (MOT) employees collect the donated cans from each site and deliver them to the Pantry. Each year, they collect more than 1,000 boxes filled with cans from the various sites by the end of the drive.

Make a donation today at at
Board unanimously approves key education items at November 10, 2020 meeting
At the November 10, 2020 Board of Education meeting, the Board reviewed and/or approved the following education items presented to them by District Staff:

  • MUSD Wellness Policy
  • Classcraft License & Professional Development 2020-25 Contract Agreement
  • Appointment of Parcel Tax Oversight Committee Senior Member Thomas Valore
  • Board Policy 0460 - Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans
  • Board Policy 0430 - Comprehensive Local Plan for Special Education Policy
  • Board Policy 6159 - Instruction: Individualized Education Program