Board Highlights
from the November 28, 2017 meeting
New elementary school construction on schedule to open in August 2018
Joe Flatley, Director of Facilities Modernization, presented a project update on the construction of the new Mabel Mattos Elementary School. The school is being built in phases, with the first phase scheduled to open in August 2018 to serve 250 students. The school will be expanded as District enrollment increases, and is expected eventually to serve a maximum of 800 students once all three phases are complete.

MUSD and the City of Milpitas have designated a portion of the land adjacent to the school property as "joint use". This results not only in cost sharing between the two groups, but also in sports areas for students to use during school hours and the community to use after school hours. The school is located in the 1700 block of McCandless Drive, which is just south of the Great Mall near Montague Expressway.

Director Flatley shared that construction is going well, with good cooperation among all parties involved, with even the weather playing a supporting role. He is impressed with the level of detail at which everyone is working. "We have a great team of builders. Everybody's really cooperating and trusting each other. They're offering ideas that will save the District money, so it's really going well."

To visit the Mabel Mattos Elementary School Page, click here.
Rancho parents recognized for participating in parent-school collaboration program
The Board recognized and honored Rancho Middle School parents who have participated in the Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) program. The nine-week program trains parents on ways to support their children's education at home, ways to communicate with teachers, ways that school systems function, what resources are available to children, and what steps to take to help their children go to college. The program is provided in both Spanish and Vietnamese, and will likely be expanded next year to the high school level.
Milpitas Youth Soccer League honored
Superintendent Cheryl Jordan thanked the Milpitas Youth Soccer League board members and coaches for the many hours they dedicate to helping the young people of Milpitas. "We want to honor you for making sure students have a place to participate and to connect to others in the community, and to build their sense of character and teamwork. Thank you for making our community a stronger, better place."
Poll results show majority views MUSD positively and supports investment in schools
EMC Research reported on the findings of a poll for a 2018 general obligation bond. While past polls have been conducted exclusively by telephone, this survey included both phone and online formats in order to capture a broader audience of likely voters. The interviews were conducted in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese from October 11 to October 19, 2017.

The key findings, as presented by EMC Research and TBWB, the firms which conducted the poll, include:
  • A majority of voters have a positive opinion of the District and the quality of education in local schools.
  • Anti-growth (residential growth and development) sentiment continues to be on the rise.
  • A strong majority of voters are aware of the need for additional funding for school facilities.
  • Initial support for a bond measure for local schools is above the 55% threshold needed for passage.
  • Voters prioritize necessary repairs and upgrades as well as relieving overcrowding in schools.
Next steps include continued outreach to the community to provide information about needs and potential plans, as well as communication within MUSD, with local community groups and leaders, and with voters at large.
Milpitas High School to create Freshman Transition class to support student success
Milpitas High School Principal, Francis Rojas, shared "we are in the planning stages of establishing a required Freshman Transition Support Class that will provide all of our freshmen students the opportunity to learn about themselves as high school students and maturing adolescents, with goals toward graduating high school, attending college, and finding a career." The learning objectives of the class will include Self Identity and Esteem, Interpersonal Relationships, Time, Stress and Conflict Management, Mindfulness, Responsible Communication and Social Media, Sex Education and Health, Substance Abuse Prevention, Goal Setting and College and Career Planning. "It is our intention that this course, supplemented by school counseling curriculum...will provide our students with the tools to better advocate for themselves, cope with the stress and pressure of high school and adolescent life, and ensure that all students actively and authentically plan their goals for high school, college and career."
Spring Valley Fire Dept to Lease Air Point facility and provide educational programs in fire services for students
The Board approved a year-by-year lease agreement for Spring Valley Volunteer Fire Dept to use the Air Point facility for their training purposes, in exchange for maintaining the facility and providing career exploration experiences for MUSD students interested in fire service. The firefighters also agreed to organize community events onsite, such as family picnics and a T-ball tournament with local safety officers, school staff, students and parents.  
Capt Larry Ciardella, Phil Dye, and David San Jose expressed their appreciation for this opportunity which provides them with a dedicated training facility that also allows them the ability to respond quickly to their service areas, due to Air Point's location. Superintendent Jordan stated, "This agreement results in benefits for many groups, including the firefighters, the local community, and MUSD students."