Board Highlights
from the October 10, 2017 meeting
Red Ribbon Week October 23-October 31, 2017
The Board adopted a resolution to declare the week of October 23 through October 31, 2017 as Red Ribbon Week at Milpitas Unified School District. Red Ribbon Week  is an alcohol, tobacco, and drug and violence prevention awareness campaign and is observed annually each October. Superintendent Cheryl Jordan explained that this year Assemblymember Kansen Chu's office will be providing schools with red ribbon educational materials.
Milpitas High School student honored for leading donation drive to help Texas school devastated by Hurrican Harvey
The Board honored Anvi Brahmbhatt, a member of the Milpitas High School leadership team and project lead on a donation drive. The drive benefitted the Hamshire-Fannett Independent School District in Jefferson County, Texas, where MHS English teacher, Ginger Roy, had attended school. The drive has raised more than 3,000 school supplies and monetary donations and has expanded from MHS to district wide. Superintendent Cheryl Jordan communicated that she was "very excited about recognizing Anvi because she is one of our students who exemplifies our vision of being a trailblazer and going out into the world to make a difference in the community. This is what Avni did when she spearheaded an effort at Milpitas High School to bring about donations for an elementary school in Texas, which was devastated by Hurricane Harvey. The special connection to this school district is that our English teacher, Ginger Roy, went there. Anvi's actions helped to extend the embrace between our two districts."
Agreement between MUSD and CSEA Chapter 281 for the 2016-2017 School Year Approved
The Board approved the Tentative Agreement between MUSD and CSEA, Chapter 281 for the 2016-2017 school year. The Tentative Agreement contains items which were negotiated over the course of the 2016-2017 school year. Sid Haro, Assistant Superintendent of Human Relations, shared that "as negotiations continued into late summer, the relationship with CSEA was very positive. Any questions CSEA brought forward to the table ...were always predicated not just on their unit members, but quite frankly, the good of the District. So I welcome the opportunity to engage in negotiations with them."

Machelle Kessinger, President of CSEA Chapter 281 thanked the Board for approving the Tentative Agreement, and stated "it was awesome to have SId come in...Thank you again for bringing freshness back to the table, and the support that he has given to our Classified staff has been tremendous."
Proposed Boundary Change for Rose and Burnett Attendance Pockets
Superintendent Jordan presented a proposal to modify the current attendance boundaries for Burnett and Rose elementary schools. Currently, in the Burnett Elementary School attendance area there is an apartment building along North Temple Drive that crosses Fair Hill Drive, Arana Court, and View Drive. This complex is split and assigned to the Rose Elementary School attendance area. This Rose attendance boundary creates a pocket within the Burnett attendance area that is essentially an island surrounded by apartment buildings within the Burnett attendance. Staff proposes that this apartment building be designated as a part of the Burnett attendance area, keeping in line with the rest of the apartment complex. This would impact about 20  potential  students;  current residents attending Rose would have the option to continue at Rose , while those families new to the area would attend Burnett beginning with the 2018-19 school year.

To offset this switch, staff proposes designating Rose as the school of attendance for the apartment complex east of the District Office and north of Calaveras Blvd. The total Burnett part of this rectangle had between 27 and 30 TK-6 MUSD-enrolled students in recent years and similar amounts are forecasted. Current students would have the option to continue attending Burnett school, while those new to this apartment complex would attend Rose starting in fall 2018. Click here for the current boundary map and the proposed boundary map .

The shift in boundaries would unify those students already living next to one another as they would all attend Burnett, instead of being split by the current boundary lines.
To facilitate a smooth transition, staff will hold community meetings for residents in the affected apartment complexes in order to explain the transition plan to eliminate the split in these apartment complexes between Burnett and Rose. Staff will also share with families that they will have the opportunity to remain at Rose or Burnett if currently enrolled at either school. The Superintendent will bring this back to the Board in December for Board action based on input from the community.