Board Highlights
from the October 27, 2020 meeting
Cultural resolutions continue to capture MUSD's inclusivity, diversity in community
Members of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe of the San Francisco Bay Area proudly read the resolution honoring Indigenous Peoples Day, while a quartet from Milpitas High School’s Filipino-culture focused Puso (heart) Club produced a video reading of a resolution celebrating Larry Itliong Day.

Milpitas Unified School District’s Board of Education unanimously approved the two culturally-relevant resolutions at the October 27 meeting, which was held virtually with live streaming options on both Zoom and YouTube.

“That was powerful,” said Board Vice President Chris Norwood before making the motion to adopt the Indigenous Peoples Day resolution. MUSD schools were closed on October 12 to honor the holiday.

Charlene Nijmeh, Chairwoman of the Ohlone Tribe; Monica V. Arellano, Vice Chairwoman of the Ohlone Tribe; Gloria Arellano-Gomez, Councilmember of the Ohlone Tribe; JoAnn Brose, Councilmember and Elder of the Ohlone Tribe; and ethno-historian Alan Leventhal participated in the development and reading of the resolution.

Puso Club members Lladro Valle, Megan Edusada, Makaila Agojo, and Jenina Fernandez—organized by Milpitas HS English teacher and club advisor Tonichi Lorenzana—took the lead on reviewing and developing the video reading of the Larry Itliong resolution.

Milpitas City Council and City Staff
The Milpitas City Council and City Staff, along with the MUSD Board of Education, were recognized by District leadership for their collaboration and partnership with MUSD in joint efforts in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic response.
Kiwanis Club of Milpitas
The Kiwanis Club of Milpitas, represented by President Marsha Grilli and President-elect Bob Nuñez, was honored by the Board and District Leadership for a $1,500 donation to MUSD Family Liaison Norma Morales to support her work in assisting our MUSD families.
Light Dream Foundation
The Light Dream Foundation was recognized by the Board and District Leadership for their support of Milpitas Unified School District in donating 1,700 face shields for our MUSD team members.

Principal's Report: Cal Hills works to gain A-G certification, improve student engagement
All classes at Calaveras Hills High School will be “A-G certified” by June 2021, according to Principal Carl Stice who made the announcement during his Principal’s Report at the October 27 board meeting. “A-G certified” means that these courses are accepted by the University of California and the California State University systems.

“Distance learning has definitely posed some challenges, but has also shown the resolve of our staff, students, and families to overcome these challenges,” Stice said. “Parents can now be confident that no avenue is going to be shut down if they come to Cal Hills.”

Cal Hills focused the report on two intertwined MUSD Strategic Goals: #2, Improve communication systems for better outreach to parents, students and staff; and #4, Focus services and support systems to ensure that all students are engaged in their learning and are making social, emotional and academic gains.

Megan Bence, a government and economics teacher, touted how Cal Hills students have improved this school year in attendance, productivity and communication within the MUSD EducatEverywhere 2.0 distance learning platform.

“Overall, we already know Cal Hills kids are incredibly resilient, and they have transitioned to online learning very gracefully,” Bence said.

Rosie Huesca, mother of two students attending Cal Hills, praised staff for their prompt response to her inquiries and ability to keep her children engaged in their learning to begin the school year. “The teachers are awesome,” Rosie said. “I truly appreciate everything they are doing for them.”

Her son, Carlos Huesca, “has made some amazing gains this year and has really turned things around,” Stice shared. Carlos, who credited the supportive staff “in making sure I accomplish my goals,” has zero tardies through the first quarter. Carlos is a member of the CHHS Lions Club and Student Council, and he received honors at the 2020 Latinx Awards Night in October.
Mattos School receives $5,000 grant from Milpitas Community Educational Endowment
Mattos Elementary Principal Jackie Vo Felbinger and PTA President Tetiana Kondratiuk were elated with the announcement that the school’s Outdoor Stage Project won a $5,000 Milpitas Community Educational Endowment Grant.

MCEE President Robert Jung broke the good news at the October 27 meeting.

“The PTA has spent the last year really trying to develop and communicate their purpose. We are so appreciative that you recognized the hard work and effort around this vision,” said Principal Vo-Felbinger, who described the outdoor stage as a platform for learning presentations and school celebrations.
Counselors finding ways to connect with students amid distance learning
Counselors Jonathan Payne, of Calaveras Hills High School, and Beth Harke, of Milpitas High School, highlighted their work in supporting students while schools remain in distance learning.

Harke said priorities include being visible and available to all students, with the continuation of regular meetings through an online appointment system. Counseling sessions are between 15-30 minutes long.

“We’ve had more parent engagement this year, which is really nice,” Harke said. “Parents join students (in counseling sessions) since a lot are working from home.”

Payne has turned challenges into opportunities to enhance engagement with Cal Hills students, working to strengthen open lines of communication with families through email, phone/text, and Zoom in replace of in-person sessions.

“Engagement is higher this year than the Spring and that’s reflected in our attendance,” said Payne, sharing that 76 percent of CHHS students have passed all of their classes. He credited weekly attendance meetings for the improvement.
MHS unveils plan to re-introduce aquatics
Milpitas High School Principal Francis Rojas and MHS Physical Education Department Chair Corrine Osborne led a Board presentation, covering how they plan to re-introduce aquatics to the physical education program. Learn more about the MHS plan for re-introducing aquatics to the PE program here.
MetroEd offers programs update to Board
Alyssa Lynch, Superintendent of Metro Ed, provided an update on their program, their support of MUSD students, and future plans for the JPA. Learn more about what's been happening at Silicon Valley Career Tech Center here.
Board reviews more key education items at October 27 meeting
At the October 27, 2020 Board of Education meeting, the Board reviewed and/or approved the following education items presented to them by District Staff: