Board Highlights
from the September 10, 2019 meeting
Co-principals to lead Randall Elementary into 2019-20 year
Olivia Contreras and Kristan Prolo are teaming up as interimco-Principals at Randall Elementary School for the 2019-20 school year.

The announcement of the appointment was made at the Sept. 10 meeting.

Contreras had been the assistant principal at Randall for the last three years and said she continues to be committed to supporting the students and the staff. 

“We are going to be an unstoppable force,” added Prolo, accompanied at the podium Tuesday night by her son who is bilingual and a product of a dual immersion program similar to the one established at Randall.
Trustees honor Student Intern Johnny Do for his summer work with XL Construction
Johnny Do certainly enjoyed his time as a student intern with XL Construction. His goal was to learn if a career in construction was right for him, and he ended up learning much more than he had ever thought possible. Planning, budgets, and safety are all key lessons Johnny took from the experience. He learned that building projects requires strong communication skills and strict planning. (Oh, and he loved the free lunches!)
XL Construction recognized for providing internships and building community
Bob Fuselier from XL Construction praised the Board for its mission -- building pathways for students to realize their passion for future careers. “(The District's mission) falls in line with our mission of building communities to improve lives along with a Culture of We, not me,” said Fuselier. XL Construction plans on playing an even bigger role in the future and feels that internships offer great experiences for high school students. “Obviously high school students are learning key elements...based on their preparation and questions they ask in the process,” Wexler noted. Board President Chris Norwood specifically thanked XL Construction for fulfilling their promise of involving community and providing internship opportunities as part of fulfilling their bond responsibilities.
Student Intern Daniel Hoady appreciated for his summer work with View
Through his internship with View, Daniel Hoady had an opportunity to experience work in a corporate environment. He spoke of how he learned responsibility, being on time, and strong work ethics. Daniel worked in the HR department, learning internal processes; and he really appreciated the opportunity. His six week internship was a life-changing experience for him.
View honored for offering summer internship opportunities to local students
Tina Lau, Talent Acquisition Programs & Operations Manager at View, thanked Daniel for helping plan employee events and learning all about HRSA Database technology. “All the interns at View play an important role in helping the HR department,” said Lau. “They are totally engaged with the process, and Daniel, along with another intern, helped organize some key employee morale boosting events.”
Yip-Chuan appointed as interim Board Clerk
Trustee Kelly Yip-Chuan was appointed Milpitas Unified School District’s interim Board Clerk, after accepting a nomination for the role from Board colleague Minh Ngo and then receiving a 3-0 majority vote.

At the Sept. 10 meeting, Ngo, along with Board President Chris Norwood and Trustee Hon Lien, voted in favor of appointing Yip-Chuan as Board Clerk in replace of Daniel Bobay, who resigned from the Board earlier this year.

“I think she will make a great Board Clerk,” said Lien of Yip-Chuan.

Yip-Chuan will serve as Board Clerk until the December organizational meeting, an annual occurrence where the Board elects its President, Vice President and Board Clerk.
September recognized as
Attendance Awareness Month
The Board approved Resolution 2020.6, recognizing September as Attendance Awareness Month. Across the United States, September is recognized as Attendance Awareness Month, which is a campaign to promote the value of regular school attendance and the necessary steps to reduce chronic absenteeism. The Board voted unanimously on the resolution and heard from school officials on strategies to increase ADA by 100 students or 1 percent from MUSD's 97.3 ADA percentage.
Summer project updates and future plans
Travis Kirk of TBK Construction Management gave a thorough report on Facilities Summer Projects Updates and Planning Efforts for Future Project Presentations. In compliance of Measure AA, Kirk reported that strategic plan goals have all been met. The presentation included updates on paving projects, painting and modernizations of campuses all across the district. Have a look at the report here .
2019 summer extended learning programs
Dr. Greg Barnes and his staff gave a report on Summer Extended Learning Programs in 2019: Representatives from Weller Elementary and Milpitas High School reported on successful overall engagement despite a summertime environment where distractions are high and students who have had a history of disciplinary problems can be challenging. One important note: For the first time two full time support counselors were on site for 5 hours each day and the support was noticeably beneficial. There were numerous fun events which were well-attended, including a very successful Inclusion Fair at Weller Elementary. Overall there was a total of 1484 Students served throughout the district. See the report here
District purchasing contract process reviewed
Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Wendy Zhang spoke of how thoroughly the District Purchasing Contract process has been reviewed, in order for MUSD to continue to strictly follow government regulations. This will ensure that the district maintains high expectations for best practices in awarding contracts. Get more information here .