Board Highlights
from the September 11, 2018 meeting
Video premieres about Mabel Mattos Elementary School
Milpitas resident and former long-time teacher Robert Burrill, known for his work on the movie "The Milpitas Monster," premiered a video about Mabel Mattos Elementary School (see above) during the Board Meeting on Tuesday. Edited by Burrill and filmed with a drone by Joe Flatley, Director of Facilities Modernization, it captures via time lapse the work that was done from February 6, 2018 to August 2, 2018 to construct the school. It also includes footage from the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on August 7 and the first day of school August 16.

Following the video, Superintendent Cheryl Jordan, Board Members, and Executive Cabinet recognized Burrill and Flatley for the video. Trustees then honored the Mattos school team, including Flatley, Brian Shreve, Director of Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation, and Wendy Zhang, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services for their work in addition to the those companies who contributed to the construction of the school: Blach Construction, IBI Architects, JL Construction, and the City of Milpitas. 
Kristine Dinneen introduced as Supervisor, Behavioral Intervention and Student Support
During her report, Superintendent Jordan introduced Kristine Dinneen as the new Supervisor of Behavioral Intervention and Student Support. Dinneen comes to Milpitas from East Side Union High School District, where she was a Behavior Intervention Specialist and, previously, a BCaBA with Center for Speech Language and Occupational Therapy and Behavior Support Supervisor with Pacific Autism Center for Education.

After Dinneen was recognized, she came forward to say a few words.

"From the very beginning, I am able to hear and see the 'Culture of We' and I feel super grateful to be a part of that," Dinneen said. "And the fact that we're building this championship team that we can all work together to reach our students is very important to me. I again feel very grateful to be working alongside you to serve the Behavior Intervention programs."

Director of Facilities Modernization shares facilities needs for several elementary sites
Each Board Meeting, Flatley will give a report about several schools facilities needs and priorities, and how they would be impacted by Bond Measure AA, on the ballot in November. During Tuesday's Board Meeting, he discussed the Bond scope for Spangler, Randall, Rose and Zanker elementary schools. The projects were grouped in one of four categories: safety and security, modernizations, overcrowding, and the second high school.

While Rose, Spangler, and Zanker had near verbatim project work shared out, with 33 percent in modernizations and 66.9 percent in safety and security, 62.9 percent in modernizations and 37.1 percent in safety and security, and 55.1 percent in modernizations and 44.9 percent in safety and security, respectively, Randall's primary focus was overcrowding at 91.7 percent. Within that category, projects included the construction of a new multi-use room, kindergarten classrooms, parking, dropoff, and administration, since the office is much smaller than the majority of campuses within Milpitas Unified.

Board discusses strategies for securing additional funds to complete facilities projects
Trustees discussed possible strategies for securing additional funds to complete facilities projects such as Mabel Mattos Elementary School. To mitigate the impact of new development on enrollment increases, the question about identifying home schools for new developments is one that has come to the District's attention. 

Superintendent Jordan shared that in our neighboring district, Fremont Unified, they have decided not to designate home schools in those developments where developers have not provided mitigation support. This concept was placed on the agenda for Board discussion as a strategy to use if developers have not provided support beyond the customary Developer Fees (Level II is $4.34/square foot for residential). 

Board President Daniel Bobay said he asked for the Superintendent to add the item to the agenda because "their ability to market Milpitas schools would be limited."

Trustees directed the Superintendent to develop a resolution generated from the discussion and provide a balanced and comprehensive look at what other school districts are doing and what developments have yet to come.

Superintendent Jordan shared her appreciation of recent support from the Planning Commission in recommending that developer Core Communities meet with the District to discuss a mitigation plan.

This agenda item came after the Developer Fee Annual Public Report, which also included Developer Fee History Data.
Trustees approve 2017-18 unaudited actuals, which shows healthy District budget
Board Members accepted the 2017-18 unaudited actuals following a brief presentation from Wendy Zhang, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services. She introduced the item by stating that the news is "exciting" because of how healthy the budget looks after closing the books with $1.5 million in savings.

The savings was achieved through conservative spending, proactive budget management, and with the support of union, district, and school leadership. 

In 2016-17, Superintendent Cheryl Jordan and Zhang engaged staff, student, and parent stakeholders in recommending District  budget priorities  that were presented to the Board in February 2017. In 2017-18, District leadership kept those priorities at the forefront of its Cost Management planning that included suggestions and ideas gathered through staff meetings and surveys. Strategies were presented to the Board, and keeping in line with both its budget priorities and Strategic Goals, the Board approved the staff's plan for implementation in 2018-19. The collaboration and creative thinking by all stakeholders resulting in the  2018-19 Cost Management Plan  has enabled the District to sustain a healthy balance by the end of the 2020-21 fiscal year. The plan includes reorganization in certificated and management positions as well as grant funding from the county and state for School Linked Services and preschool. 
Board Vice President Chris Norwood acknowledged the hard work it took to not only balance the budget but come up with a healthy three-year plan. Zhang thanked her staff for their hard work in making this happen.