Board Highlights
from the September 22, 2020 meeting
Board explores student opportunities under Project Stabilization and Construction Careers Agreement
Board members, district leaders, school-contracted developers, construction career advocate groups, and school site representatives convened at a September 22 virtual study session to discuss career exploration and experience opportunities for MUSD learners in secondary and adult education programs.

Invited guests included Aaron Jobson, of Quattrocchi Kwok Architects (QKA); Bryan Rosevear, of XL Construction; David Bini and Frank Biehl, of Santa Clara & San Benito Counties Building Trades; Walter Etsay, of LPA Design Studios; Tony Mirenda and Brenda Childress, of S4CA; Louise Auerhahn, of Working Partnerships USA; and David Finn, of Blach Construction.

With the passage of MUSD’s Measure AA in November 2018, the Board approved the Project Stabilization and Construction Careers Agreement (PSA), which outlines how work will be done in concert with labor trades. The PSA mandates a path for student internships and represents “a commitment by any contractor hired to do bond work in MUSD to spend dollars locally and to hire locally as much as possible to enhance the Milpitas economy,” according to staff report.

Along with MUSD’s $284 million bond, Board Vice President Chris Norwood estimated that $14.7 billion in 2018 school bonds passed in the Bay Area. There are about 4,000 MUSD students who stand to benefit from a career pathway into construction, he stated.

“It would be wonderful that in next 5-7 years that there is a population of MUSD kids, whether they have a college degree or not, who have the exposure and experience that they can partake in some of those dollars,” Norwood added. “That’s why we’re here.”

Marianne Dugoni - Dugoni Family Trust
Marianne Dugoni, on behalf of the Dugoni Family Trust was honored by the Board and District leadership for her continued support to MUSD with her latest $3,000 donation to go toward the district's Speech Pathologists. Cumulatively, her family has donated close to $20,000 to MUSD.
Colleague2Colleague facilitators - MUSD
The Colleague2Colleague (C2C) facilitators were recognized by the Board and District leadership for their dedication to MUSD and their work in leading professional development sessions for their colleagues. C2C was initiated in May 2019 by Assistant Superintendent of Learning & Development Norma Rodriguez, L&D Coordinator Parwinder Johal, L&D's Senior Administrative Secretary Michelle Eacret, MTA President Diana Orlando, and, with MUSD EducatEveryWhere, Teacher On Special Assignment (TOSA) Karen Muska leads the virtual platform with 25 facilitators this fall and 800 seats filled by MUSD team members (certificated and classified) over 40 sessions. For her efforts, Muska was invited to present at a national webinar.
Principal's Report: Rose Elementary builds teacher-student-parent bond early in learning
Rose Elementary Principal Nanci Pass, supported by the sixth-grade team at the September 22 meeting, shared how they have focused on solidifying the teacher-student-parent bond early this school year by moving up its parent conferences.

“We’re even more partners than we were before when students were coming in,” said Pass. “Now we really need to be a team, and the goal-setting conferences are a great opportunity to do that.”

Educators Ashley Grilli and Sybra Dacy, along with Chantaborey Khuon and her son, Henry, shared a parent and student perspective with the Board. Each offered their own perspective on having goal-setting conferences in September.

“It was nice to be able to set goals early in year and meet with the parent, especially since they have concerns about distance learning,” Grilli said.

The parent conferences are student-led for the 5th and 6th graders who set their goals with support from both parent and teacher. Previously, the goal-setting was done between student and teacher in a 1-on-1, with the parents learning of the student’s progress toward that goal later on.

“The goal-setting conference is where we focused on the individual students,” Dacy added. “They got to communicate directly with the teacher and their parents on what they truly need to be supported in the goal.”

Students also showed parents the main apps and websites they will be using to manage learning this year, Grilli explained. Additionally, each student demonstrated how to submit assignments, find due dates, and see if they have any late assignments on Google Classroom.

“We had some really great conversations that we don’t typically get to have with parent, student and teacher all working together in real time,” Dacy said.

Known on the Rose campus as "Coach Chant," Chantaborey Khuon and her son agreed it was beneficial to work together on identifying goals so earlier in the year.

“When we communicate this way, we find out so much more,” said Boon, also a paraprofessional in the district.
Milpitas HS senior Amy Stanley joins governing body as new Student Board Rep
Amy Stanley, a senior at Milpitas High School, introduced herself as the new Student Board Representative for the 2020-21 school year.

Stanley, who is part of the leadership team on the MHS campus, is also involved in the American Red Cross, StemGirls and Model United Nations.

“I personally never expected to have my senior year happen virtually,” said Stanley. “However, I, along with my peers, have learned to make the best of the situation and find the positive amidst the new virtual learning environment.”

in her first board report, Stanley shared how the leadership team conducted a student survey to interpret general atmosphere of our student body.

“Students are understandably concerned about the virtual learning environment particularly mental wellness, ability to focus during distance learning and the effectiveness of their learning,” said Stanley of the survey results.

At MHS, they have also established a mentor-mentee program that connects freshmen and seniors to ease transition to high school and build community. Students hosted the annual Clog Rush with more than 80 clubs and organizations on campus recruiting new members.
MUSD students benefit in different ways through 2020 Summer Bridge Program
More than 1,400 students in grades K-12 engaged in summer learning through MUSD’s 2020 Summer Bridge Program, despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The additional instruction gave our students the extra time that they needed to develop and strengthen their math, reading and writing skills,” said Director Raquel Kusunoki.

MUSD team members shared their summer successes, challenges, and experiences with the Board.

At Rose Elementary, summer programs included Love4 Literacy, Kinder camp, First-grade Bridge and Second-grade Bridge, Early Literacy Reading Program, and English Language Development.

“All of our teachers were very committed and very passionate about giving our students every opportunity to get back some of that learning lost during the pandemic,” said Summer Bridge Elementary administrator Lori Nuno.

Kindergarten teacher Wendy Lundeen piloted a group of five students for in-person instruction for 75 minutes Monday through Thursday.

“The students did a great job social distancing from one another, keeping masks or face shields on, and hand sanitizing," Lundeen said. "I felt like we got through a lot more learning and this group was very focused.”

Summer Math Acceleration Jam challenges students with advanced concepts
For the past two years, San Jose City College and Milpitas High School have offered a math acceleration program each summer at the Milpitas Extension as part of MUSD's unique academic partnership.

SJCC offered Math 111, Math 13, and Math 14 to MHS students who wished to accelerate one common core math level 1-3. These classes were offered at no charge as part of the regular summer semester at the Extension. This program, considered one of our partnership signature practices, produced excellent results.

With changes due to the pandemic, staff shared highlights of the program and the next steps to continue to innovate and adapt to the needs of MUSD's diverse students. View their presentation here.
Board approves a variety of key education items at September 22 meeting
At the September 22, 2020 Board of Education meeting, the Board reviewed and/or approved the following education items presented to them by District Staff: