Dear VTT Families,

Thank you for partnering with us to make morning drop off and afternoon pick up a team effort. We know there are many new instructions to learn and directions to follow. We are confident that with a little more trial and error--and a few minor tweaks--we will develop a system that will work for all. 

We have had a couple of days to practice and observe morning drop off and afternoon pick up rituals. Here are some improvements that we anticipate will ease congestion and ameliorate traffic flow.

If you must exit your vehicle to assist your child out of or into your vehicle, please make sure you are wearing a mask.
Special Instructions for SK to Grade 7
Morning Drop Off in the Parkade (Grades 1-7)

We will allow students to exit their vehicles in the parkade from 8:10 a.m. Students will socially distance and wait on the “yellow bubbles” until the doors to the campus open at 8:15 a.m. whereby students will proceed directly to their classroom after sanitizing their hands on the way into school.

When entering the parkade, pull up as far as you possibly can and follow the instructions of the parkade staff. When given the go ahead (a sign stating it’s safe for students to get out of their cars), students should disembark on the left hand side and walk around the outside of the parkade “U” to the entrance to the school. 

We expect the earlier drop off time, in combination with the multiple drop off spots and a familiarization with our new protocols, will expedite the morning drop off process.

Morning Drop Off on 26th Avenue (SK and older siblings)

All SK families using the 26th Avenue entrance must enter the roundabout heading east on 26th Avenue (i.e., turning right from Oak Street). Vehicles heading westbound on West 26th Avenue will have to turn around. No vehicles will be permitted to enter the roundabout heading westbound from 26th Avenue.This rule applies for both morning drop off and afternoon pick up.

If you are on foot and dropping off your child, please do not linger in front of the school or congregate/chat/socialize with other parents. We need to ensure everyone is physically distanced and given enough space for the students to enter the school. Please also be careful not to create a blockage of students when parking your bikes. Finally, grades 1-2 students will be entering and exiting from the glass doors to the east of the main door on 26th to avoid as much crossover between the younger children and their older siblings. An adult will be there to help these children enter through this door. 

PikMyKid App

Please ensure you communicate with your children where their pick up spot is at the end of the day and help them understand our new protocols as much as possible. Make sure your instructions correspond with what you have selected on the PikMyKid app. 

We have created a short video to demonstrate how to change pick up mode in PikMyKid. Click on the thumbnail below to watch.
Oak Street Pick Up

If you are picking up on foot or bicycle at the end of the day (grades 1-7 parents), please go to the gate at Oak and 27th Avenue. Please make sure this is selected on the PikMyKid app. We will have signage on the gate to indicate that location as well. Parents must still “announce” themselves on PikMyKid when picking up on foot or bicycle.
Special Instructions for Early Childhood
Rishonim and JK Families: We have developed special new protocols for our youngest students (i.e., you will be parking in the parkade and escorting your children to the playground for drop off and pick up). Please make sure you read these guidelines. They will be effective from tomorrow, Monday, September 14th.

We understand that it is taking more time than anticipated to get your children out of and into their car seats at morning drop off and afternoon pick up. To that end, we have changed the protocol and location for early childhood families to accommodate the extra time needed in the mornings and afternoons. We hope that this change will promote safety and be a more positive start to the school day.


Rishonim & JK families:
  • Come to the parkade between 8:35 a.m. and 8:45 a.m. (NOT earlier; if you have older children aim to come for 8:35 a.m. so they can exit quickly and head to class.) Please note that we will not mark them late until 8:45 as we understand the pressures of drop off. 
  • Let your older children safely exit from your vehicle and proceed independently into campus to their classroom following directions from the parkade staff.
  • With Rishonim and JK students remaining in vehicles, park in Beth Israel temporary parking spots (yellow signs) on P1 or P2 (not in the center spots).
  • Accompany your Rishonim or JK child to the playground where one of their teachers will accompany your child to their classrooms. If there is no adult present, please wait until they return from their last drop off. (If you also have an SK child, they will be accompanied to their classrooms by a staff member.)
  • Parents must be masked while on school property and should not linger after dropping off their child(ren). Please follow physical distancing at ALL times.
  • Students should stand with their parent while waiting for their teacher rather than play on the play structures.
  • To access the parkade, you must come from 28th Avenue.


Rishonim & JK families:
There are three pick up times: 3:30, 3:50, and 4:20
The 3:30 pick up time overrides the staggered pick up time alphabetically assigned to your family. That is, if you have a 2:55 p.m. pick up time for your children, you should now come at 3:30. Don't forget to announce yourself so your older children know to come down to the parkade. You must “ANNOUNCE” yourself with the PikMyKid app for all three pick up times. All three pick ups will occur in the parkade. (Make sure you have changed the mode of pick up to "parkade" on the PikMyKid app.) To access the parkade, you must come from 28th Avenue and turn left into the middle gate. Please follow the directions below.
3:30pm, 3:50pm and 4:20 pm pick ups
  • Announce yourself on the PikMyKid app. Make sure the pick up mode is "parkade."
  • Head into the parkade by turning left into the middle gate. Park your car in a Beth Israel temporary parking spot (yellow signs) on P1 or P2 (not in the center spots on P1). Exit your vehicle and proceed to the playground where you will meet your child (and their siblings).
  • Parents must be masked while on school property and should not linger after dropping off their child(ren). Please follow physical distancing at ALL times.
  • Return to your vehicle and exit the parkade from the first gate (north) by turning left.