July 19, 2013


If there is talk and no action, no enforcement, no consequences what is a business to do?


What are the rights of businesses in Oakland?


If demonstrations are invited to Oakland, as elected officials have openly stated, then who is responsible for the damage?


Who is to be held accountable for the destruction caused by anarchists? 


Business bears the cost of cleanup in the event of a welcomed demonstration turning violent?


If a business closes or loses customers and revenue because the City is deemed unsafe by residents and visitors, then who is responsible?


If someone is masked, then why are they not held, identified and questioned?


If someone brings a crowbar, hammer or object uncommon to a peaceful demonstration, then why are they not held, identified and questioned?


What rules are we as business people held to?  Are they the same for demonstrators' gone rogue?


What does the compliance officer believe needs to be done? Do our police officers hesitate because of the Consent Decree? Are the rules clear?  


Citizens have been threatened on Federal, State, County, BART and City property...  We believe this is a regional problem that requires a regional approach to a solution.


What is the answer???  We are ready to do our part and stand with the Community at large to work towards a permanent solution! A peaceful Oakland...


In the meantime, the Alameda County District Attorney is ready to prosecute.  Let's arrest the vandals!     


If you see destruction happening, then email a photo of the incident to or call the District Attorney's Office to provide photo or video evidence at (510) 272-6309.





Joseph J. Haraburda

President & CEO

Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce





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