Weekly Newsletter
December 4, 2020
MVA Prayer Zoom
Please join us for our weekly prayer Zoom,
tonight, Thursday Evening at 8:00pm.

For those that have joined, we are finding it a blessing to pray together and connect as MVA Family and would love for more to join us!

We will continue this time until Christmas Break.

SA Holiday Vespers

Friday, December 4th at 5 PM

Use the same Zoom link as Chapel link
Deadweek December 7-11

Dead week is the week before final exams. If we were in a normal school session, this week would have been dedicated only for material reviews and/or make-up assignments. There would not have been any sports or other activities that interfered with test preparedness. Make sure to use this week to study for the following week.

Poinsettias Fundraiser

Thank you for your support!

MVA students & parents successfully sold 106 cases of poinsettias,
which equates to 636 individual plants!

Thank you Rose Shimizu for helping organize this great fundraiser!
Castro Christmas Party

For many years, it has been our tradition to host a Christmas Party for Castro Elementary first grade students. MVA Student Association officers would set up the cafeteria with festive decorations and traditional Christmas colors. The staff would prepare and serve hot breakfast (eggs, pancakes, hash browns, fresh fruit, juice and milk) for all Castro school guests and MVA students. Presents were handed out and pictures were taken with Santa Claus. There would also be fun games in the gym.

Did COVID-19 change the tradition? Well, yes and no!

Even though we cannot have them in-person at MVA, we are still providing gifts and pre-packaged snacks to be delivered to Castro School on December 14th and they will arrange a pick up day for their students.

Everyone is involve for this MVA tradition to continue. Each MVA student brings a TOY ($10-$15), already sanitized, wrapped and labeled as "for a girl or for a boy". If you are a boy, buy a toy for a boy, and if you are a girl, buy a toy for a girl.

You may drop these off at the MVA office during business hours, no later than Wednesday, December 9th.
Supply Pick Up / Donation Drop Off Day
Friday, December 11, 1-3 PM

If you have been contacted by your teachers for a supply pick up, they will be at the student parking lot by the gym for distribution.
Message from the Registrar, Mrs. Schales

If there are changes in your current schedule for next semester, please contact Mrs. Schales at registrar@mountainviewacademy.org by December 17th. The office will be closed during Christmas break from December 21- January 1, 2021.
Parent Information Corner
We’re in the middle of the Thanksgiving Holiday season in the United States. And at the root of the modern-day observance of this holiday is gratitude. It’s a time to spend with loved-ones and reflect on the positive things in your life. But gratitude isn’t something you should put back on the shelf once you’ve consumed the holiday meal. In fact, research has shown there are tremendous benefits to exercising gratitude as a lifestyle. The benefits affect your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

NAD NewsPoints Podcast guest Will Johns, pastor of the Beltsville Seventh-day Adventist Church in Beltsville, Maryland, researcher, and author of the book, “Everything is Better Than You Think,” is here to explain what gratitude really is and practical ways to incorporate the practice in to your daily life

MVA Praise Team
Upcoming Events
3 MVA Zoom Prayer (Every Thursday)
4 SA Holiday Vespers
7-11 Deadweek
11 Progress Reports Due
Supply Pick Up/Drop Off
14 Castro Elementary Gifts Drop Off
16-18 Semester Finals
21-1/1 Christmas Holiday- NO SCHOOL
21-1/1 MVA Office Closed
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