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A Message from the President
Hello REALTOR® Family,

At my installation in December , I outlined my goals for 2020 which included promoting unity, to increase Member Awareness and increased Member Participation. I also encouraged all of you to find a place to serve in our association where you can share your gifts and talents. I am so proud of our association and the growth we have had so far this year. 

Attendance at our General Membership meetings  has increased. There are a lot of new faces joining our committees. Our awards banquet was highly attended and many dressed the theme of Roaring 20's as we celebrated nominees and recipients of our Affiliate and REALTOR® Awards. This was such a great night!  Thank you for your continued commitment to our association. 

In the real estate community , major changes have occurred which have had a huge impact on how REALTORS® conduct business and best serve their clients, while adhering to the safest standards. I am humbled to see my peers coming together collaborating and sharing helpful information to make sure we are all safe as we continue to provide real estate services during this difficult time. I am truly blessed and grateful to be serving as your 2020 President while having the opportunity to witness all of the good and beauty that still exists among all the uncertainty. These times have brought us together allowing us to help each other, learn from each other and even though we may not be in the same office and adhering to social distancing requirements we are in this together!

As we navigate these uncertain times please know that staff at MVAR will continue to provide you with excellent customer service and keep everyone informed of changes coming that may affect our industry. Also watch for opportunities to participate virtually in upcoming committee meetings and board meetings.

I look forward to seeing everyone soon, until then please stay safe and let me know if you have questions or need anything!

Judy Gysin 
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Special Messages from our Sponsors
A Message from your Local Title Companies

In times like these, cooperation takes precedent over competition , and so in that spirit, we managers of your local title companies come together to offer our collective thoughts on the settlement side of the business during this period of unsettlement.

This is being written from the perspective of March 25 th so keep that in mind as circumstances will most certainly have changed when this newsletter is published in April. We hope along with you that those changes have been for the better and this simply serves as a reminder of an extraordinary time we all experienced together.

While the world is being turned upside down by the COVID-19 crisis , our local real-estate market remains strong. The number of sale transactions being opened at our branches throughout the Willamette Valley gives the appearance of a normal, spring kick-off to the real-estate year. Add to that the surge of refinance activity, and we are processing more transactions than any of us have seen in our careers.

Normally that would be welcome news with each of us scrambling to make sure we were staffed appropriately. But things are not normal. As is undoubtedly the case with the rest of the industry, every day we are surprising ourselves with resiliency we didn’t know we had as more curve balls continue to be thrown. The title and escrow professionals on the front line have really stepped up to ensure that we keep the market moving; as their managers, we would like to take the opportunity to thank them for their dedication and agility as they have had to adapt to alternate schedules, work locales, resources, etc.

We recognize that everyone is anxious as they balance the considerations of their safety and that of their family, their civic duty to practice proper social distancing, the needs of their clients, and the status of their transactions moving through the pipeline. We appreciate the importance these transactions have in the lives of your clients, and also that they represent your source of income. At the end of the day, our goal is to help you get to the finish line .

We wish we could provide assurance to each of you that transactions will close in the expected timeline, but that is just not possible for any of us to do. The good news is that collectively we do not see signs of weakening in any links on the real-estate chain. Real-estate brokers and lenders are able to work remotely for the most part and are coming up with creative solutions to alleviate the fears of their clients. We feel confident that our local counties will remain open, at least to continue providing e-recording service. And finally, we title companies are finding ways to overcome the barriers to closing transactions.

To help us accomplish our common goal, we ask that you consider the following:

  • We know there are lots of questions, probably way more questions than answers as of today; however, we will be able to work more efficiently if we are not being over-burdened with what-if questions. There is always a chance that there will be a break in the chain; we commit to you that we will work together as an industry to mitigate those issues as well and as quickly as possible, and we will communicate those resolutions proactively.

  • Signing appointments will look different during this time. We will be taking extra safety precautions and limiting the number of people in our branches at any one time. We will schedule appointments as files are ready to close so that we can accommodate everyone as efficiently as possible.

  • We are available for deliveries as needed or on request, but using email, USPS, or commercial delivery services where possible will be preferential.

  • We commit to being diligent in making our branches safe and keeping our employees healthy. We will be following the CDC guidelines in exercising abundant caution with who we allow to be in our offices. We ask that you help us in that regard with your clients; while closing deals is important, stopping the spread of the virus must be our collective priority.

  • Lastly, as awful as it seems, fraudsters and criminals find opportunities in times like this to ramp up their efforts. We would be remiss if we did not take an opportunity to remind you all of the seriousness of wire fraud. Please, be sure to remind your clients, while they are focused on much more important matters, those fraudsters and criminals will be looking for new opportunities to do harm. Don’t relax your efforts to protect your clients and customers.

In closing , we want to let you know that we are open for business and getting more proficient every day at dealing with these adversities. Your local title companies wish for each other success through this ordeal because that means that transactions are getting closed. We are staying in communication and offering assistance to the other if it becomes needed.

And finally , we are in agreement that this is no time to compete for business . We recognize that difficult decisions may need to be made when it comes to staffing, risk assessment, public interfacing, and the like; and we will have each other’s backs. Although unlikely, there may be scenarios where we assist each other in closing transactions, not in an attempt to take deals or shift loyalties but rather in solidarity to keep the collective engine running.

We promise to get back to our competitive ways on the other side of this. Until then, we stand together. Best of luck and stay safe.

Yours neutrally and alphabetically ,

Eric Templeton, AmeriTitle
Randy Leeper, Fidelity National Title
Stacy Collins, First American Title
Peter Harris, Ticor Title
A Message from Toija Beutler, Attorney/Manager
Beutler Exchange Group

COVID-19 and 1031 Deadlines

Our office is fielding numerous calls and emails about 1031 exchange deadlines and whether extensions will be granted in this terribly uncertain time.
Historically extensions have only been available in the event of a “federally declared disaster.” These have always been localized events – tornado's, hurricanes, fires, etc. The IRS has approved extensions for Taxpayers in the affected areas - 120 days on the 45-day identification deadline and the same for the 180-day exchange deadline.

To date , there have been two disaster declarations associated with COVID-19 – New York State and Washington State. Will the IRS to extend exchange deadlines for those states? It remains unknown.
What is being done?  On Monday March 23 rd a letter was sent to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin requesting an extension of the deadlines to “the later of 120 days or the last day of the general disaster extension period.” This letter was signed by a coalition of 21 associations representing the real estate industry including NAR®, investors, lenders, title companies, exchange companies, etc.

We are hoping for a rapid response from Treasury . Extensions would go a long way toward reassuring investors that they can confidently proceed with their exchange plans in an otherwise uncertain time.

However, until relief is granted, we must proceed as if the deadlines will not be extended.

A Message from Jordan Keck, President Senior Loan Officer, Propr Lending

We’re not in Kansas Anymore

The world of real estate as we knew it has suddenly and dramatically changed. Sellers don’t want to sell. Buyers don’t want to buy. Lenders don’t want to lend. The stock market is dropping. All of this, and bills still need to be paid. What is this strange new land, and where do we go from here?

The bad news: It’ll get worse before it gets better. We haven’t seen the low point yet. More and more states are enacting shelter-in-place laws. The US just became the global epicenter for the COVID-19 pandemic, overtaking China as of March 26 th , with over 85,000 total cases and over 1,300 deaths. Lenders are coming out daily with more restrictions on guidelines, or even halting some loans entirely. Businesses have been closed. Initial jobless claims reached almost 3.3M, dwarfing the previous record from the Great Recession of 665K. Predictions are showing that April will be even worse than March for the outbreak.

The good news: This will end. It is going to be over at some point, it will be over soon, and likely sooner than we think. In times like this, the fear circulating can cause a level of myopia which blinds us to life without COVID-19. New drugs are being tested which seem promising in the fight against the virus. A massive stimulus package is on the way which will provide much needed relief to millions. Forecasts predict that recovery from the worst of the virus will begin in May. As we recover from the virus, the economy will follow. 

In the meantime, your clients need you more than ever before . There will be a backlog of buyers and sellers once this is over who need your help more than ever before, and there are still people wanting and needing to buy and sell now. People are scared and don’t know the market like you do, so reach out to them. Call, text, and email your network of clients, friends, and family. Ask how they are doing and if there is anything you can do.

Chase as many “thank-you's” as possible.

This isn’t about selling; this is about serving. 

Jordan@proprlending.com https://www.proprlending.com/
A Message from Traci Benjamin, Churchhill Mortgage

The Mortgage Industry’s Perfect Storm

As this article goes to print, what I write may be old news . That is how fast things are changing in the mortgage industry today. For those of us that were around and lived through the housing crisis of 2008, we have a greater enemy before us today. The Corona virus crisis has critically impacted the mortgage industry. The pressing issue surrounding the mortgage industry centers around capital that is required for mortgage lenders to be able to function and meet commitments required for them to continue to lend.

Let me first take a step back and explain the life of a mortgage loan . A borrower meets with their Mortgage Originator to obtain a mortgage. The Mortgage Originator locks that loan to guarantee to the borrower their interest through the closing. Once the loan is closed, the loan is handled by a Servicer. That could be the same company who made the loan or in many cases it is a different company that will now manage the loan by collecting the mortgage payment from the borrower, paying the taxes and insurance, collecting payments and forwarding them to the investor, and fielding questions from borrowers among other things. 

The Servicers do not own that mortgage. It is sold to an investor or directly to a government agency like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or Ginnie Mae . From there the loan gets bundled with hundreds of other loans which are put into the hands of an Investment Banker. The Investment Banker converts those pool of loans into a Mortgage Backed Security (MBS) that are then sold to the public. These loans will show up in different investments like mutual funds, insurance plans and retirement accounts.

The Servicer plays a very vital role in the chain in the health of the mortgage industry . The Servicer will typically pay 1% of the loan amount up front to service that loan, called a service release premium. The Servicer then receives a monthly payment equal to about 30 basis points per year for that loan. 

Because of the upfront costs the Servicer had to pay to service that loan and the small income they get monthly to maintain that loan, their break even period is about three years. The longer that loans stays on the books, the more money the Servicer makes. In many cases the Servicer may want to use leverage to increase their level of income. They may often finance half of the cost of acquiring the loan and pay the rest in cash.

When rates drop dramatically like they did a few weeks ago, there is an increased volume of people wanting to refinance. This is called runoff. Remember the Servicer’s break-even is three years. They lose money as people are refinancing their loans more rapidly. In a normal environment, they may have large losses with the runoff, but they are able to increase the amount of new mortgage activity giving them additional income to offset their losses.

The Corona virus today has virtually shut down the US economy which, has created an unprecedented amount of job losses. This has added a new risk to the Servicer. 
Are borrowers going to be have difficulty paying their mortgage? Remember the Servicer does not own the mortgage, they are still responsible for making the payment to the investor whether a borrower makes their mortgage payment or not. In a normal environment, the Servicers have plenty of cushion to account for this. However, if there are extreme levels of delinquency, this puts the Servicer in an unmanageable position.

Then the government steps in, ready and willing to help. Due to the Corona virus shutdown, they tell the American public that they are granting forbearance of mortgage payments for those affected individuals. This statement alone exacerbates the problem to Servicers who are still obligated to pay the investors payments on loans they are not collecting payments on. To add insult to injury, if a borrower does not make their first payment on a mortgage, that loan is now not eligible to be sold to an investor. 

The Servicer then must hold onto the loan for about 12 months before it can be sold onto the investor. This ties up the Servicers available credit, restricting the Lender’s ability to clear their pipeline and get reimbursed with cash so they can fund new transactions.

It sounds like there is a new facility being set up to help Mortgage Servicers bridge the gap to the investor. As new as this is, it is still unclear how long this will take for Servicers to access this facility.

This week with the uncertainty of repayment and the accelerated prepayments , servicing value has been slashed in half. This drastic decrease in value has prompted margin calls for the many Servicers who financed their acquisition of servicing. Adding to the decreased value of Lender’s servicing portfolio, reduces the Lender’s overall net worth. Lender’s net worth is the basis to which the amount a lender can lend thus reducing their capacity to lend.

Then there are the unintended consequences when the Feds desire to lower mortgage rates- hey it worked in 2008, it should work now right? Instead, it is having the opposite effect. Not only is it damaging servicing portfolios because of prepayment, it is also wreaking havoc in Lender’s ability to hedge their risk. 

The Fed is purchasing Mortgage Backed Securities at about 500 Billion a day with only 4 Billion coming to market. In normal circumstances we would be jumping for joy, but in this environment it is creating margin calls in huge amounts of money that lenders must pay out. This has caused the market for Government Loans, Jumbo Loans, NonQM programs that don’t have ideal parameters to dry up. Many lenders are having no choice but to raise interest rates and reduce the term that they are willing to lock an interest rate, reducing their exposure, to slow the intake of transactions. 

What does this all translate into the Real Estate Community , and what can we do as an Industry to fix what is broken?  Real Estate agents can help by writing longer close dates, so lenders have the time to get through the capacity issues. Lenders are prioritizing purchases that are locked, refinances with locks and then purchases that are not locked. Be flexible with lenders, you may have to extend, if a lender’s source for that loan product dries up. They may have to move it to another source that is open, this takes time. That loan may have to be repackaged or re-disclosed because it went from this bank to another bank.

On a national scale the Fed and our Government needs to stop making it more difficult . The Feds need to temporarily slow down the purchasing of Mortgage Back Securities to allow the pipelines to clear. Lawmakers need to allow for first payment defaults, due to forbearance, to be sale-able on the secondary market. Also, the Feds should clearly communicate with the public that the Fed Funds Rate and Mortgage Rates are not the same. 

There is hope I believe in the coming months when the Corona virus diminishes and Americans go back to work, that we will have one of the best years in the Real Estate Industry. Rates will be at all-time lows once again and everyone will have an opportunity to buy home or refinance their current mortgage.
Source : Barry Habib Barry’s Insights 3/26/2020
A message from Bonique Hollinrake, Green Acres Landscape, Inc.

Many unknowns have halted our lives recently, but nothing can stop spring from blossoming. The cherry trees are in full bloom at the capitol, daffodils are sprouting up, and once-barren trees are starting to show color. Many people are staying home, so now is a good time to begin work on your own gardening and landscaping pr ojects.

While you’re stuck at home, staying safe and healthy, why not start a garden or spend some extra time in your existing one? There are many health benefits to gardening, both physical and mental.
Here are a few:

Lower your stress levels and boost your mood
Gardening has been shown to increase your overall well-being by lowering stress levels and boost your mood. Lots of studies have been done on the mental and emotional health perks of spending time outside and gardening. It’s why in many rehabilitation centers, gardening and flower arranging are encouraged for patients as part of their recuperation plan. Tending to a garden provides grounding and space for you to take control over a situation while surrounded by the quickly changing environment around us.

Create hope (and grow delicious food)
When planting a seedling, you are creating hope for the future while also giving yourself an opportunity to create meditative spaces to care for these plants and the creatures that rely on them (think bees and other pollinators!). Eventually your garden will produce healthy and nutritious food for you and your family, or even beautiful flowers to display in your home or deliver to neighbors. Gardens are a healthy distraction from the weight of the world, pandemic or not.

Healthy movement
We all know the benefits of working out and keeping our bodies moving, but did you know gardening is an excellent way to create healthy movement for yourself? Spending time outside can replenish your Vitamin D levels and gardening is considered light- to moderate-intensity exercise. Working in your yard is good for your heart and body—make sure to wear your SPF!

Activity for children/families
Because schools are closed, many parents are now homeschooling their children and a garden is a great activity for children and families to do together. Gardens provide many learning opportunities, including life cycles of plants, pollination, composting, and respecting the environment. Allow children to create and be responsible for a small plot of the family garden to encourage their overall development.

Beautify your outdoor spaces
Of course, planting flower gardens are a good way to take your outdoors space from pretty to gorgeous. Consider choosing flowers that attract bees and other pollinators. Not a lot of space? Container gardens are an excellent choice for patios and decks. A flower garden in full bloom will brighten anyone’s day.

Green Acres is here for you , including making contact-free deliveries of raised garden beds, planters, flowers, vegetable starts, soil, tools, and whatever else you might need to create your garden oasis. We can help get you started on your next garden project. Call the Market direct at 503.363.6883 or our office at 503.399.8066.
A message from Ronda Wymore, Willamette Valley Mutliple Listing Service

Love Letter to the Real Estate Industry

WVMLS was built by brokers. Your cooperating transactions are the life’s blood of our work. Fostering cooperation in a relationship-based business like ours takes a village; appraisers, inspectors, REALTOR® associations, title, lending, investors, builders and contractors, service, repair, insurance, suppliers, vendors, not to mention buyers and sellers – together through service and mutual support, we co-create this interdependent web of real estate enterprise that feeds us all.

The staff at WVMLS has been unanimous in the desire to keep the office open during the COVID-19 crisis, and to continue to provide essential services to our Members for as long as the situation allows. They rapidly mobilized Zoom webinars to replace our in-person trainings, came up with a unique drive-thru solution to a potentially contagious lobby environment, put in extra hours, handled stressful situations, and helped draft new safety and working conditions to keep the doors open. They’re concerned about our Members and anxious about what’s happening in the world in general, but they show up every day equipped with enthusiasm, creativity and grit. I’m proud of how they’re coping.

Speaking personally, my career with WVMLS has given me all the things I treasure most - from my cozy home with its sweet little garden and a craft room full of paints and canvases, to the pricey kibble I feed my dogs - I have been blessed by the real estate industry. Nearly every one of my friendships, including the amazing people I work for and with, are gifts from the real estate industry. To my Members, my leaders, my colleagues and my team, past and present, and our industry partners, I’m incredibly grateful to you all.

On behalf of myself and the WVMLS staff, thank you…we love you…and we’re here for you,

Kerrie, Lori, Kristie, Ronda, John, Carly, Kat, Hillary, and Tom
Your WVMLS “Human Support” Team
A Message from Lisa McCormick, Cherry Creek Mortgage

Good Loans Gone Bad 

Risky mortgages aren’t the cause . . . it’s the coronavirus pandemic threatening to make good loans go bad and simultaneously sapping the markets funding. Rates are all over the board – going from 3.00% to 5.00% overnight! 

  • Some of the nations lenders have stopped funding most new home loans without government backing (FNMA, FHLMC, GNMA only)
  • Warehouse lenders are tightening terms of financing to mortgage providers, either raising the costs or refusing to support certain types of home loans 
  • Majority, if not all, of the jumbo and non-QM lenders have suspended ALL loan activity, blaming an “inability to appropriately evaluate credit risk” 
  • iBuyer companies, such as: Zillow, Redfin and Opendoor suspended their buying programs. The Fed is going to do whatever it takes to restore a normal functioning market, but we need to remember that a lot of these lenders and institutions are desperately seeking cash. 

The Initial Jobless Claim this week jumped to 3.283 MILLION . . . near the top end of the expected range as layoffs begin to be measured and the impact on economic activity beings to be seen. The previous record high was 695K in 1982. Last year at this week Initial Claims were 190K. 

Last week the regulator for mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announced a forbearance program for borrowers unable to pay their loans because of the effects of the coronavirus. The Department of Housing and Urban Development, which includes the FHA loan program, announced the same. That is a huge relief for borrowers who can now delay payments without penalty. Unfortunately, there’s a hitch

The mortgage servicers, (the companies that collect monthly payments), are required to pass those payments on to the investors who own those loans in mortgage-backed securities even if the borrowers don’t pay. Servicers also have to pay insurers and tax authorities. Under normal circumstances, servicers have the cash reserves to do this if just a few borrowers don’t pay, but the industry is now looking at a potentially unprecedented wave of missed mortgage payments. 

Is FHA lending about to disappear too??? Many lenders have been forced this week to make rapid changes by raising minimum credit scores, some as high as 660. Others are pricing their risk with loan level pricing adjustments and there’s even rumblings that most could soon move to minimum FICO score of 680 by early as next week. FHA borrowers are generally deemed “riskier” with borrowers more likely to be the ones at risk given the economic conditions right now. Most don’t have enough savings, and with millions losing their jobs, it’s highly likely we will see massive delinquencies. 

The coronavirus has also created a need for eClosing which is on the way . This is the first step in moving to fully digital closings. This means your borrower can review and electronically sign the majority of their closing documents prior to (or even at) the closing table. Cherry Creek will begin offering this service as soon as the beginning of April. We are committed to getting your loans closed even in the situation where borrowers cannot physically attend a traditional closing.
One thing to keep in mind - you can assume there will be or already is an economic recession which should keep rates low for awhile. So how long will it take for rates to get back to where they should be? Not quite sure anyone knows, but we haven’t seen the last of it and we probably will see another all- time low in mortgage rates.

Hang in there! 

Article Contributions by:
Matt Garlinghouse, Executive VP, Capital Markets, Cherry Creek Mortgage
Lisa McCormick, Senior Loan Officer, Cherry Creek Mortgage  
A message from John Ayers, Regional Multiple Listing Service

RMLS™ Response to COVID19 What You Need to Know...

Office Hours : RMLS™ offices are closed, starting on Monday, March 23, 2020, until further notice. We will reopen offices as soon as local, county, and state leaders deem it safe. 

Resources : All departments remain open and staff can answer emails and take phone calls. Help Desk can be reached at helpdesk@rmls.com or (503) 872-8002 or toll-free (877)256-2169. 

Open House/Broker Tours : The Open House and Broker Tour modules have been temporarily removed from RMLS web . Please understand that it is a core tenet of RMLS™ to never come between a Realtor® and their clients. We fully recognize the gravity of this situation and feel that this choice MUST be made for public health and the safety of our subscribers.  

Listings in Active Status and Showings : The RMLS™ Rules and Regulations state that any listing in active status requires that showings be available. However, due to COVID-19, they are FAR from encouraged. As such, we are temporarily not enforcing that specific rules violation until the ban(s) are lifted. In other words, we are allowing subscribers to leave their listing in active status but also state in the public or private remarks that there will be no showings until the ban is lifted. Ex.: Private Remarks “…No showing during COVID-19…” or “…No showings until public gathering ban is lifted…”
A Message from WaFd Bank

In Tough Times a Portfolio Lender can Save the Day

We are all witnessing daily changes to how we are best able to continue running our business and the need to remain nimble. I have been impressed with how many of you have been creative and innovative to keep helping your clients, thank you! 

The main questions that REALTORS® should be concerned with are:
  1. The capacity of their lending partners to handle additional purchase transaction given the amount of refi activity going on.
  2. The concern over possible rise of defaults/foreclosures for existing homeowners. 

You are all probably hearing of lenders at or over capacity on lending applications & even extreme situations where lenders are not even taking new applications due to the inability to service their existing pipeline. I’ve heard of one raising their rates to 7% to halt applications.

Even though WaFd Bank has restricted our lobbies to foot traffic, we are not only OPEN for business, we are dedicated to helping our partners close their transactions in a timely manner & meet their closing date timelines. We realize our referral partners are definitely feeling the pinch of reduced calls and obviously showings, tentative buyers who are concerned about their own financial futures and not willing to engage in buying a home until their situations are settled.

REALTORS® and community managers are probably concerned about their own financial situations as well. Keeping a 100% portfolio lender working alongside you is an important part of your overall plan. Working with a 100% portfolio lender like WaFd Bank has a number of relevant advantages that are worth emphasizing during these uncertain times:

  1. WaFd Bank lends its own money and won’t be limited by the issues facing secondary market lenders 
  2. Our online application portal can complete a full application, pull a borrower’s credit, upload documents and authorize electronic communications all from the comfort and safety of your client's home. We are able to utilize our drive-ups and night drops for those not comfortable with utilizing the online application portal.
  3. Our lending staff continues to be available by phone to answer inquiries and questions from their prospective buyers even if our bank branch lobbies are restricted to foot traffic. 

WaFd is in a solid position to handle capacity with the recent QwikFi process to expedite refi’s for existing clients. We continue to absorb new applications with our online app portal which doesn’t require borrowers to meet with us to start their application process and close purchases in a timely manner. Our biggest issue is of course, appraisals given the refi activity going on. We do however have the streamlined valuation for those deals that fit those guidelines so we have some answers already in place.  

Regarding the rise of defaults/foreclosures, again WaFd has always had our Mortgage Resource Center solution in place to help those borrowers who need the flexibility to get them through tough times like this. Again, this is a unique solution due to WaFd Banks retention of both servicing rights and the promissory note.   

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, WaFd Bank implemented a Small Business Lifeline program through our Community Banking Group on March 12th. This Lifeline program, in which we have allocated up to $100 million dollars, is designed to help affected clients and non-clients by providing liquidity through business lines of credit up to $200,000 with 90 days of 0% interest. 

Most recently, we are very pleased to announce the implementation of another payment relief assistance program to help our clients that are not eligible for the small business program but may need “Homeowner Assistance” if they have a WaFd Bank mortgage.

WaFd Bank is pleased to provide an assistance program specifically designed for homeowners impacted by the Coronavirus that allows monthly mortgage payments to be deferred for three months. 

Bottom line – a 100% portfolio lender like WaFd Bank doesn’t have all the answers, but we do have unique solutions that other lenders don’t have to help meet the demand & critical issues that face the real estate industry at this time.  

Tina DeCamp, Vice President
Retail Banking Division Manager
Classes & Events

The below Continued Education classes and meeting have been cancelled for April. We are currently working with our instructors to reschedule the classes at a later date.

As a REALTOR® member of OAR online courses for continuing education are currently available free of cost at online education - click here . Let's stay healthy and keep learning together. Be sure to enter code covid19 when checking out .

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Wednesday, April 8, 2020
Scottish Rite

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

(Cancelled) Risk Advisory: Radon  
Thursday, April 23, 2020

Mon, May 18 - Tue, May 19, 2020

Classes & event schedule: For a complete list of updated classes, please visit our website here at this link: We will update our class and event information as it becomes available.
SARCF dba : MVAR Community Foundation
Sarie Scott
Community Foundation President
Proceeds from Dessert Auction total $7,025.00

For the second year, we were delighted to host the dessert auction at the MVAR Awards Banquet featuring mouthwatering concoctions from numerous local bakeries raising funds for our community fund.

Special thanks to everyone who donated desserts. We are full of gratitude for your contributions!

Thank you to all the attendees who participated and donated to the Community Foundation and helped raise $7,025.00.

Photos courtesy of staff member Cheryl Lolkema.
Committee Updates
Government Affairs Committee
In early March, the MVAR Government Affairs Candidate Interview Committee convened to interview candidates for Salem City Council. 
The MVAR Board of Directors approved the Committee's recommendations and we are pleased to announce the following candidates who have MVAR's full support. These candidates were chosen because they share MVAR's vision of enhancing Salem's livability by supporting home ownership, smart growth and development, an additional bridge over the Willamette River and thoughtful stewardship of Salem's limited financial resources.  Don't forget to Register to Vote by April 28th. Please consider supporting these candidates and voting for them by May 19! - Patrick Sieng, Committee Chair
Salem Mayor
Chuck Bennett
City Council Ward 1
Jan Kailuweit
City Council Ward 3
Brad Nanke
City Council Ward 5
Jose Gonzalez
City Council Ward 7
Reid Sund

What Ward Do You Live In?


Our candidates are in need of yard sign locations. 
If you live in one of the above Wards, or have a location on a busy thoroughfare, please email Holly Sears, 
MVAR Government Affairs Director, at  willamettevalleygad@gmail.com  with your address location and which candidate(s) sign that you want, 
and we'll deliver one to you!
Willamette Valley
Government Affairs Committee

I f you’ve recently attended the MVAR General Membership meetings, you’ve heard that the City of Salem is updating its Salem Area Comprehensive Plan, which is the document that guides future growth and development in the Salem area. 

Thank you to those who participated in the joint “Our Salem” workshop meeting held in November to provide feedback on the issue.  This is a multi-year project and we will be asking for MVAR REALTOR® and AFFILIATE Member participation throughout the entire process. Your voice matters - click here for the newest survey.  You will find additional information in the newsletter regarding updates to " Our Salem " below.

Although we are uncertain as to what our future days will look like regarding rules for social distancing, we ask that you please mark your calendars for Saturday, April 25 , to reserve for REALTOR® Candidate Walk Day.  Candidate interviews for other areas in MVAR’s jurisdiction, including Silverton, Woodburn and Keizer, will take place after those cities’ filing deadlines, which are usually at the end of summer.

As mentioned earlier, Yard Sign Locations are needed for our recommended candidates. If you live in one of the Wards mentioned above, or have a location on a busy thoroughfare, please email Holly Sears, at  willamettevalleygad@gmail.com  with your address location and which candidate(s) sign that you want, and we'll deliver one to you!

For more information about any government affairs related issue, please contact Willamette Valley Government Affairs Director, Holly Sears, at willamettevalleygad@gmail.com or (503) 931-0876.
MVAR Special Events Committee
Lisa McCormick, Chair
Cherry Creek Mortgage Co.
Jazmin Hayworth, Vice Chair
First American Title
We just finished up our Annual MVAR Awards ( see the slideshow here ), and are looking forward to planning our REALTOR ® Member Appreciation Barbecue coming this summer! Stay healthy everyone and stay tuned for more information.
MVAR Other News
Silverton Property Tours

At this time we have postponed the Silverton area property tour meeting and tour until further notice. We feel that we have a large number of vulnerable individuals in our area and one of the most responsible things we can do to help slow the spread in our community is to suspend in-person tours. 

Questions? Please email: officemanager@nworg.com

  What's our vision for the future?
Our Salem Workshops Update:
Workshops scheduled in March will be rescheduled at a later date. Participate in the new Survey below.

Dear REALTOR® and Affiliate Members ,

Those of you that were in attendance at our March General Membership meeting, heard an update from Holly Sears, Willamette Valley Governmental Affairs Director   regarding the joint partnership between the Home Builders Association, SEDCOR, The Salem Area Chamber of Commerce, Mid-Valley Association of REALTORS ®  and the City of Salem on the  Our Salem Workshops .

Many of you have participated in the joint  Our Salem   Workshops,   giving valuable input regarding the City of Salem Area Comprehensive Plan- input which will help guide development in the Salem area.

Since we are unable to host these in person workshops until the foreseeable future, we are asking that you take a minute to participate in the online survey put together by the City of Salem.

The survey questions reflect ideas the community has provided through previous workshops, surveys, meetings, events, and discussions that began last year.

Please contribute your input for the future of our city in the survey!
From the City of Salem:
Our Salem- Planning for Growth
March Public Workshops Rescheduled
The public workshops on the  Our Salem project    planned for March 16th and 17th are to be rescheduled.

The City of Salem is following Governor Brown's guidance, and we can't guarantee the safe minimum distance of six feet between individuals given that the workshops were intended as community-wide events. 

We are continuing to engage the community in the Our Salem project by asking for your input through an online survey in    English    and    Spanish   .

Fall Public Workshops and Online Mapping Results
Thank you to everyone who participated in our public workshops and online mapping exercises in the fall. You can check out the  results online. You can also view the  presentation slides  or watch a recording of the presentations online.

What did we do in the first phase?
The first phase, Our Salem: Today, focused on examining the existing conditions of the city – our vital signs – and evaluating difference scenarios for how Salem could grow under current policies. Check out this  story map   to see what we did and what we learned.

The first phase resulted in a  report card   that evaluates whether we're heading in the right direction given current policies. It also resulted in a greenhouse gas ( GHG) inventory . All this work is informing critical discussions and decisions about future growth in the city.

Newsflash- just announced - Our Salem Webinar April 8
Join us for a webinar on April 8 to hear about different options for how Salem could grow.
During the webinar, you will:
  1. Learn about four options or scenarios for growth and how they were developed
  2. See how the scenarios compare to each other
  3. Get a chance to ask questions

After the webinar, you can weigh in on the scenarios through a new survey on the project website .
When and How to Join
Date:  Wednesday, April 8
Time: 11 a.m. - 12 noon
By phone: 1(872) 240-3311 access code:  675-507-821
By computer or smartphone: Click this link

You can join us on the web or through the GoToMeeting app. If you want to use the app, you can download it here before the webinar: https://global.gotomeeting.com/install/675507821
The  Our Salem   project started in 2018 with a look at existing conditions and how Salem could grow under current policies. That first phase resulted in a  report card   t hat evaluated whether Salem is headed in the right direction. Check out this  story map   to see what we did and what we learned.    

Sign up to get email updates   about the project.

Anyone with questions is encouraged to contact Eunice Kim
Executive Officer Update
A Message from your Executive Officer
Greetings REALTORS® and Affiliate Members,

These are very challenging times in the midst of changing actions by the Federal, State and local governments with their responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is no doubt that the coronavirus is impacting every aspect of our lives. Please reach out to us with any questions. Our professional staff is working remotely and available during normal business hours 8:00am - 4:00pm Monday through Friday.

You may continue to reach us by telephone or text to 503.984.5317 or email us at info@midvalleyassn.realtor for assistance. We’re here to help answer questions and will keep you updated with current information by text, email, phone, Facebook and our website as well.

Many thanks to our business partners and sponsors in the real estate industry , who have provided additional content to our newsletter this month. We hope you as a member will take the time to read through their special messages and information provided.

We continue to deliver and share with you daily information from our State - OAR Updates and National NAR Updates Associations as we receive it, to keep you updated as well.

As a REALTOR® member of OAR online courses for continuing education are currently available free of cost at OAR online education - click here . Let's stay healthy and keep learning together. Be sure to enter code covid19 when checking out .

A reminder to Designated Realtors, please remember that new brokers have 30 days, from the day their license is pulled into a REALTOR® Office to join a REALTOR® Association.

Our Association continues to grow, check out the list below! A warm welcome to our new REALTOR® members who have joined the offices listed below.

Be safe and stay healthy.
- Jean Wheat-Palm
Welcome New REALTORS®
Dennis Courtright
Harninder Singh
Kimberly Leighty
Randy Pingel 
Katharine Joslin 
Greg Smith 
Larisa Buchovecky 
Heidi Schroeder 
Gavin Baughman 
Jacob Espericueta 
Lea Zeigler 
Aaron Seabrook 
Windermere Pacific West Properties
Excel Real Estate
Keller Williams Capital City
Realty One Group Willamette Valley 
Premiere Property Group, LLC 
Gysin Realty Group, LLC 
HomeSmart Realty Group
The Salem Real Estate Group, Inc 
Berkshire Hathaway HSREP 
HomeSmart Realty Group
Savi Realty, Inc.
RE/MAX Integrity 
Welcome Returning REALTOR® Members
Earl Kirk
Sheryl (Sherri) Sperling 
Josh Tate 
Diamond Realty Group, Inc 
Sherri Sperling Realty 
HomeSmart Realty Group 
Welcome New Secondary REALTOR® Members
Jeffrey Hill 
Jeffrey A Hill Broker 
OAR & NAR Resources
Buyer & Seller Advisory COVID-19 Updates

The Oregon Association of REALTORS® has created the following Buyer and Seller Advisories with tips for buyers and sellers navigating home selling and purchasing during the COVID-19 crisis. Make your clients aware of these tools. In addition to the COVID-19 information, they provide your clients with comprehensive information about the home buying and selling process.

NAR Coronavirus Hub

Be sure to visit the NAR coronavirus Hub for updates and explanations of legislation. National Association of REALTORS® has great guides for Realtors®.  

Featured Guides:

Coronovirus Guidance: Commercial Real Estate
COVID-19 and its long reaching effects continue to change the way we conduct our everyday business, and commercial real estate practitioners continue to adapt to these changes on a daily basis. Below are a few resources to help guide Commercial REALTORS® as they navigate the changing landscape in the industry.

Commitment to Excellence
In 2018, the National Association of REALTORS® proudly launched Commitment to Excellence (C2EX), a program that empowers REALTORS® to demonstrate their professionalism and commitment to conducting business at the highest standards. NAR’s C2EX program was selected as a 2019 Learning! 100 award winner from Elearning! Media Group.

This award honors organizations for fostering a culture of professional growth, innovation, and organizational performance. Past recipients include Amazon Web Services, AT&T, the American Heart Association and NASCAR.

Consumer Outreach for REALTORS®
That's Who We "R" National Campaign

The new ads for 2020 capture who you are as REALTORS®, and the authentic relationships you have with your clients and communities.
Visit www.ThatsWhoWeR.realtor to find downloadable social posts, digital banners, print ads, and links to campaign merchandise. For easy personalization and immediate social sharing in a few taps, download the new Photofy app with preloaded campaign materials at https://photofy.com/nar .
Remember , this campaign is a member benefit , and it becomes much more powerful when you associate yourself with the REALTOR® brand. Wear your REALTOR® pin with pride , and incorporate the REALTOR® logo into your promotional materials. That way, when potential clients are “looking for the R”, they will look to you!

National Association of REALTORS®
What:  The National Association of REALTORS®, “The Voice for Real Estate,” is America’s largest trade association, representing 1.3 million members, including NAR’s institutes, societies, and councils, involved in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate industries.

Who:  Our membership is composed of residential and commercial REALTORS®, who are brokers, salespeople, property managers, appraisers, counselors, and others engaged in all aspects of the real estate industry. Members belong to one or more of some 1,300 local associations/boards and 54 state and territory associations of REALTORS®. They are pledged to a strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Why:  Working for America's property owners , the National Association provides a facility for professional development, research and exchange of information among its members and to the public and government for the purpose of preserving the free enterprise system and the right to own real property.

The Term REALTOR® is a registered collective membership mark that identifies a real estate professional who is a member of the National Association of REALTORS® and subscribes to its strict Code of Ethics .
The Oregon Real Estate Agency provides you the necessary information to renew your license, transfer your license, how to enter and update your records for hours of continuing education through out the year. You will also find the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS)
and the Oregon Real Estate

The National Association of REALTORS® and its affiliated Institutes, Societies, and Councils provide a wide-range of programs and services that help members increase their skills, proficiency, and knowledge. Designations and certifications acknowledging experience and expertise in various real estate sectors are awarded by NAR and each affiliated group upon completion of required courses.

Thank You to Our Sponsors!
Why bank with Umpqua?
Because we're the kind of bank you'd take home to meet your parents-
the kind of bank you'd be proud to introduce to all your friends.
245 Commercial St SE Suite 200 Salem Or 97301 | Phone: 503.945.2139
Advertising Sponsors
Final Features Section
Columbia Sportswear Employee Store
REALTORS® have access to the store every Wednesday. Simply show your business card to receive exclusive access for you and your guests (up to 4).

The Certified Real Estate Team Specialist certification is designed to improve team development, individual leadership skills, and financial performance. The courses provide the tools, strategies, and knowledge that are required of today’s real estate professionals who are either considering or currently operating in a team environment. It is for team leaders, team members, those looking to start a team, and those who simply want to sharpen their management skills.

FAQs - NAR’s Partnerships with Commercial Listing Platforms
Frequently asked questions about NAR’s partnerships with commercial listing platforms

  1. Which companies have NAR partnered with to offer commercial data listing services to members?
  2. What are the NAR member discounts on these platforms?
  3. What about the third platform option, Catylist?
  4. Where did these partnerships originate?
  5. How do these listing platform partnerships benefit NAR members?
  6. How does RPR integration help?

Commercial REALTOR® Information
Commercial real estate is an important and distinct segment of the industry and member population. The Oregon Association of REALTORS® works hard in the legislature to promote jobs, economic development, statewide internet infrastructure, and more to benefit the commercial broker. Specifically, we:
  • Provide continuing education opportunities specific to commercial real estate.
  • Advocate for pro-business tax incentives and regulations.
  • Support availability of shovel-ready sites for economic development.
  • Support Small Business’ Tax Roll-Back to provide businesses with tax relief.
  • And are involved in ongoing discussions with the Governor’s office regarding overall tax reform which is the Governor’s focus in 2015.
For additional resources, please visit the:  National Association of REALTORS® Commercial Division

Since 1969, the  REALTORS® Political Action Committee  (RPAC) has promoted the election of pro-REALTOR® candidates across the United States.

The purpose of RPAC is clear: voluntary contributions made by REALTORS® are used to help elect candidates who understand and support their interests.

These are not members’ dues; this is money given freely by REALTORS® in recognition of the importance of the political process. The REALTORS® Political Action Committee and other political fundraising are the keys to protecting and promoting the real estate industry. 

Starting your Career?

You may have aced your licensing exam, but there’s still so much to learn about prospecting for leads, cultivating strong relationships with clients, negotiating the sales process, and guiding a transaction smoothly to the closing table. For those starting out, REALTOR® Magazine’s Rookie Tool Kit provides timeless guidance on topics such as how to choose a brokerage and how to begin generating business. Also, subscribe to our e-newsletters  to be sure you are getting the latest practical tips and trend information for your business. And be sure to check out the REALTOR® Benefits Program  for discounts and offers available exclusively to NAR members.

Code of Ethics Training
R EALTORS® are required to complete ethics training of not less than 2 hours, 30 minutes of instructional time within two-year cycles. The two-year requirement is new and you can find out more here!

MVAR 2020 Leadership

Executive Committee
Judy Gysin, President
Chad Harvey, President Elect
Ashleigh Fordham, Vice President
Heidi Hazel, Secretary
Sue Curths, Treasurer
Kelly Martin , Past President

Patrick Sieng
Ryan Steckly
Damonian Pike
Onna McColly
Zach Fischer
Deanna Gywn

North Santiam Council Chair
Drew Johnson

North Willamette Council Chair
Mike Roth
Trudi Schmidt

Affiliate Director
Jazmin Hayworth

OAR Past President & WVGAC Representative
George Grabenhorst

Jean Wheat-Palm, Executive Officer
Cheryl Lolkema, Admin/Accounting Assistant
Diana Dettwyler, Marketing Assistant

 Committee Chairs
Government Affairs
Patrick Sieng

Professional Development
Sabrina Jones

Special Events
Lisa McCormick & Jazmin Hayworth

Professional Standards
Laura Dorn

Grievance Review
Don Meyer
Mid-Valley Association of REALTORS®
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Email: info@midvalleyassn.realtor
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