October 23, 2020
Remembering Dr. Bill Walton 

Dear MVCAC Membership,

It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you a long-time member and collaborator of the Association, Dr. Bill Walton of the University of California, passed away. Bill was known as a mentor to many MVCAC members and was always a strong presence and advocate for our public health mission statewide, nationally, and internationally.

MVCAC is still looking into how we can honor Bill's memory and assist his family in any way we can. 

Please keep his family in your thoughts.
As an Association and as friends we send our condolences to Bill's family, his students, and his fellow faculty members at UC Riverside.
Peter Bonkrude
MVCAC President

From PacVec: 
In lieu of flowers, the Walton family requests that anyone interested in making a donation can contribute to cancer research at the Jimmy Fund/Dana Farber in Boston or to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN where research is done on his particular type of B-cell lymphoma. They also intend to set up a fund for donations to support graduate student research, but that will take more time.
MVCAC Fall Meeting
November 5-6, 2020

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MVCAC Annual Conference Corner
January 31 - February 2, 2021
Happening LIVE online! 

Hello to our MVCAC members!
As many have known, we have been working to figure out what our 2021 conference looks like in a season of a Pandemic.  January 2021 was so far off when we all started following the COVID protocols that at the very least we always knew we probably would have to offer some piece of the conference virtually...... with the hopes we could still do some of it in person.  Now it is October and with no information on when larger scale meetings and events will be allowed to start taking place in California, it was time to make a more concrete decision.  We are announcing that our 2021 Conference will now be a fully VIRTUAL conference!  Our Monterey partners agreed that an in person conference is probably not available in January and we will be re-booking with them in 2024, when we would return on a normal rotation.
We have a lot of work to do in October to get our platform going, along with figuring out how this will look so please be patient. A lot more information will be coming out in the coming weeks..... in the meantime, please do keep submitting your papers especially if you will be able to present from a virtual location.
Thank you all for your patience while we navigated these very uncharted waters.  We are excited to have some new and fresh ideas incorporated into our virtual conference.  STAY TUNED!

MVCAC Call for Papers, Presentations and Posters

Final Deadline Extension: October 23, 2020

The Mosquito and Vector Control Association of California (MVCAC) will hold its 89th Annual Conference February 1-3, 2021 virtually. Our new digital meeting will feature speakers doing a pre-record of their topic and using live Q&A rather than a completely live format. Poster presentations will also be held through a fully digital format.
We are looking for presentations related to mosquitoes or other vectors, the disease organisms they transmit, or their surveillance and control. Presentations may be about research results, the development and testing of new methods, equipment or products, education, community outreach and the adaptation or development of new technology relating to vector research, surveillance or control, or the administration of a vector control agency.

Deadline for Submission: The deadline for submission of "Request to Present a Paper or Poster" has been extended one final time to
Friday, October 23, 2020. Requests made following this date may not be honored and may not appear in the conference program. 

Passing of BCMVCD Employee Eric Gohre

MVCAC Members,

I regret to inform you that one of our BCMVCD employees passed away suddenly and without warning on Friday, October, 16, 2020.  The District's Entomologist, Eric Gohre, passed away.  I do not know why or how, all I do know is Eric was not feeling good Tuesday afternoon.  Eric tested negative for COVID and was still not feeling right on Thursday when I last spoke with him.

Eric came to the District in 2001, shortly after I was promoted to Entomologist.  Eric served as my Lab Assistant for 8 seasons until he landed a full-time permanent position as Regional Supervisor in 2007.  In 2008, Eric was promoted to Entomologist and has served his position faithfully, loyally, and with extreme dedication. 

On Friday the BCMVCD family lost an educator, an adviser, and an outstanding employee with a passion for what he did.

On Friday I lost a good friend, one that I looked upon as a guiding older brother.
Eric, you are already missed and you have left an enormous void in all of our hearts.  Rest in peace my friend.
Requesting MVCAC Member Support for Members Impacted by CA Wildfires

MVCAC Members,
We're writing to relay the unfortunate news that some of your fellow members have lost their homes as a result of the current destructive wildfires that are ravaging our state. The bad news is, their homes are total losses. The good news is they and their loved ones are safe.
We want to help any of our members who may be severely impacted by the wildfires in any way we can - whether it be through donations of gift cards (cash gift cards (Visa, AMEX, MC types), Bel Air, Raleys, Safeway, Costco, or Amazon, Kohl's, Walmart, Target etc), OR cash/credit card donations can be sent directly to MVCAC who will then disperse them to the members directly. Notes of encouragement will also be relayed.
At this time, we are monitoring to see if we have other members who have been adversely affected by any of the California fires and do ask you to let us know if you are aware of others.
If you would like to mail in your donations or notes of encouragement please send to:
Attn: Rachel Hickerson Assistant Executive Director
1 Capitol Mall, Suite 800
Sacramento, CA 95814
We have set up online donations through our member portal via the "Donate Online" button below. You are also welcome to call Rachel or Evan at the MVCAC Office with donations over the phone: 916-440-0826. In addition, we have a donation form that can be printed and sent to Rachel or Evan.
Thank you to everyone for your support. 
The MVCAC Staff
Share Your Post COVID-19 Exposure Methods With Us

MVCAC is looking for member districts to share with us their post COVID exposure methods and logistics. Please email the methods you have in place to and we will add them to the COVID-19 page on the MVCAC website.

Thank you!
MVCAC Member Resources Re: COVID-19

MVCAC will be assembling and posting some information and templates of what some Districts have created  and shared as they manage their operations. Items like sample document for field staff to carry in addition to their ID to validate status/purpose and actions related to seasonal hires. It will be posted as it becomes available to a new members-only page on the MVCAC website.

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Southern California isn't known for its large wetland areas, but within the Northwest Mosquito and Vector Control District boundaries we have a very large riparian area known as the Prado Basin. This basin is managed by the Orange County Water District and is made up of several duck hunting clubs and flood planes for Inland Empire region.

In 2016, Northwest Mosquito and Vector Control decided to create a specialized team that would supervise the control of mosquitoes in these wetland areas.  The original wetland crew was supervised by Vector Control Technicians Tim Shellow and Eric Ballejos. The team's first task was to troubleshoot applications in hard to access parts of the wetlands and develop a more efficient way to treat these areas. The goal was to get a product shot out as far as possible over the cat tails and bulrush.

Submit your district for the next Agency Spotlight

Does your agency have a success story, a staff member you would like to publicly recognize, or an innovation by your agency that you would like to highlight? "Agency Spotlight" on the MVCAC website is one way to share your story! Each submission which meets the specified criteria will be reviewed and posted on the MVCAC website on the Agency Spotlight page and highlighted on the homepage in the rotating feature box. Each story will remain posted for 1-2 months before being moved to a publicly archived page. 

Interested? Click here to fill out an application!

Applications can be submitted to the MVCAC office at
HR resources for districts to use and to upload information into

District Managers - Please upload your HR resources and information into this Google Drive along with using it for your own district.

Click here to access the Google Drive.
MVCAC News Briefs - Giant Asian Hornets
Please note: The items contained below are not the views or opinions of MVCAC but they are what is being reported in the media.  The goal of MVCAC providing this information is to keep MVCAC members informed of all news articles that are being presented regarding Giant Asian Hornets.
MVCAC News Briefs - Zika Updates
Please note: The items contained below are not the views or opinions of MVCAC but they are what is being reported in the media.  The goal of MVCAC providing this information is to keep MVCAC members informed of all news articles that are being presented regarding Zika.
MVCAC News Briefs - Other Outbreaks
Please note: The items contained below are not the views or opinions of MVCAC but they are what is being reported in the media.  The goal of MVCAC providing this information is to keep MVCAC members informed of all news articles that are being presented regarding other outbreaks.

Do you have important news to share about your district or mosquito and vector issues? 

If you would like your news to be included in the MVCAC News Briefs, please send press releases and/or links to relevant news articles to

Interested in a career in mosquito and vector control? Check out the MVCAC Jobs Board at
Have a Job or RFP to post to  
Requests to post job listings (no more than 500 words in length) should be submitted to the webmaster at
MVCAC Sustaining Member Corner
Note: MVCAC does not endorse the products below, but we do support our Sustaining Members
Central Life Sciences has announced the release of Aqua Zenivex™ E20, a reduced-risk adulticide for mosquito control professionals.