September 7, 2018
MVCAC Fall Quarterly Meeting
October 31- November 2, 2018
Hyatt Regency Palm Springs

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2019 MVCAC Annual Conference
February 3-6, 2019
Hyatt Regency Burlingame

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MVCAC is seeking a conference photographer - Photographer will receive free conference registration for taking the "official" photos for the three days!  if someone in the districts would be interested in roaming around to take the "official" photos for the three days.  

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In This Issue
Meritorious Service Award, Honorary Member Award and Service with Distinction Award Nominations Now Open

It's Nomination time!  Nominations are now open for MVCAC's Meritorious Service Award, Honorary Member Award and the newly added Service with Distinction Award. All nominations must be received in the MVCAC office by September 19th so they may be included on the ballot to all the member districts, or adequate ad hoc committees may be appointed (for Service with Distinction).
Award Criteria:
  • Honorary Membership- for any person who has rendered exceptional, distinguished service in the interest of mosquito or vector control in the state of California
  • Meritorious Service- for any member or nonmember who have made special and significant contributions to the field of mosquito control in the State of California or elsewhere
  • NEW! Service with Distinction- may be conferred on those who have made a significant contribution to fulfilling the mission of the Association. They must meet the following criteria: Made exceptional professional or voluntary service in support of the advancement and continued excellence of the Association; have earned national or international distinction for their services in the subject of mosquito and vector control; have made a significant contribution to any local community within the jurisdiction of their agency and focused on mosquito and vector control.
Honorary and Meritorious Service requires 5 letters from district managers in support of their nomination.
Service with Distinction nominations can come from any MVCAC member
For all award nominations, a list of the individuals qualifying accomplishments and achievements must also be received with the nomination letter.
Please submit nominations via email to or fax at 916-444-7462 attn: Award Nominations.  Ballots for Honorary and Meritorious Service will be sent out after September 19th, with a due date before the Fall meeting in October.
Please do not hesitate to contact the MVCAC office if you have any questions!
November 15 Vector Control Certified Technician Exam Announcement

The Department of Public Health is offering the Vector Control Certified Technician examination on Thursday, November 15, 2018, at 9:00 a.m.
Non-returnable fees will be charged for each applicant's request to sit for the examination: $28 for one section only, $56 for two sections, $84 for three sections, and $112 for all four sections, pursuant to HSC Section 106925(f).  Applications must be postmarked no later than October 15, 2018 for acceptance.
Study material, in the form of PowerPoints and review webinars can be found at the following site:
Please refer to the attached documents for additional information.  Please contact me if you have any questions.
Thank you!
Michael K. Niemela, M.S.
Senior Public Health Biologist
California Department of Public Health
Vector-Borne Disease Section
Insecticide Resistance Testing

Hello MVCAC members,
The UC Davis Mosquito Control Research Lab run by Dr. Anthony Cornel in Parlier, CA  is currently conducting bottle bioassay insecticide resistance testing for the center.
Our research goals are:
  1.  To establish a correlation between ULV and bottle bioassay results.
  2.  To generate updated resistance profiles for the CA mosquito vectors. 
  3.  To provide districts with the most recent insecticide resistance data so they can make the best decisions for their control programs.
Thus, we would like to conduct bottle bioassay testing on as many vectors from throughout California as possible before the end of this year's mosquito season and continuing into the next several seasons.
What we would need from you:
  1. Collect wild mosquitoes from a specific location to use for testing. We are most interested in Cx. pipiens/quinqs., Cx. tarsalis, and Ae. aegypti, as they are currently the major disease risk vectors in California.
    • For Cx. pipeins/quinq., gravid females are preferred. 
    • Cx. tarsalis is more difficult, so we will take adults or larvae (whichever you can get in the highest numbers). We often have to run the tests on F1s.
    • For Ae. aegypti, collected eggs are preferred, but adult females are also an option.
    • Note: A standard bottle bioassay requires 120 adult females from a single species per insecticide tested (x2 if using a synergist such as PBO). So obviously, the more specimens you collect for us, the easier it will be.
    • Note: Collected mosquitoes should be from a specific location. Using multiple trapping sites is okay as long as they are relatively close to each other. Be sure to record the exact location(s) where the specimens were collected.
  1. Provide us with a list of adulticides that you want the mosquitoes to be tested against. It is recommended that you list the adulticides you use most often in your control programs. We are most interested in the pyrethroids Pyrethrum +/- PBO and Deltamethrin and the organophosphates Naled and Malathion, but we can run other adulticides at your request.
  2.  Arrange transport of the mosquito specimens to our lab in Parlier, CA for testing. Often this will require someone from our lab to drive to your facility for pick-up.
We ask that you please provide us with  at least 1 month prior notice, so we can ensure that we will have the insecticides, insectary space, susceptible strains, and personnel time available to run the assays.
If you would like to participate, please contact us to make the necessary arrangements:
Katherine Brisco
Lab: (559) 646-6556
Cell: (559) 978-5549
Noemi Fonseca Espinoza
Lab: (559) 646-6556
Thanks for your efforts, and have a great day!
Katherine Brisco
Natular Survey

On behalf of the MVCAC IVM Committee and Nancy Voorhees of Clark Mosquito Control Products we have received responses from California Natular (spinosad) users for the period of 2014-17. The premise for the survey was to determine and confirm the rotational uses by those districts who incorporate Natular as part of their larviciding program.

Click here to view the survey results.
87th Annual Conference - 
Call for Papers, Presentations and Posters

The Mosquito and Vector Control Association of California (MVCAC) will hold its 87th Annual Conference on February 3-6, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport in Burlingame. You are invited to submit a paper or poster for presentation at the conference. 

This presentation should be related to mosquitoes or other vectors, the disease organisms they transmit, or their surveillance and control. Presentations may be about research results, the development and testing of new methods, equipment or products, education, community outreach and the adaptation or development of new technology relating to vector research, surveillance or control, or the administration of a vector control agency. 

Deadline for Submission:  The deadline for submission of "Request to Present a Paper or Poster" is  October 9, 2018 . Requests made following this date may not be honored and may not appear in the conference program. Please submit this request to: Rachel Hickerson, MVCAC Meeting Manager, .

2019 William C. Reeves New Investigator Award Applications Due 12/3/18
Applications for the 2019 William C. Reeves New Investigator Award will be accepted through Monday, December 3, 2018. 

The William C. Reeves New Investigator Award, memorializing Dr. William C. Reeves, who was a renowned University of California entomologist, is sponsored by the Mosquito and Vector Control Association of California (MVCAC). The award is presented to the best scientific paper submitted and presented at the annual MVCAC conference. The Reeves New Investigator Award application differs from the MVCAC Call for Papers, if you have an additional speaking topic for the Call for Papers, please follow that application and guidelines.
Please click here for more information.
HR resources for districts to use and to upload information into

District  Managers - Please upload your HR resources and information into this Google Drive along with using it for your own district.

Click here to access the Google Drive.
Survey for Bee Services

Northwest MVCD is taking a poll of how many agencies have a bee program.  

If your agency has a bee program: Does this bee program assist residents with bees on their property, serve public spaces only or serve both residential and public spaces? 

Please send your response to the survey questions above (and any questions or concerns) to Bill VanDyke at  or call 951-340-9792 to discuss further.
NPDES Coalition Report Filed with SWB
The 2017 NPDES Coalition Report was filed with the State Water Resources Control Board on behalf of the participating districts. You can access a copy of the report here (or by clicking below). If you have any questions or issues you can contact the MVCAC office.

El Dorado County Environmental Management would like to recognize Stefan "Toogee" Sielsch for receiving the American Mosquito Control (AMCA) Boyd-Ariaz Grassroots Award for 2018.  This award is given to recognize excellent performance and dedication by mosquito control field staff.

Submit your district for the next Agency Spotlight

D oes your agency have a success story, a staff member you would like to publicly recognize, or an innovation by your agency that you would like to highlight? "Agency Spotlight" on the MVCAC website is one way to share your story! Each submission which meets the specified criteria will be reviewed and posted on the MVCAC website on the Agency Spotlight page and highlighted on the homepage in the rotating feature box. Each story will remain posted for 1-2 months before being moved to a publicly archived page. 

Interested?  Click here   to fill out an application!

Applications can be submitted to the MVCAC office at
MVCAC News Briefs - Zika Updates
Please note: The items contained below are not the views or opinions of MVCAC but they are what is being reported in the media.  The goal of MVCAC providing this information is to keep MVCAC members informed of all news articles that are being presented regarding Zika.

MVCAC News Briefs - Other Outbreaks
Please note: The items contained below are not the views or opinions of MVCAC but they are what is being reported in the media.  The goal of MVCAC providing this information is to keep MVCAC members informed of all news articles that are being presented regarding other outbreaks.

9/6/18: Mosquito Problem Grows in San Diego's North County - NBC San Diego

9/5/18: Mosquito Spraying Due In Mecca Due To 'Persistent Virus Activity' - Palm Desert Patch

9/5/18: Mosquitoes Carrying West Nile Virus Detected in San Gabriel Valley - Pasadena Now

9/5/18: Feeling itchy? Stealthy mosquito biting people in the Central Valley - ABC 30

9/5/18: Mosquito storm hammered Ventura County, dangerous Aedes invaders not found - VC Star

9/1/18: Invasive Aedes mosquitoes spreading across Southern California - VC Star
Do you have important news to share about your district or mosquito and vector issues?  

If you would like your news to be included in the MVCAC News Briefs, please send press releases and/or links to relevant news articles to

Interested in a career in mosquito and vector control? Check out the MVCAC Job Board  at
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Requests to post job listings (no more than 500 words in length) should be submitted to the webmaster at
MVCAC Sustaining Member Corner
Note: MVCAC does not endorse the products below, but we do support our Sustaining Members
Central Life Sciences has announced the release of Aqua Zenivex™ E20, a reduced-risk adulticide for mosquito control professionals.