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Featured News: Traffic project updates and January meeting location

MVNA Board News

Our December meeting was cancelled due to the holidays, and we hope all of our neighbors enjoyed their holidays.

2023 is here and brings changes to our neighborhood: Road construction projects on Purcell and Neff, a roundabout at Wells Acres and Butler Market, and continued development to our northeast in the Petrosa neighborhood.

Members attended the Butler Market - Wells Acres Roundabout Open House, hosted by the City of Bend's Project Team. A few key points:

  • It will be a standard one-lane design.
  • All four directions have safety islands and obvious entry/exit points for pedestrians and bikes.
  • Estimated start date will be July 2023.
  • Residents can comment on design features here.

We received a follow up from the Purcell Extension / Intersection Project Team in response to the concerns from residents. At this time, the City plans to do the following once the Purcell Extension is complete:

  • Ask the police to periodically patrol the section between Neff and Wells Acres, as staffing allows, in the first month the connection opens.
  • Install reader boards, one on each end, for the first month the road opens, reminding people of the 25 mph speed limit.
  • Install a speed radar to monitor the traffic within the first two months after construction to determine what the speeds are, and again after four to six months.
  • Once the City has data (collected via the methods described above), the team can evaluate from there if the speeds are more than 5 – 7 mph above the speed limit.

Upcoming MVNA Board Meetings:

January 23 at 6:00 pm - Deschutes Children's Foundation Community Room - 2125 NE Daggett Lane.

February 27- location TBD.

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Traffic Changes are Coming: Purcell/Neff

  • Construction will begin on the Purcell Extension and the Purcell-Neff interesection in Jan/Feb.
  • The Neff intersection will be closed to all traffic until the project concludes in July.
  • The Purcell Extension's expected completion is the end of June.
  • Detour traffic may increase on local neighborhood streets; reach out to the City's project team or MVNA if you have concerns.
  • Changes to Purcell will include the removal of on-street parking, bike lane striping, and the addition of two pedestrian crosswalks. This is in line with Purcell's classification as a collector street.

Winter snows continue to fall! Please do your part for our neighbors and clear your sidewalks as soon as you are able after each snowfall. See the City's snow removal expectations for more information.

Potholes? Right-of-way issues? Crosswalk needs? The Citizen Service Request is an important tool we can use to alert the City about a variety of street problems or other needs in our area.

Code Enforcement concerns? Learn more about City codes or file a complaint here.

City Council News

New Councilors and Goal Setting: Prior to her swearing in this past week, mayor-elect Melanie Kebler reached out to our NA, as well as to other organizations throughout Bend, for feedback in shaping the new Council's goals. Residents, too, can submit suggestions to Council by email. To see the reporting on the goals from 2021-2023, click here.

End of 2022 Houselessness Update: Councilor Perkins provided an end-of-year update on the work accomplished by the Council and their community partners.

Visit the City Council webpage for future meeting agendas and minutes and videos of previous meetings.

MVNA Transportation News

Purcell Extension and Neff - Purcell Intersection Improvements: Sign up for email updates regarding these projects on the City web page HERE.

Roundabout at Butler Market and Wells Acres: See the City's webpage for this project and sign up for project updates.

Check other TRANSPORTATION UPDATES on the MVNA Website