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Featured News: Pollinator Pathways, annual general membership meeting, and speed reduction updates.

MVNA Board News

April Meeting Notes: The board met April 17th at River's Place for a Neighborhood Night Out in lieu of a regular board meeting. Thank you to River's Place for being such great hosts and to our neighbors who joined us! It was wonderful to get to chat with one another and connect with new folks in the neighborhood. We hope to host another night out this summer.

To see new neighborhood news and land use updates, visit the MVNA website.

Join us for a Pollinator Information Night on May 22 at Higher Ground. This month's board meeting will feature a guest speaker from our local chapter of Pollinator Pathways to share tips on how to attract native pollinators to your yard and how we can all do our part to ensure healthy populations of our local pollinators. Join as at 6:00 pm at the Common House at Higher Ground: 2558 NE Daggett Lane.

Also, the Pollinator Pathways group will be meeting for a weeding work party at Al Moody Park, May 10 and May 13, from 10-11:00 am on both days. They will be working on weeding the pollinator garden in the park and welcome anyone who can help!

New Board Members Needed: The board will have vacancies this spring and we are still hoping to find a few more neighbors to fill board positions. Please complete this application if you are able to lend a hand to the work of the MVNA.

Speed Radar Sign Request Updates: This year we received many requests for similar locations as the previous two years, so we tried to prioritize newer locations. We submitted requests for speed radar signs on Tucson, Weeping Willow, and Eagle Road. We also included all other requests in case MVNA is awarded more than three locations, as we were last year. We will post results of the City's picks and final locations in future newsletters.

Temporary Speed Bumps Installed: The City of Bend is in the process of installing temporary speed bumps at the following locations: NE Paula Drive, NE Williamson (near the intersection with Paula), and NE Shepherd (just north of Meerkat). This in response to the Purcell/Neff closure causing increased traffic and speeding, and in response to the requests of our neighbors and the MVNA board. Thank you to the City's Purcell-Neff intersection team for getting these speed bumps installed.

Upcoming MVNA Board Meetings:

May 22: Guest Speaker: Pollinator Pathways. Join us at 6:00 pm at the Common House at Higher Ground:2558 NE Daggett Lane.

June 26: Annual General Membership Meeting. Community group information tables, City Council guest speaker, and MVNA board member elections. Refreshments will be served. Location: TBD.

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MVNA Transportation News

Purcell-Neff Intersection Closure Continues:

  • Contact the MVNA board or the City's project team directly if you believe detour traffic is higher than expected or causing other safety concerns on your neighborhood streets.
  • Project Phone Line: (458) 202-7348
  • Email: neffpurcell@bendoregon.gov
  • Project Website and sign up for email updates HERE.

Roundabout at Butler Market and Wells Acres:

  • Estimated start date will be July 2023.
  • Residents can comment on design features here.
  • See the City's webpage for this project and sign up for project updates.
Check other TRANSPORTATION UPDATES on the MVNA Website

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