Golden Bell award winners
MAY 9, 2019
Student Learner Profile Recognition

Second and third grade Mill Valley School District students were selected by their teachers to be honored based on an attribute(s) of the Mill Valley Learner Profile . Additionally, three fourth grade students were honored who were unable to attend last month's recognition. Please visit our website to view photos of each grade level. Congratulations to these remarkable students!
Golden Bell Award Recipients
The Board of Trustees celebrated Certificated and Classified staff members who are being recognized as 2018-19 Golden Bell Award recipients (see photo above).

Classified :
Leslie Fielder - Edna Maguire Elementary School
Margie Marquez - Strawberry Point Elementary School
Mike Wills - Mill Valley Middle School
Tricia Garlock (not pictured) - Tamalpais Valley Elementary School

Andrew Thompson (not pictured) - Tamalpais Valley Elementary School
Cristi McCabe - Strawberry Point Elementary School
Leslie Bernstein - Park Elementary School
Talia Kaye - Old Mill Elementary School
Tara Ordonez - Edna Maguire Elementary School
Trish Manwaring - Mill Valley Middle School
Leslie Wachtel giving a plant to Steve Sell
Current CFAC Chair and former Board of Trustees Member, Steve Sell, was recognized by the board for his service to the district. Mr. Sell has served on CFAC for the past 14 years and will be stepping down in June. The board celebrated and appreciated Mr. Sell for his commitment to the students, staff, and community for the past 17 years.
Mill Valley Middle School Chamber Orchestra & Bluegrass Band
Lori Adessa, Phoebe Dong, and 2 Mill Valley Middle School students
Phoebe Dong and Lori Adessa, music teachers, presented about a community service performance project with the chamber orchestra and bluegrass band groups. These performances, in collaboration with the Mill Valley Middle School Community First club, have primarily been at retirement, assisted living, and nursing homes throughout the school year. Two students spoke about their experience interacting with residents, stating that they see how music makes us all connect and how orchestra taught them about teamwork. They showed a video clip highlighting a performance and a trailer for a documentary displaying the power of music for people with Alzheimer's disease.
Budget Presentation
board study session may 30th 5pm mvms library
Michele Rollins, Assistant Superintendent for Business Services, and Raquel Rose, Interim Superintendent, provided an update on the district's budget, going over specific funding sources and expenses. The presentation is intended to provide a foundation to the Mill Valley School District community about funds received and expended in alignment with requirements and discretionary decisions.

On May 30th, at 5pm in the Mill Valley Middle School Library, the district is hosting a Board Meeting Study Session focused on the 2019-20 Strategic Plan , the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) , and the budget alignment . If you have questions regarding the budget or either plan that you would like to be addressed at the study session, please submit them to .
Interim Superintendent's Report
  • LCAP Engagement: The Mill Valley School District sent a survey on the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) to the community and we are using that information to develop our 2019-20 LCAP.
  • Strategic Plan Survey: The district sent a Strategic Plan survey to parents/families on Friday, May 10th. Thank you in advance for your feedback.
  • Incident at the Middle School (4/30): The district is thankful to middle school administrators and staff for communicating with parents and the community while keeping students calm and focused during the recent safety threat. Law enforcement is committed to maintaining a presence on the middle school campus for the rest of the school year to ensure staff and student safety is prioritized.
  • Yellow School Bus Pilot: The district is continuing its collaboration with the City of Mill Valley, County of Marin, and Marin Transit to implement year four of the Yellow School Bus Pilot Program. Contracts are being finalized and tickets/bus passes are anticipated to go on sale Wednesday, May 15, 2019.
  • Upcoming Events:
  • Gaming: From Fortnite to eSports - Join Common Sense Media and parent advocacy group ScreenSense for a presentation about gaming and various parent concerns including screen time, exposure to violence, and lack of exercise. This parent education event will be hosted at Strawberry Point School on Tuesday, May 21st from 9-10:15am.
  • Board Meeting Study Session on the 2019-20 Strategic Plan, LCAP, and budget alignment - May 30th, 5pm in the Mill Valley Middle School Library.
  • Kiddo! Carnival - Memorial Day Weekend: Friday, May 24th to Monday, May 27th.
Superintendent Appointment
Dr. Kimberly Berman
Dr. Kimberly Berman, current Superintendent at Lemon Grove School District in the San Diego area, was appointed as Superintendent of the Mill Valley School District. Dr. Berman will begin her role here starting in July 2019.

Dr. Berman expressed that she is excited to join our Mill Valley community, that she is originally from Ohio, her first love is curriculum and instruction, and she is looking forward to see students learning and in action and to hear from the community on how to best support the district.
Edna Maguire "TBD" Area and Park Boiler Pipes Replacement
John Binchi, Director of Maintenance and Operations, gave an overview of the status of the Edna Maguire "TBD" open area in the parking lot. There was a public meeting in February where members of the school community and the public gave feedback on what can be done with the TBD space. Solar panels have been one of the many considerations based on cost savings and a positive impact on the environment. Additional suggestions for the space were discussed, although the project is currently on hold.

Mr. Binchi also requested authorization to bid for boiler pipe replacement at Park School. The piping is severely rusted and needs replacement. The Board approved this request to bid.
Mill Valley School District Personnel Update
At the February 28th Special Board Meeting, the district presented resolutions for staffing reductions. The district met with staff to evaluate the need in specialized programs as well as how to maintain quality programs while being fiscally responsible. Preliminary layoff notifications were provided to 1.5 full time equivalent (FTE) certificated staff as well as release notification to multiple temporary certificated staff. These initial notifications were part of the process of realigning staffing to student enrollment, which has declined substantially since the 2013-14 school year.

The district anticipates finalizing a 0.2 FTE reduction in certificated music based on fewer classes and decreased student enrollment. Additionally, after much evaluation and recognition of potential programmatic impact, the 0.5 FTE certificated librarian will not be reduced. The district will continue to evaluate and adjust staffing needs based on enrollment trends.
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