MVYLI's 2013 Youth Leadership Summit
& Upcoming Events


MVYLI's Annual Youth Leadership Summit for Sustainable Development is held from June 22-28. In this weeklong intensive leadership training youth (ages 15-21) envision their personal, professional, island and planetary goals. People are invited to nominate Vineyard youth. The deadline is June 10.


On Thursday, May 30 Marcelle Alves is coordinating a lunch at MVRHS to welcome Brazilian youth. Last fall Brazilian youth leader Ana Carvalho (MVRHS (2008) and Tufts University graduate (2013) spoke at MVYLI's Multicultural Assembly. 
MVYLI is pleased to announce Vineyard youth nominated for MVYLI's 2013-2014 year include: Marcelle Alves, Lucas Amirans, Megan Bishoff, Tallula Brodsky, Joe Burchill, Silas Berlin, Toron DeLuz, Lucie Doughrty, Celena Guimares, Christine Hopkins, Nathaniel Horowitz, Wyatt Jenkinsons, Janelle Larsen, Willoe Maynard, Charlotte McCarron, Jacqueline Menton, Amadine Muniz, Julia Neville, Anne Ollen and Oshantay Waite. MVYLI Visioneers: Isabelle El-Deiry, Mary Ollen, Sivana Brown and Isabel Smith, joined by Isabelle Wadleigh and Jacob Lawrence, shared their experiences at MVYLI Orientation. They invited youth to join them in making their dreams come true. Shavanae Anderson produced a video featuring MVYLI alumni since its founding in 2010 -
see MVTV. 

Shelby Ferry MVRHS (2012) and University of Vermont (2016)
is organizing MVYLI BBQ for Sunday, June 2 at 5 p.m.
All MVYLI Alumni are invited!  


MVYLI Alumni: Amoy Anderson, Suffolk University, Shawna Brown,Washington Adventist University, Evan Hall, Berklee College of Music, Isaac Hurwitz, San Francisco Art Institute, Grant Meacham, Boston University Courtney Minnehan, Plymouth State University, Kayla Johnson, Manhattan College, Lisa Wilson, Green Mountain College, Je'Vaughn Crooks, Cape Cod Community College, Kelsey Dandenau, High Point University Warren Gowell, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Eva Faber, UVM, Shelby Ferry, UVM, Cerina GordonDrexel University, Emma HallBilsback, Hampshire College, Chris Pitt, UMass Amherst, Andrew RandallUVM, Anna Hughes, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Oscar Thompson, UVM, Meagan McDonough, Warren Wilson College, Sivana Brown, Lasel College, Julia Cooper, Colgate University, Isabella El-Deiry, Howard University, Jacob Lawrence, UMass Amherst, Charles Pikor, St. Michael's College, Maggie RiseboroughUMass Amherst, Lucy Norris, Lilly Neville, Mary Ollen, Marcanthony Piland, James Roddy, Isabel Smith, Isabelle Wadleigh and Avery Hazell.


MVYLI's Project Coordinators are Nicole Garrity (UMass Amherst 2013, Lydia Morin (University of Vermont) and Emily Nuss (Middelbury College). MVYLI's year-round Fellowship Program provides mentoring and leadership opportunities such as the College Prep & Field Program, Job Shadow Day; Governor's Statewide Youth Council, Bioneers-By-the Bay Conference, senior projects and internships with MVTV and Island organizations; and Sustainability-In-Action Projects like the Multicultural Assembly. MVYLI is a program of the Stone Soup Leadership Institute. The Walter Cronkite Awards Ceremony that will be held on August 8 at the Old Whaling Church. 


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