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Happy Belated New Year!

After crazy 2020, it was only fitting that like most, we were in a bit of a fog for January. But now it's time to shake that "crazy " off! The world is far from normal yet, but we are still excited for what lies ahead in 2021 and hope you are too!

As always, it has been a challenge for us to share our knowledge and expertise with everyone seeking it (only so many hours in the day!) but we are excited to announce our all NEW MONTHLY NEWSLETTER EDITIONS. These will be themed and hopefully help you on your path to your best, healthiest, happiest life ever.

Starting today and following with next Wednesday, we will be sending Special Newsletter Editions according to the following monthly schedule:

  • 2nd Wednesday-SKIN EDITION
  • 3rd Wednesday-BODY EDITION
  • 4th wednesday- WELLNESS EDITION

As, always, we don't like spam in our inboxes any more than you do, so we promise to make each edition worth your time but if for any reason you wish to opt out of an edition, just let us know which one.

  • In this, our first "LIFE EDITION", we offer some great tips on your 2021 goals and resolutions. Read the Featured Article below.
  • This month’s delicious spa cuisine recipe. 
  • Some wonderful tips to get you started on the path to health and wellness in 2021!
  • And of course, don’t miss out on the amazing products and treatments we have planned for you this month! You will definitely want to take advantage of these spectacular values!

Happy New Year from our team! We are excited to see you in February!
2021 Resolutions you CAN do.
You’ve probably made numerous New Year’s resolutions in the past that have gone unfulfilled. Haven’t we all? For some reason, at the beginning of each year, we make these unrealistic resolutions to better ourselves only to end up disappointed and depressed when we aren’t successful. Hopefully you haven't done that already this year. Resolving to lose ridiculous amounts of weight in an unhealthy attempt for perfection is just a great way to set yourself up for dissappointment.That said, we are big believers in taking the time to reflect on the past year, reevaluating where you are and setting goals for your year ahead. In fact, this is something we do frequently throughout the year.

Instead, we recommend seeking more realistic goals that lead to a healthier, more peaceful life. Starting your year out with some more attainable goals can help you accomplish all those gigantic, unbelievable goals. As you go through your year, you can increase your sense of strength and accomplishment. Momentum can be a powerful force.
So, why not try these simple New Year’s resolutions for a
healthier, happier, accomplished you!...
Double Duty Detox and Rejuvinate...
On-the-Go Rejuvenation and BONUS
We all know a poor diet, lack of water and chemicals are toxic to our system but one of the most toxic things is actually stress! We recommend periodically "cleaning" up your diet, your chemical exposure, doing a cleanse and just taking time to destress.
Join us this month to detox and take a sanity break. Just a few minutes out of your hectic day to unwind and renew will be just what you need.
Experience a 90 minute Body Wrap Detox Treatment and our
Essential Customized Facial. You will leave relaxed, detoxed, smoother, smaller, looser and glowing! When you do, you will receive a
complimentary Ionic Foot Detox on your next spa visit (Value of $37) as our
thank you!

Special price $179

*Looking to do a cleanse to feel better, think clearer, step lighter...schedule a wellness consult to see which one is the best for your individual lifestyle and goals.

*Book online or for best availability, call or email.
Sip the World Away and Do your Mind, Body and Soul a Favor...

Learn about the latest research on the benefits of drinking tea, what the herbs can do for you, history, rituals and more in our 4 part series on the benefits, art and rituals of tea.

Be sure to SAMPLE OUR "TEA OF THE WEEK" when you visit us, now in a decanter for your convenience. Sip, stay, replenish, renew.
Look for our next edition on Wednesday. This will be our SKIN EDITION. Have question for us or topics you would like us to cover? Email us and we will do our best to oblige :) Happy February and don't forget to vote for us!!! Thank you!!!
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