"May our sons in their youth be like plants full grown, our daughters like corner pillars cut for the structure of a palace" Psalm 144:12
A C T   N O W ,   C A M P   S P A C E   I S    L I M I T E D ! ! !
MWC...celebrating our 8th year! July 5-10, 2015 under the pines of Yosemite Natl' Forest. REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! Join Brad Scott, Chris Knight and praise with Rod Woodruff. 
R E G I S T E R    H E R E !

Dear Family & Friends,


We are excited to announce another year of Messiah West Coast, coming July 5 - 10, 2015. The last several years have been a wonderful success. Every year we have seen the camp grow by leaps and bounds. But we desire to serve an even greater number of youth from across the United States.  We understand that a handful of camps are currently serving our messianic youth, and we want to ensure that any young person who wants to go to camp has the opportunity.
We are asking for your help to simply spread the word by forwarding this email to someone with teenagers or a person who serves in a youth leadership position in your congregation, assembly,  home fellowship, or home-schooled co-op.   We have seen YHVH change the lives of our campers, and those changes continue to have amazing effects on the way they live their lives today. We have felt for a long time that the messianic Torah observant youth in the western US have needed a place to fellowship and connect with one another. Messiah West Coast was and will be the perfect place for our messianic youth to witness for themselves many others standing up for YHVH and
the Torah, and be encouraged to grow and continue in their own walk. 

Messiah West Coast is held at Camp Oakhurst in Oakhurst, CA, which is only about 20 min. from the south entrance to Yosemite National Park. Check out their web-site for what they have to offer, maps, etc. at

Our activities director has planned a week packed with fun and exciting games and activities! So youth should come prepared not only to be challenged spiritually, but physically as well, and have a blast doing it. They should expect to meet like-minded people that they will be able to build long-lasting friendships with.

This Messianic youth camp is for teens ages 13-18. The cost is kept minimal at $250.00 per person. A non-refundable deposit of $25.00 must be received by June 2nd. to hold the interested teens' place at camp. Final payment must be received by June 23rd.

It would help us greatly if youth would register sooner rather than later so we can plan for the number of campers that will be there. If they are not able to pay the $25.00 deposit now, they can still register now and pay the deposit later.

 If they need a sponsor, please register now and indicate the request in the "payment" section of the form. We will work very hard to find sponsors, and we would encourage you also to make every effort to find a sponsor from your local fellowship or other family members.
Thank you for our assistance and consideration to bring the word of Yeshua to our youth.  Please call on me if I may ever be of assistance or if you have further questions.      
Bryan Barnes
Reedley HRBS, Growing in Torah, Messiah West Coast
Orosi, California
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