Dear Members, 
It has been a heartbreaking few weeks for us all as the United State COVID-19 death toll ticked past 100,000 and we witnessed the brutal and senseless killing of George Floyd. It has also been inspiring to see thousands of Americans, of all races and cultures, peacefully demanding changes in systemic and ongoing racist police practices. We are at an inflection point in our history and all of us must work towards the same goal equality and justice for all.
In this month's newsletter, we are focusing on equity. We share two articles written by our own Colette Phillips describing what needs to happen in order to create an inclusive economy and begin to address the disparities in our city, our state, and the country. We profile member Carol Fulp who has committed her entire professional career to creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce and society, and we provide an update on the MWF initiated Wage Equity Now project.
I am proud of the public statement that we, the Massachusetts Women's Forum, issued last Friday, June 5. I am heartened by the positive response received from so many of you. Thank you! We have included the statement below.
Take good care,