Dear MWF Colleagues:

The challenges of these times seem never-ending, but I take heart in knowing that our determination is unbending. Staying open and curious, with creativity and collaboration, we will see our way through, together.

One tenet of our mission is to provide opportunities for our members to connect and inspire each other in our leadership…and have a little fun along the way! We are continually improving ways to do just that, both in our programming and our communications. As you’ll see below, it’s now easier than ever to register for upcoming events through the calendar, read what your peers are writing, get a minute with a member, and take advantage of your IWF membership.

I hope that you will enjoy these new additions to our mailings. Watch for a note from me at the start of each month, and an event update mid-month. And we will provide invitations and time-sensitive announcements as needed. As always, we love to hear your ideas, so don’t hesitate to be in touch. This is your forum for connections and conversations that make a difference.

Please join us at an upcoming event. Also, watch for the launch of the IWF Event Digest. This will be a monthly email that will highlight both local and global events that are available to our members.
With warmest regards on a cold winter day,