Q: What is the RAW Wage Gap?
A: It is NOT equal pay for equal work.
ADJUSTED WAGE GAP focuses on employees in comparable roles.
RAW WAGE GAP encompasses all employees regardless of role.
The Adjusted Wage Gap selects from an employer’s wage data to compare the pay for people of different genders or races in the same or closely comparable roles. It helps to identify potential issues with equal pay for equal work. The data is adjusted in one or more ways to control for factors such as role, level, education, hours worked, and experience.
The Raw Wage Gap is the simple difference between the average amount
paid to people of different genders, races, or other categories. The Raw Wage Gap makes no adjustments to the data. It measures each group across the entire organization regardless of role, level, education, hours worked, and experience.

WAGE EQUITY NOW will measure the Raw Wage Gap. WHY?

Wage Equity Now is focused on closing the raw wage gaps because these gaps illustrate the imbalances between men, women, and people of color.

The raw wage gap reflects underlying systemic problems of racial and gender discrimination and implicit bias in the hiring, development, and promotion of employees throughout an organization. It reveals the lack of women and people of color in leadership roles, the lack of pipeline for talent, the existence of segregated occupations, the lower wages of women and people of color, and the ultimate wealth disparities between each of the groups.

The raw wage gap is a spotlight on inequity. It measures the lack of women and people of color in the places where agendas are set and decisions are made.
Why Wage Equity Now?
Wednesday, September 9, 2020
1:00 - 2:00 pm
Insight, Perspective, and Conversation
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Nancy Gibbs is the Director of the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School

Diane Hessan is an entrepreneur, marketer, and author engaged in a wide-ranging longitudinal study of the American voter as a columnist for The Boston Globe.

Beth Myers is a political consultant and campaign advisor with over three decades of experience in American politics. She is known as one of the Republican Party’s leading strategists.

Linda Henry will be moderating. She is a producer, convener, ideator. She is the Managing Director of Boston Globe Media Partners and she is both the Co-founder and Chair of HUBweek

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