What Can You Save by Conserving Water?
Did you put ‘conserve more water’ on your list of New Year’s resolutions? If you didn’t, it’s not too late! We found some tips from Energy Trust of Oregon that you can use throughout the year to decrease your water use. Whether you’re pulling less water into your home for use, or sending less water out that needs cleaning at the wastewater treatment plant, using less water can result in a cost savings for you! At the same time, conserving water decreases the need for many other resources (like electricity to pump and clean water) and is good for our rivers and lakes that we all depend on!

  • Install water-saving toilets and shower heads as well as faucet aerators.
  • Check your water and wastewater pipes, plus toilets and faucets, for leaks and repair any you find. (Visit MWMC’s website for easy ways to check for a leak.)
  • Use the water-saving setting on your dishwasher.
  • Scrape food residue off plates instead of using water to rinse. (Pick up one of our FOG kits to help you with this one! They are located at Springfield City Hall and the wastewater treatment plant in Eugene.)
  • Shorten showers to cut hot water costs - using a timer can help you track and reduce your shower time. (Shortening your shower will help with wastewater costs too!)
  • Wash and rinse laundry with cold water and run full loads whenever possible.
  • Turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth or shaving.
Meet Our Staff
As the folks who clean your water, we'd like for you to get to know who we are - the faces, the names and responsibilities of the people who make it all work, here at the Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission. For that reason, we’ll be introducing you to an employee every few months so you can get to know us and what we do, in the wastewater treatment world. We hope you enjoy these stories!
Name: Robert Simmons
Title: Wastewater Division Custodian
How long have you worked
for MWMC?
20 years
What does your job consist of?
I work at the wastewater treatments plant, cleaning and sanitizing restrooms, labs, offices, hallways, and most of the buildings. I also wash and clean windows, doors, entry areas, and I also setup rooms for meetings and events.
What's one of your favorite things about the job?
I enjoy meeting and talking to employees, vendors, customers and others both on and off site.
Finally, we asked Robert's boss what makes him such a great employee?
He is always willing to help anyone, at anytime!

Thank you Robert, for all your hard work and many years of service!
Learn Even More About MWMC
Curious about the MWMC and our region's wastewater services? We have a lot going on right now, from plans for recycling water use, to ways we can reuse the gases produced at the plant; not to mention the 30+ million gallons of water we are cleaning each day! If your business, civic group, or trade organization would like to learn more about the MWMC and its role in the Eugene-Springfield community, please reach out to schedule a presentation or tour.

Contact: Rachel Snyder, Communications Coordinator, rsnyder@springfield-or.gov
or call 541.726.3684
Happy 2020!

From all of us at the Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission, we wish you a very happy New Year. We look forward to meeting your wastewater needs throughout 2020!
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