Dear Partners and Friends,
May the blessings of the Lord overtake you today and everyday!
Although my actual birthday is April 15, October 19 has been like a secondary birthday to my life since the Lord supernaturally appeared to me on October 19, 1986.
Some of you may recall me frequently referring in my preaching over the years to the events of Sunday October 19, 1986. That afternoon as I was preparing for the evening service at my church, the cloud of the Lord's presence filled the room in my study at which time I slipped out of my chair and onto the floor.
For the next approximate 50 minutes the Lord informed me that two major revivals of His Spirit would come to the world before Jesus' return. The presence of the Lord that afternoon transported me entirely into that world of the Spirit. I was able to hear the Lord's voice audibly, and experienced some of the glory that He was foretelling for the future.
Although the Lord announced the coming of two end-time revivals to me there, that encounter was intended to show me in detail the manifestation of the FIRST of the two end-time revivals that would come to the church and the world. The Lord also told me that this first revival of Refreshing and Joy, which He was showing me so spectacularly, would commence the very next year...however, now in hindsight, I see that it started very slowly in 1987 and took 7 years to "explode" in power by 1993 across America and subsequently into the rest of the world from 1994 on wards.
TODAY is the amazing 30th year Anniversary of that historic visitation of the Lord to me. As I have confirmed many times in my preaching over the years, EVERYTHING the Lord showed me that day while on the floor CAME TO PASS BETWEEN 1990 AND 2005.
THIS 30TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE VISION reminds me that Jesus was 30 years old when He started His ministry. Today, 30 years after the visitation of the Lord, is perhaps a new beginning for me and for all the church, as we are about to step into the SECOND end-time revival which is the outpouring of God's FIRE on all the world!
Over the last 30 years October 19, which so totally revolutionized my life and impacted thousands of people during the joy revival has become like a SECOND BIRTHDAY to me personally.
And now...after 30 years... we are awaiting the new revival, the second and final global revival of God for the harvest of souls at Jesus' coming.
Thirty years have come and gone!  Now comes GOD'S GREAT GRAND FINALE REVIVAL to close out the Church Age and bring Jesus back on the clouds of glory! HALLELUJAH!
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God bless,
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