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January 2016
 After School Program Updates!

Happy New Year and welcome to the month of January for the Milford Youth Center's After School program (at the 27 Congress St. location - will be utilized until we are able to relocate to the newly renovated Armory, anticipated to be completed for March of 2016).

The Milford Youth Center after school program is open for youth ages 8-18, free of charge, from 2-6 pm Monday through Friday (unless otherwise noted on our calendar). The game room is open daily and activities will be open/held outside depending on the weather. Click here
  for full January  calendar

All participants must fill out a  registration form  to be a member. Once this form is returned to the Center, the member will be provided with an ID barcode to be placed on the back of their Milford Student ID's (once they are issued). This will be how Youth Center staff will track attendance. Therefore, all members are required to bring in their Milford School ID's in order to enter the facility.  For the MYC Code of Conduct, click  here . You can find out all up-to-date info at our  website

Volunteers are always welcome to assist with the after school program or during the morning hours! We are always looking for help during the after school hours, 2-6 PM. You may also run a program/activity during the after school program.  We also need volunteers for our monthly evening events. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer and print, sign, and return this form to the Center! 
MYC Participates in Santa Parade!
We would like to take the time to thank everyone at Art's Auto Service for donating a truck and their drivers for the 2015 Annual Santa Parade! Thank you JAG Youth Council members for helping us make the glasses for the kids for our Minion themed float! Finally, thank you to John Dulude for helping us set up, the morning of the parade.  

For more pictures,visit our Facebook Page. For a video of we took during parade, click here For entire video of Parade, from Milford TV, click here (the Center shows up at minute 45)!
Over 100 MYC After School Members Receive Holiday Gifts
The Milford Youth Center was able to provide a gift this Holiday season to all our registered After-School members due to such amazing generosity from the community! We would first like to thank Pizza Chef of Milford for their generosity in hosting one of our annual Holiday Pizza Party and providing all the pizza and drinks for the kids!  We would like to send a big thank you to the United Way of Tri-County, 
Barbara LaGrenade, and their "Hope for the Holidays" program for sponsoring 30 kids this year! For video of party, click here

We also hosted a Holiday party at the Center for another 30 members, sponsored by the Rivera Athletic Club, Waters Corp., and Melanie Burns. We would like to thank Miller's Ale House for donating food for this event! Finally, thank you to Ellen Alfiera and Debbie Moreau for organizing the gift collections at Rivera Athletic Center and at Waters Corp.
For more pictures of events, visit our Facebook page!
Full House Charity Gives 50 MYC Kids Holiday Gifts!!!  
We would like to extend a huge thank you to Bernard Lee, his family and Full House Charity for giving out 50 gifts this Holiday season to some of our MYC families! We would also like to thank the Marchegiano Club for allowing us to host the event at your location. Thank you to  PiNZ Entertainment , Edward Reyes, and Pizza Palace for helping with food for the event! Thank you John Dulude and Christine Daddario for volunteering at the event! For Milford Daily News article about the event, click here. For more photo's, click here
Help JAG Bake Some Holiday Cheer!!!  
We would like to thank the JAG Youth Council members and their families, and You Inc. students for helping to "bake some Holiday cheer" for the third year in a row! Members of the group volunteered to make a batch of cookies! Volunteers then collected all the cookies and placed them into o Holiday bags, and delivered over 40 bags to the Southhampton Street Shelter in Boston.  This year the kids personalized a card for each bag and we also were able to add some much needed toiletry items, thanks to Jenny Medina and Pedro and Jidalis Gonzalez, and a pair of socks (thank you all the Milford Youth Commission and community members who donated bags)! 
Gala of Trees Fundraiser!
The Milford Youth Center and JAG were asked by the Milford Junior Women's Club to take part in their "Gala of Trees" fundraiser again this year! 

The event showcased an array of decorated trees and wreathes, that were raffled off in early December.  The proceeds from this event benefited the Angel Fund, to help out local families in time of need. 
Members of our JAG Youth Council worked for weeks to create a Minion Themed Tree for the event. For pictures of the event and tree, visit our Facebook page! 

More Holiday Donations! 
The Youth Center is always overwhelmed by the generosity we receive over the Holiday Season! 

We would like to thank the Milford Town Library for donating gloves, scarves, hats and socks for our after school members, as part of their Mitten Tree Collection! 

We would like to thank the Fitzpatrick family of Upton for visiting us at the Center and donating a $100 gift card to Shaws!

We would like to thank Darlene Dulude and Ruth Berger for donating Holiday crafts and decorations!

Finally, we would like to thank the Brown Family, Jessica Friswell and Meghan Giacomuzzi  for making monetary  donations towards the Center this Holiday season! 
Teachers Driving Academy
 2016 Classes!

We are accepting registrations for Teacher's Driving Academy for the 2015-2016 school year! The Milford Youth Center is pleased to partner with Teachers Driving Academy to offer students a great program, at a reasonable price, with added convenience of taking classes right at school! For more information, click hereEvery registration fee is made out to "The Town of Milford- Milford Youth Center" as a donation from the TDA. Please mail form to our temporary address, 27 Congress St.  We are very grateful for this collaboration and support!     

Upcoming Adult JAG Meeting and Info! 
The adult JAG Coalition will have its third meeting of the year on Wed., 
January 6th at 8:45 am , at the Milford Police Station Training room. 
The  Juvenile Advocacy Group (JAG)  provides an opportunity for youth, parents, community agencies, schools, state and local institutions, volunteers and our faith communities to network, coordinate services, identify and respond to emerging needs in the Greater Milford community. Through youth-adult collaboration JAG seeks to engage all sectors in the Greater Milford Area to promote healthy development for youth and families by reducing substance use, lowering risk factors and strengthening protective factors. For more information, contact  Amy Leone  

Click here for resource card to know how to get help if you have survived an overdose and are ready for help.  Milford Police Officers, and other collaborative resources are passing these cards out to help anyone struggling with addiction or has suffered an overdose. 

For more information, on the "Love Life: Do What's Right" Fashion Show, to raise awareness of underage drinking and substance abuse., click here. This event is a project by Hopedale Senior and Community Impact Inc. intern, Kate Hollis. 
Help Support the MYC/JAG Youth Fashion Show

The Milford Youth Center is pleased to announce that we will be collaborating with Chair Secrets by Meredith Carbary at the Hair Salon in Medway for our 7th Annual MYC/JAG Fashion Show, "Dressed Up, Not Messed Up" (Event in May of 2016). 

From October 2015 thru May 2016, the salon will have multiple ways to help fundraise for the Milford Youth Center members to be able to keep their the runway fashion outfits! In addition,  Event Hair's staff will be assisting in styling the children at T. J.Maxx' & doing the hair and make up the evening of the performance! Through this event we plan to raise awareness about underage drinking and help teens become better informed about the dangers of alcohol so they can make healthy decisions throughout life. We also hope this event will increase youth self-esteem and attitudes toward their body image! 

Click here for flier on how to get great hair services and help out a great cause! We would like to thank Meredith Carbary, Chair Secrets and the Hair Salon for collaborating with us on this effort! The Assistant Director of the MYC was the first to participate...will you be next?! 
Volunteers Needed!

Wayside Trauma Intervention Services is looking for volunteers for their Valley RAPE CRISIS Program, serving the Blackstone and Assabet Valley Communities.
  • Receive 40-hour training for certification as a Rape Crisis Counselor
  • Respond to hotline calls
  • Support sexual assault survivors at the Hospital ER-Accompany survivors to police stations and courts
    -Participate in outreach activities
  • Organize events
  • Flexible volunteer schedule
  • Contact Fatima Hidalgo @ 508-478-6888, Ext. 145, if you are interested. 

Click here for flier. 
Y.O.U., Inc.'s Education for Employment 

If you are a youth, age 16-24, Y.O.U., Inc.'s Education for Employment program may be for you.  The Education for Employment program provides HiSET (formerly the GED) preparation, life skills and pro-social skills training, career assessment, job training and placement assistance, FAFSA assistance, and college exploration. In order to participate in this free program, youth must qualify. To find out if you qualify contact Christine Daddario: 508-473-2178 or


This program is funded through the Workforce Investment Act and Workforce Central Career Center.

CHNA 6 Updates
The next CHNA 6 meeting will be held this Friday, January 15th, at the Milford Senior Center (60 N. Bow St. Milford) from 9-11 AM.or information on: 
  • Applicants Conference on Monday, January 11th 2-3pm at Milford Regional Healthcare Foundation offices 113 Water St second floor conference room (not required). Please rsvp to
  • ***Deadline extended for concept papers by January 14th  
  • Grant proposals due February 12th
  • Please find all grant documents at
The mission of CHNA 6 is to identify, plan and advocate for a healthier community. We are dedicated to the promotion of accessible multigenerational services that assist people to lead healthier lives. CHNA 6 represents the communities of Bellingham, Blackstone, Douglas, Franklin, Hopedale, Medway, Mendon,Milford, Millville, Northbridge, Sutton, Upton, Uxbridge.
For more information, contact  Ellen Freedman
ADHD Essentials
Brendan Mahan, M.Ed., MS is ADHD/Executive Function consultant/coach,as well as a veteran educator. A contributing author to 365+1 Way to Succeed with ADHD and a highly engaging speaker will address the emotional, academic and lifestyle impacts that ADHD has on the lives of the people who have it, as well as those who love them. In his talks, he shares multiple intervention styles, both broad and specific. His interventions are highly accessible and useful across the areas of people's lives with little to no modification. 

Brendan is offering a programs:
1. The Academic Success Program at Community Impact Inc., starting January 11th, from 3:30-5 PM (for 8 weeks). Click here for flier. 
2. ADHD Essentials will be offered though Community Use, and sponsored by Community Impact Inc., on January 22nd, at 7 PM. For registration info, click here
Body Image, Eating Disorders, Fitness & Nutrition
There is an available Wellness  Workshop for: Wellness coordinators, educators, advisors, activity group leaders, school administrators, guidance counselors, athletic directors, coaches, nurses, school resource officers and anyone interested in learning more about effective model programs, best practices, and prevention strategies.

When: Tuesday, January 12, 2016
Registration: 8:00 am to 8:30 am
Time: 8:30 am to 1:30 pm
Where:  MIAA Office, Franklin, MA
For flier, click   here . To register online, click   here
Free Community Meals in Milford!

There are free meal options in Milford and all are welcome! Meals are available almost everyday of the week! 


For different locations for different days, please click here



Light Up the Sky for Change
Come join us to light a floating candle to remember a loved one lost to the disease of addiction, to send a prayer for someone still suffering or for anyone taken from us way too soon.  Let's light up the sky for change, for love, for hope and for coming together to fight this epidemic killing our children, our brothers and sisters, our parents, our friends and our loved ones. Together we can save a life.
WHAT: CHINESE LANTERN lighting ceremony. Hot Chocolate, Hot Tea and Hot Coffee will be served.  Informational resources (Pamphlets, brochures, booklets, flyers, etc.) will be available to take free of charge.

WHEN:  Saturday February 20, 2015 7:00 P.M.
WHERE:  Fino Field

**Registration is required in order to receive a lantern to light; there is a $10.00 registration fee per family to cover the cost of the lanterns.  If you would like more than one lantern, a $10 fee is required for each one. **

Donations for the Missin' Matt Foundation are always being accepted and are greatly needed to reach our goal in hopes of opening a long-term sober living community in the Milford area.  Missin' Matt wants to provide a safe and healthy environment for those seeking long-term recovery and will satisfy the needs of the community. 



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January 5, 2016
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Juvenile Advocacy Group (JAG) mission is to work with its community partners to bring resources together to prevent substance abuse and address other emerging needs in the community. The Massachusetts communities included in JAG's service area are the towns of Milford, Bellingham and Hopedale. Through JAG's programs and services youth and their families are able to gain the information and resources to help live and lead healthier lives.  For more information, click here.

Milford Youth Center (MYC) mission is to provide a safe environment that promotes self esteem, builds character, and fosters the notion of community and the importance of respecting and serving others. For more information, click here.

The MYC & JAG work together to provide resources and opportunities for youth to make healthy decisions. The MYC & JAG have worked to provide local youth with the necessary activities and events that help them develop physically, mentally, socially and emotionally through their childhood years. By providing Milford youth with these types of programs and a safe environment during the after school hours and during our monthly events, we hope to address adolescent risk factors as well as promoting the partnership among community members to ensure a comprehensive vision and plan for the health of the youth in the town of Milford.

Juvenile Advocacy Group:
phone: 508.422.0242 

Milford Youth Center:
phone: 508.473.1756