A laddering strategy to help your clients
accumulate more with guaranteed rates up to 3.25%
If your clients are concerned about low interest rates
and capital preservation, consider a strategy that can help
boost their savings without exposing them to market risk.

See how $200,000 can grow to $225,820 within 5 years
Earn more for eApplications
eApplication commissions are .50% higher than paper applications.
For more information, please call the Producer Resource Center at 
888-724-4267, ext. 4680, or email PRC@SagicorLifeUSA.com.

Visit us online at SagicorProducer.com.
Insurance and annuities issued by Sagicor Life Insurance Company and not available in all states. Home Office: Scottsdale, AZ. Products may have limitations and restrictions including surrender charges. Contract Forms: ICC173008, 3008, 3008CA, 3008FL, 3008ND.

Sagicor is rated “A-” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company (4th best out of 16 possible ratings), affirmed as of November 4, 2021. Rating and guarantees based on claims-paying ability of issuing insurer. 

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