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MYSTIFIER: Wicca Reissue Out in February on Greyhaze Records;
Tour Dates Announced

After a long and meticulous restoration process, Greyhaze Records will release a deluxe CD/DVD digipak reissue of Wicca, the debut album from influential Brazilian Black Metal act MYSTIFIER. Release dates are February 18 for the U.S. and February 24 for Europe.

Please note - this is an update from a previous announcement that listed a March 18 U.S. release date for the Wicca reissue.

Wicca was originally released in the early 90s and has seen a few reissues by labels worldwide. However, for many years, the album has been out of print. The audio portion of this release will feature, aside from the full album, bonus tracks not before available in any previous version. The DVD will contain two concerts by the band: One performed in Germany during the Nuclear War Now Festival and the other performed in their hometown of Salvador, Brazil. Visually, the digipak will feature a new graphics layout as well as old photos from the band. A vinyl version of the album is also to follow.

MYSTIFIER is currently making plans for the "Old Hymns for World Domination" World Tour 2014 that will see the band playing material off of Wicca and its 1993 follow-up, Goetia. The tour will include stops at Norway's Inferno Festival as well Germany's Legacy Open Air. Confirmed dates are as follows: 


04/17 - Oslo, Norway @ Inferno Fest
04/18 - Copenhagen, Denmark @ Metal Magic Organization
04/19 - Helsinki, Finland @ Prkl club
04/20 - Sweden
04/25 - Barroselas, Portugal @ SWR
04/26 - Madrid, Spain
06/06 - United Kingdom
06/07 - Italy
06/09 - K´┐Żln, Germany
06/10 - Oberhausen, Germany
06/13 - Berlin, Germany
06/14 - Poznan or Warszaw, Poland
06/15 - Legacy Festival/GER




CD Track list:

1. Our Gloat (Intro)
2. Osculum Obscenum
3. Tormentum Aeternu
4. Cursed Excruciation
5. Defloration (The Antichrist Lives)
6. (Invocacione) The Almighty Satanas
7. The Dark Kingdom (T.E.A.R)
8. An Elizabethan Devil-Worshiper's Prayer Book
9. Hyoscyamus Niger
10. Mystifier (Satan's Messengers)
11. Ancient Prediction (My Eternal Nightmare)

12. The Sign of the Unholy Cross

DVD Track list:
Live at Nuclear War Now Festival 

1. (Invocatione) The Almighty Satanas

2. Osculum Obscenum

3. An Elizabethan Devil-Worshipper's Prayer-Book

4. Cursed Excruciation

5. Defloration

6. Nightmare

7. Aleister Crowley

Live in Salvador   

1. (Invocatione) The Almighty Satanas

2. Osculum Obscenum

3. An Elizabethan Devil-Worshipper's Prayer-Book

4. Demystifier

5. The True Story of Dr. Faust's Pact with Mephistopheles

6. Defloration

7. Beelzebub

8. Nightmare

9. Aleister Crowley

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Mystifier has been active for over 20 years and, alongside bands such as Blasphemy and Beherit, were pioneers of Black Metal in the early 90's. Their style can be described as savage, unapologetic and utterly satanic Black Metal drawing influence from Masters of the genre such as Sarcofago, Bathory, Vulcano, and early Sepultura.


Mystifier current lineup:
Beelzeebubth: guitar / vocals
Sorcerer DoUrden: vocals/bass/keys
Poisonous: percussion y timpanos

Scott Alisoglu / Ryan Ogle
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