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We are now introducing a new Speaker's Series that will feature nationally known author, Dr. Fred Luskin. The event will take place on

March 8, 2018.     


A book review of  
Beyond the Sales Process  
with co-author Steve Andersen will be held on March 16, 2018.

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EQNIQ: Mastery

Friday March 9, 2018
In New York City
Friday July 20, 2018
In New York City

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EQNIQ: Extension

Webinars begin February 16, 2018 for 10 alumni to further sharpen their EQ skills.

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EQNIQ: Leadership

Friday May 18, 2018 
Friday October 12, 2018

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EQ Not IQ: Mastery™ Testimonial

Art DeLorenzo has presented the "EQ not IQ" to my clients on two occasions and I will enthusiastically have him do it again if his schedules allows. He makes a compelling case that Emotional Intelligence is a better harbinger of future success than IQ through a variety of ways including story telling, interactive exercises, and a wonderful video that details what stress does to us physiologically. Our clients loved the workshop, especially Art's sincere manner of presentation, and I highly recommend you use him as well.
Philip P. Andriola, J.D.
Senior Financial Advisor

 By Carla Moore

Carla began working at HBO 20 years ago and has since worked her way up from an entry-level sales trainer in Atlanta to her current role as Vice President, Point of Sale Strategy in New York City. She is an active member in the communications industry and serves on the national board of NAMIC (National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications). Carla earned her BA at Middle Tennessee State University and her MBA at Keller Graduate School of Management in Chicago. She is a graduate of two leading industry leadership programs, CTAM U at Harvard Business School and NAMIC's ELDP at Darden School of Business at UVA. Her most fulfilling work is through her community service as a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

In addition to her role at HBO, Carla is a leadership author, transformation speaker, and certified professional coach. She is passionate about sharing her story and has engaged over 10,000 people through her public speaking and life coaching and has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Forbes, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Bold TV and other media outlets. Her mission is to inspire others to "live the life you've imagined!" 

MYT Group, LLC
222 East 80th Street
New York, NY   10075
The Art and Science of Forgiveness

By Frederic Luskin, Ph.D. and Daniel E. Martin, Ph.D.

Why Forgiveness?
In a competitive and often vindictive society, the opportunity for being hurt, mistreated and injured remain high. Holding on to real or perceived slights creates bitterness, resentment, and sadness which take their toll on physical and mental health. Research on forgiveness interventions has shown them to reduce blood pressure, the experience of pain, anger, depression and stress and lead to greater feelings of self-efficacy, optimism, hope, compassion and ease.
What is Forgiveness?


Is Your Child a Phone Addict?
From The New York Times

This NY Times article helps parents identify if their child may be addicted to their cell phone, along with steps to monitor healthy phone usage.

Read the full article here.

PART 2 of 6

Can Kindness Be Taught?
Thanks to a challenge from the Dalai Lama, a number of preschools are trying to teach something that has not always been considered an academic subject: kindness.

"Can you look inside yourself and tell me what you're feeling?" Danielle Mahoney-Kertes asked a class of prekindergarten students at P.S. 212 in Queens recently.  "Happy," one girl offered. "Sick," said another. A boy in a blue T-shirt gave a shy thumbs down. "That happens too," Ms. Mahoney-Kertes, a literacy coach, reassured him.

The exercise was part of the  Kindness Curriculum,  developed by the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in which preschoolers are introduced to a potpourri of sensory games, songs and stories that are designed to help them pay closer attention to their emotions.

Click here to read the full  NY Times article. 

3 of 
6 will be featured in our March newsletter.
Topic:  Why are our most important teachers paid the least?


Looking Ahead...
Parts 4, 5, & 6 of our Children, EQ, & Mindfulness Newsletter Series will include original articles crafted by Rosie Kuhn, PhD. 

Dr. Rosie Kuhn, author of Cultivating Spirituality in Children and many other books that support personal awareness and empowerment, always brings a fascinating perspective to cultivating emotional intelligence within ourselves and our children. In April, May & June, Dr. Rosie will bring to light ways of looking at discipline that will inspire and empower you to perhaps practice discipline, only in support of empowering your children to practice discipline with more enthusiasm. To learn more about Dr. Rosie and her work, visit



A strong we b presence is a valuable asset for all businesses. Websites tell your story and share valuable information 24 hours a day. In today's digital world, we rely on internet for information, access, and credibility. Even if your business comes from referrals, a new potential client will likely Google you and your company before contacting you. In that case, the lack of a website can  severely limit your opportunity set.

An interactive and authentic website conveys a message to clients, prospects and partners that you are committed to excellence. Also,  since clients may desire online access to their accounts, it would be better to provide them a portal on your website where they sign into their accounts. An engaging website affords an advisor a competitive advantage when fostering trust and building new relationships. 

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