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Upcoming Events:

EQNIQ: Extension

 For EQNIQ: Mastery ™ Alumni

Zoom sessions for the new group begin September 7, 2018. 

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EQNIQ: Women's Bootcamp

"A workout for your mind"

Friday September 21, 2018
In New York City

With Jodi Baretz  LCSW, CHHC

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EQNIQ: Leadership

Friday October 19, 2018
In New York City

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EQNIQ: Mastery

Friday November 16, 2018
In New York City

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EQ Not IQ: Mastery™ Testimonial

The MYT experience has been a game changer for our management team. It has brought a new level of individual and corporate growth to us that no coach or business consultant has been able to. The Individual Development Plans have allowed myself and my individual team members to grow both corporately and in their personal lives. It has been an extremely successful investment.

Don Mahoney
Mahoney Associates, Inc. 
Southampton, NY

MYT Group, LLC
222 East 80th Street
New York, NY   10075
August: The Month of Relaxation

As summer comes to an end, it is necessary to take time out of your busy schedule and
relax. This month is all about relaxation and taking time for yourself before returning to the office. Don't forget to be mindful and enjoy the sweet summer weather while it lasts. You do not have to be on a tropical vacation to enter a state of deep relaxation. You simply just need to find a comfortable seat and position, close your eyes, breathe naturally, and focus your attention on your breath and feelings in the moment. So sit back,  breathe , and relax this August. Remember, relaxation starts with
Click here to read a NY Times article that outlines the basics of meditation for beginners or those who want to grow their practice. 

You Could Be Too Much of a Team Player
Offices demand collaboration like never before, but if you don't set some limits, you could start falling behind, hurting your company and hating your job.

Amid a sweeping workplace trend pushing collaboration, some people are finding they play a little too well with others, causing stress and overwork. 
When you hear the phrase "bad team player," you might think of someone who refuses to collaborate. But you can also hurt your organization if you burn out trying to accommodate every co-worker's request or attending more meetings than you can keep up with. This can stem from a basic inability to draw boundaries or an ego-driven desire to look like an office MVP.

Click here   to read the full WSJ article


Marguerita M. Cheng, CFP®,  Chief Executive Officer at Blue Ocean Global Wealth, will be instructing a live online webinar for 2 CFP® Ethics Credits.

When? Wednesday October 17th
Time? 1pm-3pm EDT
Click here to register today and get your 2 biennial CFP® Ethics Credits for only $89!
CFP® professionals who attend this Webinar will earn their 2 biennial require d credits and become familiar with new Ethics rules and gain perspective on trending topics such as diminished financial capacity, elder financial abuse, and filial responsibility laws.

Call Chris or Lucy 866-448-1829 x125 for questions