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Philadelphia, PA
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MaGrann Associates Community News
Groundbreaker Award Finalists Announced!
Congratulations to the finalists of the 2019 Green Building United Groundbreaker Awards!

We are proud to have supported two project Finalists – Anthony Wayne Senior Housing III and Strawberry Mansion Apartments.
"Congratulations to all the finalists! We at MaGrann are thrilled to be a part of the industry-leading projects that were nominated this year and are committed to continuing to make buildings better in the years to come," said MaGrann President & CEO Rich Selverian.

Anthony Wayne Senior Housing III is ENERGY STAR certified and was designed to meet Passive House standards. MaGrann was the Green Building Consultant for the project and helped the team through all aspects of its high performance goals.

Strawberry Mansion is a certified LEED for Homes “Smart Site Selection Site” for residential infill. MaGrann was the Green Building Consultant for the units which were built to Energy Star 3.0 standards and Enterprise Green Communities 2015 criteria for new construction.
Learn more about all the finalists and the event on September 25th at the link below.

Regional Code Changes
Over the past year, MaGrann Associates has been working with Philadelphia and Pennsylvania to educate the industry on the updates, changes, challenges and benefits of the new building codes. The documents and links below are related to Philadelphia-specific standards.
New Jersey
New Jersey is now experiencing a code change round and we are prepared to assist you with the transition.
Requests for Proposals in Philadelphia

Econsult Solutions has released an RFQ on behalf of People for People, Inc. for an urban transit-oriented redevelopment opportunity. The 14 parcels are located in the North Broad commercial corridor and in a qualified Opportunity Zone. Proposals are due by 5:00 pm EST on September 30, 2019.  Click here for the full RFQ.  

Ad ditionally, the  Division of Housing and Community Development  (DHCD) has issued a Request for Proposals to finance the development of new affordable rental and special-needs projects. DHCD will provide gap financing to developments seeking Nine Percent Low Income Housing Tax Credits from the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency. Click here for more information.
"Efficiency and Equity" at KEEA Annual Energy Efficiency Conference
The 9th Annual PA Energy Efficiency Conference (PAEE.2019), hosted by the Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance (KEEA) will take place September 26-27.

We are thrilled to be a longtime supporter of KEEA and look forward to this important EE event. Our CEO Rich Selverian serves as the Chair of the Board of Directors for KEEA and our Vice President of Strategic Development Ben Adams will be speaking at this year's conference. See Ben's session information here.
"We're excited to have such a high-quality list of panelists, speakers and presentations this year, giving attendees the opportunity to learn about the progress made and the future of energy efficiency in Pennsylvania. I'm looking forward to record-breaking attendance," said Rich Selverian.
JOB OPPORTUNITY: KEEA is also hiring! See more information here on the full-time Senior Policy Associate job posting.
Industry Trends
Adoption of the ENERGY STAR Multifamily NC Program
LEED for Homes and Enterprise Green Communities have officially adopted the new EPA’s Energy Star Multifamily New Construction program as equivalent to the existing ENERGY STAR Homes and ENERGY STAR Multifamily High-Rise programs. This offers new options for projects to take the ERI energy modelling approach to buildings up to five stories.

MaGrann is helping bring this new version of the ENERGY STAR program to market and can help you and your clients decide the right approach for your next project. You can read more on the program here or contact MaGrann for a free in office training on the new Energy Star Multifamily New Construction Program.

The Offsite Tipping Point: What's Holding Builders Back?
By  John McManus ,

The question is rhetorical, and many of you have heard it.

Paraphrased, it's this. "How can American builders continue to [stick-] build homes largely the way they have done so for the past 100 years, when the rest of the world's builders have moved into a modern era of mostly building home structures in factories, saving labor, waste, and loss of precision and quality?"

By definition, a rhetorical question is posed for dramatic effect rather than to get an answer.

However, here, answers are important.

Recap of Two New Jersey Spotlight Sessions on Housing and Energy Efficiency in New Jersey
Affordable Housing in New Jersey: What's Next?
NJ Spotlight | June 5, 2019

After decades of political wrangling and practical stalemate, are things beginning to shift for affordable housing in New Jersey?

At an NJ Spotlight roundtable, held in Hamilton on May 31, experts looked at the history of the affordable housing issue in New Jersey — from the Mount Laurel decisions to the current court process — and addressed the key questions:
  • Where we are today regarding the state’s need for more affordable homes?
  • How many more municipalities need to draft plans? How many units are planned?
  • How many homes are likely to be built? Where and when? Who’s going to pay for them?
  • What are the prospects of the state retaking control of the process? 

Listen to the recap of the roundtable here or watch the full video here.

Improving Energy Efficiency in New Jersey: NJ Spotlight Roundtable
NJ Spotlight | June 13, 2019

There’s general agreement a new state law could lead to big reductions in energy use and big savings for customers, but there’s far less agreement on how those goals will be achieved.

Few disagree with the proposition that energy efficiency is a win-win-win — for utilities, for their customers, and for the environment. And yet increasing energy efficiency in New Jersey is proving to be a challenge.

Read the recap of this session and listen to the audio here.
Company News
New Employee
Nancy Block has joined MaGrann as the AEP Ohio Operations Administrator. She enjoys working on computers and has over 20 years’ experience working in many Administrative, Operational, and Supervisory roles. She is a "Jersey Girl" through and through and loves the beach, along with fishing, crocheting scarves for the homeless and working on crafts with old jewelry. 

"I am very excited to be working at MaGrann, promoting a “Green Culture”. Environmental issues were first instilled in me by my parents who taught me to recycle newspapers at a young age. I recycled glass and cans when it wasn’t popular (and got teased for it!) and now I’m learning all about how houses can be made more efficient and I get to pay people to do this!  Win-Win!"
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