February 2019
Building Science for a Better Environment
MaGrann Associates Community News
Improving the Lifecycle Performance of Military Housing
By James Darius Ball, Vice President of Sales, MaGrann Associates
February 20, 2019
How do you reduce energy and water consumption while improving occupant satisfaction at over 2,000 single family military homes? Our answer is a  Lifecycle Building Performance Program . This program takes a long term approach to steadily and systematically improve each home’s systems. MaGrann is proud to be working to develop and deliver this program for our military families.
Industry Trends
The Codes, They Are a Changin'
By Doug McCleery, Principal, MaGrann Associates
February 18, 2019
On October 1, 2018 Pennsylvania started enforcing the 2015 Building Codes with modifications to the International Residential Code (IRC) as proposed by the Review and Advisory Council (RAC). In addition, the 2018 Pennsylvania Alternative Energy Provisions were developed as another path for energy code compliance for IRC buildings. 
Philadelphia is in line with the rest of Pennsylvania for homes built under the IRC (one- and two-family homes and townhomes), but chose to adopt the 2018 I-Codes for Commercial Buildings built under the International Building Code (IBC). This includes multi-family residential buildings.

We have created a decision tree and an interactive website to assist you in choosing the best code compliance pathway for your next project.

NAH B, January 16, 2019

Homes are increasingly being designed, constructed and operated toward the greener end of the construction continuum. And many of the design features associated with green building carry direct consumer benefits, such as greater comfort, lower utility bills, reduced maintenance and increased value.

  • recent study by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy found that every dollar invested in energy efficiency yields $1.24 to $4 in benefits.
  • An EPA analysis of upgrading homes to ENERGY STAR insulation and air sealing requirements showed that owners saved an average of 11% on annual utility bills.
  • A sales price analysis in the latest North Carolina Building Performance Association study showed that high-performance homes, on average, have a 9.5% higher sale price.

Is green here to stay? All indications are yes.

Company News
2019 International Business Show Trends and Observations: The future is smart and looking good
By Laila Reilly, Client Relations Manager, MaGrann Associates
February 25, 2019

I had the opportunity to attend the 75 th Annual International Builders Show in Las Vegas last week. Among the 1000s of vendors promoting their latest and greatest products, materials and technologies, I noticed two trends that I wanted to share with the MaGrann Community related to smart tech and smart communities.
Smart Tech
Product designs are reaching new heights compared to the traditional thermostats. Many of these smart items offer visual and voice controls for occupants to manage their comfort, lighting, security and much more. I enjoyed learning about the Brilliant system and it’s integration capabilities with Next, Ecobee, Alexa , etc., platforms to better manage your home.

Smart Neighborhoods
I also learned about a recently completed project in Birmingham, Alabama that is hoping to become a national model for resiliency and design.

Recognizing Commitment to EE at the EfficiencyCrafted Homes Recognition Luncheon
AEP Ohio recognized trade allies and partners from throughout the state who have demonstrated a strong commitment to residential energy efficiency at its EfficiencyCrafted Homes Recognition Luncheon on February 21st. The event was held at TopGolf Columbus and included remarks given by AEP Ohio President and COO, Raja Sundarajan.

EfficiencyCrafted Homes is an above-code program offered by AEP Ohio and designed and managed by MaGrann Associates together with our marketing development partner, Burkholder Flint. Participating builders use advanced construction practices, high-grade materials and innovative design details to achieve the EfficiencyCrafted designation for their homes and energy savings for AEP Ohio customers.

"We're proud to have been associated with such a successful program for the past nine years that has helped build more than 12,000 new energy efficient homes in the AEP service territory," said MaGrann President and CEO Rich Selverian.
New Employees
Nicolas Bonacci joins MaGrann as the new Technical Consultant. He has an Associates' Degree in Occupational Studies-Masonry and over six years' experience in the construction field. Nicolas also served in the Army Reserves for six years as Military Police. He is currently working towards a Bachelor's Degree in Technology Management and spends most of his free time with his wife and daughter. He enjoys watching and playing basketball.
"I'm excited to be a part of the MaGrann team and look forward to learning and contributing to the company."
Lauren Wright is MaGrann's new Junior Business/Programming Analyst. She will be assisting our Business & Quality Analyst Teri Shinn in improving systems and processes at the company and helping to make manual tasks more efficient through automation. Lauren enjoys roller skating and serving at her church in Medford, New Jersey.
“I am very thankful to be a part of the MaGrann team and I can't wait to contribute to their mission and vision!"
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