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Dear Colleague,

Learn how the work of Maasai Stoves & Solar transforms lives. With five minutes you can view a video filmed in the Monduli Juu District in Tanzania, where I arrived on Sept.10 and will stay through Oct. 29.

We are expanding into four new villages, thanks to a grant from the GDF Suez Foundation of France. And their NGO affiliates CODEGAZ came to work and review more funding possibilities. Thank you for your support.

A Toyo motorcycle/pickup truck purchase is in the works to help us move materials among these villages to be housed in Mto wa Mbu, a town near the center of all this new activity.

Ninety villagers from Losimingori , one of the new villages, gave rapt attention at the organizing meeting, followed by a training session for the women's installation team. 

Intern Derek Lange began his stay of eight months and jumped right in, working alongside our leaders and teams, learning Swahili as fast as he can. He is also learning to drive our challenging, but wonderful 1992 land rover.
This month, meet Stove Installation Team Leader Esupat Loseku. Read below for more.
Maasai Stoves & Solar Installation Training
Stove Installation Training Session


Robert V. Lange, President
Maasai Stoves & Solar project of the ICSEE
Carbon credit update for Maasai Stoves & Solar 


Because our stoves reduce wood use and women's gathering labor by about half, and because the Maasai are so clearly in need of those benefits, our stoves are excellent candidates for generating "gourmet" carbon credits.  


Dr. Hassan Rajabu, an engineer from the University of Dar es Salaam, visited to measure the carbon dioxide emission reductions required for carbon credit certification. Over several days, he compared  use of our stoves versus the traditional three-stone fire.    


We know the smoke is gone and our stoves are therefore a significant benefit for health. These tests provide important data on the other three key elements that motivate us:  forest conservation, women's labor reduction, and climate change mitigation, all part of our research and development.  


This is just one of many tasks required for carbon credit certification, and we appreciate the work of our partner in the UK, Ms. Nicola Steen, who is helping to move this complex process forward.  Thank you! 

Meet Esupat Loseku,
Maasai Stoves & Solar Installation Lead Trainer 
Esupat Loseku of Maasai Stoves & Solar 
Esupat Loseku, Lead Trainer (photo by Philip Lange) 
A standout in the Euguiki stove installation team, Esupat, age 32, is now a lead trainer. She recently traveled to the three
new villages to help the women on the new teams learn how to build and install the chimney and fire box.

In her own home, Esupat built a separate kitchen hut that solved the worst smoke problems, but still installed a stove and chimney to optimize her own well-being as she cooks. Her two children often join her, and she wants to protect them, as well.

Because of Esupat's enthusiastic promotion of the health and labor-saving benefits of the stoves, all three households in her boma, and many neighbors in nearby bomas, now benefit.

As a lead trainer who speaks Maasai language and Swahili, she is a key member of the Maasai Stoves & Solar staff. She is doing important work to help our mission succeed. 

 Thank you, Esupat, for your expertise and enthusiasm.

October 2012
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Carbon credit certification
Moon over Monduli
A first telescope
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Did you know?

The phase of the moon is the same all over the world.A half moon in Cleveland is a half moon here in Maasai land too.


The place you see the moon in the sky and its orientation depends on your latitude. To see how it is oriented here,  tilt your head about 43 degrees south. 

A special gift 
We brought a nice Newtonian reflector telescope to Monduli. With the offer of viewing nights in the villages, this is the first time the people have seen the craters and mountains on the moon, and the phases of Venus.


We would love to hear your suggestions for other gifts and experiences we could share.


A video about our work 

View a video from our early days and see Maasai Stoves & Solar and our community in action, filmed by Brian Petchers. 


Share & Connect 
Welcome to the Maasai Stoves & Solar Project of the ICSEE  (International Collaborative for Science, Education, and the Environment).

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization based in America and Tanzania.

Like us, are you dedicated to improved quality of life, health, and well-being for the developing world, and to a healthier environment for all?

We invite you to connect and to share this information with others.  For more information contact:

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